2012-08-02 Chris Freylibtar version 1.2.18v1.2.18
2012-07-31 Chris FreyAdded more forgiving CRC checking logic when reading...
2012-07-24 Chris Freylibtar version 1.2.17v1.2.17
2012-07-24 Tim BandFixed checksum calculation in writing header
2012-05-17 Chris Freylibtar version 1.2.16v1.2.16
2012-05-17 Chris FreyFixed build system to allow for out-of-source tree...
2012-05-10 Chris Freylibtar version 1.2.15v1.2.15
2012-05-10 Chris FreyFixed harmless buffer overflow which is caught by FORTI...
2011-12-22 Chris Freylibtar version 1.2.14v1.2.14
2011-12-22 Chris FreyFixed truncation check, so 100 char names get GNU exten...
2011-06-13 Chris Freylibtar version 1.2.13v1.2.13
2011-06-13 Per LidénReduce memory used by libtar when extracting files.
2011-06-13 Per LidénFix memory leak in th_get_pathname
2011-06-13 Magnus HolmgrenEscape hyphens that should be minus signs in man pages.
2011-06-13 Glenn McGrathUse libtool to build dynamic library
2011-06-13 Chris FreyChanged root to, which make...
2011-06-06 James MorrisonDocument stupidity of tartype_t in libtar.c.
2009-05-02 Chris FreyApplied Marcin Gibula's patch fixing tar_extract_glob()
2009-05-02 Chris FreyFixed header warnings
2009-05-02 Chris FreyAdded datarootdir to's
2009-05-02 Chris FreyRemoved auto-generated files
2009-05-02 Chris FreyRemoved m4 includes, and straightened out [] m4 quoting...
2009-05-02 Chris FreyRenamed autoconf/aclocal.m4 to psg.m4 so aclocal isn...
2009-05-02 Chris FreyAdded script to build a fresh configure
2009-05-02 Chris FreyAdded autoconf/ as macro dir
2009-04-28 Chris FreyFixed incorrect URL in readme
2009-04-28 Chris Freylibtar-1.2.11 tarball sources, taken from Debian's... v1.2.11