2013-07-16 Toni GundogduUpdates NEWS for v0.9.2v0.9.2
2013-07-07 Toni GundogduLDFLAGS: libtool: Use -release with unstable 0.9 releases
2013-07-03 Toni GundogduFIX: AS_IF for date(1)
2013-07-03 Toni Rewrite 6cdebfdf4 using $srcdir and AS_IF
2013-07-03 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next__quvi_version__build_cflags'...
2013-07-03 Toni Gundogduexamples/version: Print QUVI_VERSION_BUILD_CC_CFLAGS
2013-07-03 Toni Gundogduquvi_version: Add support for QUVI_VERSION_BUILD_CC_CFLAGS
2013-06-25 Toni Add a vim modeline
2013-06-25 Bastien NoceraRequire a2x when building from git
2013-06-25 Bastien NoceraFIX: declaration of quvi_new()
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogdutests: quvi: Sprinkle with quvi_ok calls
2013-06-25 Toni GundogduRemove unused net/def.h
2013-06-25 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next__statuscb_with_userdata' into...
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogduexamples: examples_status: Add user_data parameter
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogdutests: Add test_scan_userdata
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogdulibconvenience_net: Pass userdata with status callback
2013-06-25 Toni GundogduRedefine quvi_callback_status with userdata parameter
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogduquvi_set: Add support for QUVI_OPTION_CALLBACK_STATUS_U...
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogdu_quvi_s: Add userdata property for "status" callback
2013-06-25 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next__add__quvi_errcode' into next
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogduexamples: supports: chk_support: Update to use quvi_errcode
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogduexamples: examples_exit_if_error: Use quvi_errcode
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogdutests: Use quvi_errcode instead of QUVI_INFO_ERROR_CODE
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogdutests: libconvenience_test: Remove qerr function
2013-06-25 Toni GundogduAPI: quvi_get: Remove QUVI_INFO_ERROR_CODE support
2013-06-25 Toni GundogduAPI: Add quvi_errcode
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogdu_set: QUVI_OPTION_USER_AGENT: Use gchar instead of...
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogdu_media_get: Make const QuviMediaProperty param
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogdutest_playlist_core: Update expected title values
2013-06-25 Toni Gundogdutest_goto_url: Use another URL
2013-06-04 Toni Gundogdutests: Do not invoke gtester-report
2013-06-04 Toni GundogduREADME: Add liblua 5.1 note for Debian Wheezy
2013-05-20 Toni GundogduUpdate NEWS for v0.9.1v0.9.1
2013-05-20 Toni GundogduREADME: Requirements: Add aptitude commands
2013-05-19 Toni Do not print release author
2013-05-19 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next__fix_tests' into next
2013-05-19 Toni Gundogdutests: test_resolve_nodst: Update URL
2013-05-19 Toni Gundogdutests: Comment out test_resolve_3
2013-05-19 Toni Gundogdutests: playlist: Update URLs
2013-05-13 Toni Gundogdumisc/scan_scripts.c: Make show_dir a static variable
2013-05-13 Toni Gundogdumisc/scan_scripts.c: Make scripts_dir a static variable
2013-05-13 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next__extend_LIBQUVI_SCRIPTS_DIR'...
2013-05-13 Toni GundogduAdd support for LIBQUVI_EXCLUSIVE_SCRIPTS_DIR
2013-05-13 Toni GundogduRemove "excl." from the comment
2013-05-13 Toni Gundogdutest_scan_short: Update test URL
2013-05-09 Toni GundogduFIX: DOC: LIBQUVI_SCRIPTS_VERBOSE env. variable name
2013-05-08 Toni GundogduFIX: DOC: Remove LIBQUVI_VERBOSE_SCRIPTS
2013-04-16 Toni Do not print commits with >1 one parent
2013-04-14 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next/1.0' into nextv0.9.0
2013-04-07 Toni GundogduFIX: 'copt' is used uninitialized whenever switch defau...
2013-03-28 Toni GundogduFIX: quvi_subtitle_select: If lang count is zero
2013-03-25 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next/1.0__asciidoc.conf' into tg/next/1.0
2013-03-25 Toni Gundogduman7: quvi-object.7.txt: Revise for asciidoc.conf
2013-03-25 Toni Gundogduman7: Use ASCIIDOC_OPTS with a2x
2013-03-25 Toni Gundogduman3: libquvi.3.txt: Revise for asciidoc.conf
2013-03-25 Toni Gundogduman3: Use ASCIIDOC_OPTS with a2x
2013-03-25 Toni Gundogdudoc: Add footer.txt
2013-03-25 Toni Gundogdudoc: Add asciidoc.conf
2013-03-24 Toni GundogduAC_CHECK_HEADERS: Add locale.h
2013-03-24 Toni GundogduAC_CHECK_FUNCS: Add memset, setlocale
2013-03-24 Toni GundogduAM_INIT_AUTOMAKE: Remove -Werror
2013-03-24 Toni GundogduWorkaround: AM_PROG_AR
2013-03-24 Toni doc: Add missing man7 path
2013-03-16 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next/1.0__quvi_set_ua' into tg/next/1.0
2013-03-16 Toni Gundogduc_reset: Use either default or QUVI_OPTION_USER_AGENT...
2013-03-16 Toni Gundogduquvi_set: Implement QUVI_OPTION_USER_AGENT
2013-03-16 Toni GundogduQuviOption: Add QUVI_OPTION_USER_AGENT
2013-03-16 Toni Gundogdu_quvi_s: Add user_agent
2013-03-08 Toni Gundogdu.gitignore: Add config.aux/compilemaint-0.4
2013-03-08 Martin add missing AM macros
2013-03-06 Toni Gundogdutest_subtitle_core: Add export tests
2013-03-06 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next/1.0__quvi_file_ext' into tg/next/1.0
2013-03-06 Toni GundogduAdd test_file_ext
2013-03-06 Toni GundogduAdd examples/file_ext.c
2013-03-06 Toni Gundogdu_http_metainfo: Revise to use updated l_exec_util_to_fi...
2013-03-06 Toni Gundogdul_exec_util_to_file_ext: Revise for reusability
2013-03-06 Toni GundogduAdd quvi_file_ext_get to API
2013-03-06 Toni GundogduAdd quvi_file_ext_free to API
2013-03-06 Toni GundogduAdd quvi_file_ext_new to API
2013-03-06 Toni GundogduAdd quvi_file_ext_t type to API
2013-03-06 Toni GundogduAdd _quvi_file_ext_s
2013-03-04 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next/1.0__cleanup_cookie_header' into...
2013-03-04 Toni GundogduPass lua_State arg to l_quvi_object_opts_croak_if_error
2013-03-04 Toni Gundogdun_fetch: Use updated l_quvi_object_opts_is_set
2013-03-04 Toni Gundogduquvi/http/cookie.c: Use new support funcs/macros
2013-03-04 Toni Gundogduquvi/crypto/copts.c: Use new support funcs/macros
2013-03-04 Toni Gundogduquvi-object opts: Additional support funcs/macros
2013-03-04 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next/1.0__header' into tg/next/1.0
2013-03-04 Toni Gundogduquvi-object(7): Remove qoo_http_user_agent
2013-03-04 Toni GundogduComment out l_quvi_object_opts_curl
2013-03-04 Toni Gundogduquvi-object(7): Document quvi.http.header
2013-03-04 Toni GundogduAdd lua/quvi/http/header.c
2013-03-04 Toni GundogduAdd l_quvi_http_header to quvi_reg_meth
2013-03-04 Toni GundogduAdd HTTP "headers" to _quvi_s
2013-03-04 Toni GundogduAdd c_reset_headers
2013-03-04 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next/1.0__cookie' into tg/next/1.0
2013-03-04 Toni Gundogduquvi-object(7): Document quvi.http.cookie
2013-03-04 Toni GundogduAdd lua/quvi/http/cookie.c