Update NEWS for v0.9.20131130
[libquvi-scripts.git] / share / lua / website / ted.lua
2013-05-17 Toni GundogduMerge branch 'tg/next__media_port_ted.lua' into next
2013-05-17 Toni GundogduMove website/ted.lua to media/
2013-05-17 Toni GundogduFIX: website/ted.lua: Check for extern media
2012-06-10 Toni GundogduFIX: ted.lua: Media stream URL pattern
2012-02-28 Toni Gundogduted.lua: Support the "default" format only
2011-11-26 Toni GundogduFIX: Potential "attempt to index ... (a nil value)"
2011-11-06 Toni Gundogduted.lua: Handle external media
2011-11-06 Toni Gundogduted.lua: Fix media URL check
2011-11-06 Toni GundogduFix ted.lua thumbnail_url pattern
2011-09-19 Toni GundogduSplit from git://repo.or.cz/quvi.git