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A library making it easy for applications to use Password Manager Daemon (Pwmd homepage). Features include: Connecting to pwmd, opening a data file and retrieving content of an XML element can be done is as little as four lines of code.
6 days ago Ben KibbeyAdd libpwmd.conf option "include".master
6 days ago Ben KibbeyUpdate the tutorial.
9 days ago Ben KibbeyUpdate NEWS.
9 days ago Ben KibbeyUpdate m4 macros.
9 days ago Ben Kibbeypwmc: Fix usage text.
9 days ago Ben KibbeyAdd PWMD_OPTION_TLS_PRIORITY.
10 days ago Ben KibbeyParse defaults from ~/.config/libpwmd.conf.
2016-09-12 Ben KibbeyAdd contrib/pwmd-stress-test.c.
2016-09-11 Ben KibbeyFix Coverity warnings.
2016-09-10 Ben KibbeyFix compile time warnings.
2016-09-04 Ben Kibbeypwmc: Check for free_history_entry().
2016-09-03 Ben Kibbeys/ACX_PTHREAD/AX_PTHREAD/.
2016-09-01 Ben Kibbeypwmc: Add algorithm to .listkeys output.
2016-09-01 Ben Kibbeypwmc: Remove keygrip from .listkeys output.
2016-09-01 Ben KibbeyFix build.
2016-08-31 Ben Kibbeypwmc: Add --status-state.
13 months ago v7.2.2 Libpwmd version 7.2.2.
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2 years ago v7.2.0 Libpwmd version 7.2.0.
2 years ago v7.1.1 Libpwmd version 7.1.1.
3 years ago v7.1.0 Libpwmd version 7.1.0.
3 years ago v7.0.1 Libpwmd version 7.0.1.
3 years ago v7.0.0 Libpwmd version 7.0.0.
5 years ago v6.0.5 Release
5 years ago v6.0.4 Release
5 years ago v6.0.3 Release
7 years ago v6.0.2 Release
7 years ago v6.0.1 Release
7 years ago v6.0.0 Release
7 years ago v5.0.11 Release
7 years ago v5.0.10 Release
7 years ago v5.0.9 Release
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