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A library making it easy for applications to use Password Manager Daemon (PWMD homepage). Supports asynchronous password retrieval.
2014-04-16 Ben KibbeyFix cppcheck(1) warnings.master
2014-01-11 Ben KibbeyBump version for development.
2014-01-11 Ben KibbeyVersion 7.1.1.v7.xv7.1.1
2014-01-11 Ben KibbeyUpdate libtool.m4.
2014-01-11 Ben KibbeyUpdate copyright header.
2014-01-11 Ben KibbeyUpdate TODO.
2013-12-25 Ben Kibbeypwmc: add ".set pinentry-timeout".
2013-07-13 Ben KibbeyBump version for development.
2013-07-13 Ben KibbeyVersion 7.1.0.v7.1.0
2013-07-13 Ben KibbeyFix gettext and pwmc usage help text.
2013-07-13 Ben KibbeyMake the next version libpwmd-7.1.0.
2013-07-12 Ben KibbeyShow the compile-time default socket in the usage text.
2013-07-07 Ben Kibbeypwmc: add the '.passwd' command.
2013-07-07 Ben KibbeyAdd pwmd_passwd().
2013-07-07 Ben KibbeyAdd pwmd_getopt().
2013-07-07 Ben KibbeyBump version for development.
8 months ago v7.1.1 Libpwmd version 7.1.1.
14 months ago v7.1.0 Libpwmd version 7.1.0.
14 months ago v7.0.1 Libpwmd version 7.0.1.
18 months ago v7.0.0 Libpwmd version 7.0.0.
3 years ago v6.0.5 Release
3 years ago v6.0.4 Release
3 years ago v6.0.3 Release
5 years ago v6.0.2 Release
5 years ago v6.0.1 Release
5 years ago v6.0.0 Release
5 years ago v5.0.11 Release
5 years ago v5.0.10 Release
5 years ago v5.0.9 Release
5 years ago v5.0.8 Release
6 years ago v5.0.7 Release
6 years ago v5.0.6 Release
5 months ago master
8 months ago v7.x
21 months ago v6.0.x
5 years ago v5.0.x