descriptionProlooks - An Audio Widget library
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This library provides a collection of realistic looking cairo based widgets suitable primarily for pro audio applications.
2012-10-25 Hans BaierThe Big Commit (tm): Remove Cairo.Color and most of... master
2012-10-25 Hans BaierLineGraphDemo: Use two graphs
2012-10-25 Hans BaierLineGraph: Drawing color according to display, smaller...
2012-10-25 Hans BaierUse Display as background for LineGraph
2012-10-25 Hans BaierIKnobImageSource: Make paint_knobs virtual
2012-10-25 Hans BaierFix can_focus / remove deprecated HBox/VBox
2012-10-25 Hans BaierFix painting of Knob: With Gtk-3.0 widget must be paint...
2012-10-25 Hans BaierRemove uses of deprecated HBox/VBox
2012-10-25 Hans BaierHooray compiles and runs with GTK-3.0 (still bit buggy...
2012-10-24 Hans BaierFew more baby steps
2012-10-24 Hans BaierRequire Gtk+-3.0 and first timid steps toward migration
2012-10-24 Hans BaierFix prolooks version number in gir generation
2012-10-23 Krzysztof FoltmanMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-10-23 Krzysztof FoltmanAdd GIR support.
2012-10-23 Hans BaierAdd experimental generation of .gir and .typelib
2012-10-22 Hans BaierMake it compile on recent Vala and remove some warnings
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