2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellReally remove test/ from build.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellMove extra configuration info to a union, save a little...
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellNext version is 0.6.2
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellFix up defines.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellRemove test from the Makefile.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellMove #defines to before the includes where they'll...
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellFix a incorrect comparison that was causing Cues not...
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellFix the number of Cues that are written.
2007-08-28 Nathan CaldwellRemove version from AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE it will auto-detect.
2007-08-28 Nathan CaldwellUpdate revision to
2007-08-28 Nathan CaldwellFixes Void overwriting SegmentInfo and Tracks.
2007-08-23 Nathan CaldwellFix chapters correctly this time.
2007-08-22 Nathan CaldwellFix hang when attempting to write chapters because...
2007-08-21 Nathan CaldwellRemove the AC_FUNC_*ALLOC macros, can cause problems...
2007-08-18 Nathan CaldwellCorrect filename in header.
2007-08-17 Nathan CaldwellRename to autoconf preferred
2007-08-16 Nathan CaldwellFix merge conflict. Double free.0.6.1
2007-08-16 Nathan CaldwellMove autotools files to config/ subdir.
2007-08-16 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'vlc_compat'
2007-08-13 Nathan CaldwellClose the current Cluster after no more than 2 sec.vlc_compat
2007-08-03 Nathan CaldwellFix the length of the Void we write after Chapters.
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellTracks: Write TrackFlagEnabled only if it's not 1.
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellTracks: Write TrackFlagEnabled only if it's not 1.
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellWrite a Seek entry for each Cluster if vlc_compat is on.
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellImplement mk_writeSeek(), and switch mk_writeSeekHead...
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellMove mk_writeSeek -> mk_writeSeekHead.
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellCues can be at the end of the file, VLC doesn't care.
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellUndo 'VLC compatability fixes' as they're broken at...
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'cue_fixes'
2007-07-20 Nathan CaldwellMake all constants long long to quite some compiler...
2007-07-20 Nathan CaldwellRemove one more off_t.
2007-07-20 Nathan CaldwellMake all constants long long to quite some compiler...
2007-07-20 Nathan CaldwellMake that per 3MB per video track, not 3MB per file.
2007-07-19 Nathan CaldwellLatest Cues changes. We now write Cues every ~3MB only...
2007-07-19 Nathan CaldwellRemove one more off_t.
2007-07-18 Nathan CaldwellFix a crash when calling mk_close().
2007-07-18 Nathan CaldwellRemove some commented-out, unused variables.
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'file_pos'
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'cue_fixes'
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellRework Cues. We now write them for all tracks on every...
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellFix return value check when closing root Context.
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellFix Segment sizes.
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellThose really do need to be ints.
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellCapital D, const instead of <<.
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellWrite Segment size to disk.
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellCan't really have negitive file positions.
2007-07-16 Nathan Caldwell64-bit number = 8 bytes.
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellSwitch to calloc in mk_createWriter, so we don't have...
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellGive me a *w (in mk_flushContextData()).
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellOnce again w->f_cur => w->f_pos.
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellIt would help if I were consistant in my naming. w...
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellReplace calls to ftell() with w->f_pos.
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellModify mk_flushContextData to keep track of our current...
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellReplace all calls to fseek() with mk_seekFile().
2007-07-16 Nathan CaldwellImplement mk_seekFile() so we can keep track of where...
2007-07-15 Nathan CaldwellVarious bug-fixes.
2007-07-14 Nathan CaldwellRemove commented out variable, and fix bug in mk_laceXi...
2007-07-14 Nathan CaldwellUpdate version to 0.6.1
2007-07-14 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'lacing'
2007-07-14 Nathan CaldwellAdd ebml.c to Makefile.
2007-07-14 Nathan CaldwellLacing fixups.
2007-07-14 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'compile_fixes'
2007-07-14 Nathan CaldwellCompile fixes on OSX.0.6.0
2007-07-14 Nathan CaldwellMove EBML functions out of matroska.c into their own...
2007-07-13 Nathan CaldwellLots of compile fixes.
2007-07-13 Nathan CaldwellUpdate version to be more proper, as I'm no longer...
2007-07-13 Nathan Caldwell(Hopefully) Fix some mem leaks.
2007-07-13 Nathan CaldwellMake executable.
2007-07-13 Nathan CaldwellFirst-pass at lacing.
2007-07-13 Nathan Caldwellmk_writeSSize: We want to write size, not u_size.
2007-07-13 Nathan CaldwellAdd mk_writeSSize to write Signed EBML vints.
2007-07-12 Nathan CaldwellModify writeSize and ebmlSizeSize to work with 64-bit...
2007-07-02 saintdevMany changes.
2007-06-20 saintdevFirst pass at Cues.
2007-06-16 saintdev-Write Chapter and Track info to a Context right away
2007-05-25 saintdev-Split out Tracks and Chapters into seperate files.
2007-05-18 saintdev-Support for the SeekHead element for quicker loading.
2007-05-17 saintdevFixup configure files.
2007-05-15 saintdevMore fixes, moves, etc. don't really remember what...
2007-05-15 saintdevinclude inttypes.h/stdint.h if we didn't already.
2007-05-15 saintdevFixup for initial implementation(sp).
2007-05-14 saintdevStill better tracking
2007-05-14 saintdevStart seperate tracks.
2007-05-14 saintdevMove mk_Context out of libmkv.h
2007-05-14 saintdevadd include
2007-05-14 saintdevfix
2007-05-14 saintdev_not_ symlinks!
2007-05-14 saintdevugh, symlinks
2007-05-14 saintdevFixup automake some more.
2007-05-13 saintdevAutotools, yay!
2007-05-12 saintdevThe rest of the project files.
2007-05-12 saintdevAdd trunk, branches, tags.