2007-07-14 Nathan CaldwellCompile fixes on OSX.0.6.0
2007-07-13 Nathan CaldwellLots of compile fixes.
2007-07-13 Nathan CaldwellUpdate version to be more proper, as I'm no longer...
2007-07-13 Nathan Caldwell(Hopefully) Fix some mem leaks.
2007-07-13 Nathan CaldwellMake executable.
2007-07-13 Nathan CaldwellFirst-pass at lacing.
2007-07-13 Nathan Caldwellmk_writeSSize: We want to write size, not u_size.
2007-07-13 Nathan CaldwellAdd mk_writeSSize to write Signed EBML vints.
2007-07-12 Nathan CaldwellModify writeSize and ebmlSizeSize to work with 64-bit...
2007-07-02 saintdevMany changes.
2007-06-20 saintdevFirst pass at Cues.
2007-06-16 saintdev-Write Chapter and Track info to a Context right away
2007-05-25 saintdev-Split out Tracks and Chapters into seperate files.
2007-05-18 saintdev-Support for the SeekHead element for quicker loading.
2007-05-17 saintdevFixup configure files.
2007-05-15 saintdevMore fixes, moves, etc. don't really remember what...
2007-05-15 saintdevinclude inttypes.h/stdint.h if we didn't already.
2007-05-15 saintdevFixup for initial implementation(sp).
2007-05-14 saintdevStill better tracking
2007-05-14 saintdevStart seperate tracks.
2007-05-14 saintdevMove mk_Context out of libmkv.h
2007-05-14 saintdevadd include
2007-05-14 saintdevfix
2007-05-14 saintdev_not_ symlinks!
2007-05-14 saintdevugh, symlinks
2007-05-14 saintdevFixup automake some more.
2007-05-13 saintdevAutotools, yay!
2007-05-12 saintdevThe rest of the project files.
2007-05-12 saintdevAdd trunk, branches, tags.