2009-05-18 Nathan CaldwellUpdate version to 0.6.4mob0.6.4
2009-05-18 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'subtitles' of git+ssh://saintdev@repo...
2009-05-11 John Stebbinsapply timescale to BlockDurationsubtitles
2009-05-11 John Stebbinsfix BlockGroup size
2009-02-03 Nathan CaldwellIncrease reserved space for chapters to 4096 bytes.
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellAs suggested by autoreconf, keep libool macros in m4...
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellBump version to
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellForgot to seed srandom()
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellRemove more printfs.
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellIf we're not given any data for the Attachment, bail.
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellFileDescription is optional, don't write it if we're...
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellRemove printfs in mk_createAttachment()
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'mob'
2009-01-13 John Stebbinsadd attachment support
2009-01-12 Nathan CaldwellFactor out common code into mk_initTags()
2009-01-12 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'mob' of git+ssh://
2009-01-12 Nathan CaldwellMove mk_writeTags(), it shouldn't be part of the public...
2009-01-12 John StebbinsAdd binary tag support
2009-01-12 Nathan CaldwellUpdate INSTALL.
2009-01-12 Nathan CaldwellFix a bug that would cause us to write an invalid file...
2009-01-12 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'master' into subtitles
2009-01-12 Nathan CaldwellWrite Cluster Seek entries even if we're not using...
2009-01-12 Nathan CaldwellRemove some magic numbers, replace them with the correc...
2009-01-12 Nathan CaldwellWrite new Clusters every ~5MB or at most ~20 seconds.
2008-05-20 John A. StebbinsAdd an empty Target when creating a Tag.
2008-05-20 Nathan CaldwellAdd values for TargetTypes.
2008-05-13 Nathan CaldwellRename mk_createStringTag->mk_createTagSimple
2008-05-13 Nathan CaldwellAdd defines for a few official tags.
2008-05-13 Nathan CaldwellKeep track of the Tag element in addition to the Tags...
2008-05-13 Nathan CaldwellAdd defines for Tag element IDs.
2008-05-09 Nathan CaldwellAdd .gitignore
2008-05-09 Nathan CaldwellCorrect formatting for tags.c
2008-05-09 John A StebbinsFix a small bug when not using vlc_compat.
2008-05-09 John A StebbinsSupport for Tags.
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellMASSIVE formatting cleanups.
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellHandle AspectRatioType video element.
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellChanged my mind, mk_LacingTypes -> mk_LacingType
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellUse an enum for track types.
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellUpdate subtitle codecIDs to match those found on matros...
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellUpdate audio codecs to match those found on matroska...
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellUpdate VCODECs to match what is found on
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellMove 'extern C' to the beginning of libmkv.h
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellUse an enum for lacing types.
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellRevert "Add a hack to set the first Cluster timecode...
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellFix a comment.
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellUse macros for reserved space.
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellSplit EBML functions into their own header.
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellRemove some duplicate definitions.
2008-04-22 Nathan CaldwellMove writing the EBML header to a seperate function.
2008-04-18 Nathan CaldwellMissed a couple of element IDs.
2008-04-18 Nathan CaldwellOnly realloc every 4 tracks.
2008-04-16 Nathan CaldwellUse defines for the matroska element IDs.
2008-04-16 Nathan CaldwellVersion bump to
2008-04-08 Nathan CaldwellWrite Cues every video keyframe.
2008-04-08 Nathan CaldwellUse scaled time for CueTime.
2008-04-08 Nathan CaldwellFormatting: cleanup some whitespace in matroska.c
2008-02-11 Nathan CaldwellAdd largefile check to so LARGEFILE_SOURCE...
2008-02-04 Nathan CaldwellOops, need to update the header.
2008-02-04 Nathan CaldwellWe need BlockDuration for subtitle tracks.
2008-02-04 Nathan CaldwellHandle subtitle tracks.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellFix context memleak.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellUpdate to just run autoreconf.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellAdd a hack to set the first Cluster timecode to 0 if...
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellRemove LARGEFILE_SOURCE and FILE_OFFSET_BITS defines...
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellDitch libuuid. Switch to using a md5 sum of each frame...
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellAdd check for libuuid.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellWrite random SegmentUID by default.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellUse random() to create Track, Chapter, and Edition...
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellRemove _XOPEN_SOURCE from libmkv.h.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellMove config.h to be the first include, so we get our...
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellUpdate INSTALL.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellFix up EBML lacing, it was majorly b0rked.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellReally remove test/ from build.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellMove extra configuration info to a union, save a little...
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellNext version is 0.6.2
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellFix up defines.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellRemove test from the Makefile.
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellMove #defines to before the includes where they'll...
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellFix a incorrect comparison that was causing Cues not...
2008-01-28 Nathan CaldwellFix the number of Cues that are written.
2007-08-28 Nathan CaldwellRemove version from AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE it will auto-detect.
2007-08-28 Nathan CaldwellUpdate revision to
2007-08-28 Nathan CaldwellFixes Void overwriting SegmentInfo and Tracks.
2007-08-23 Nathan CaldwellFix chapters correctly this time.
2007-08-22 Nathan CaldwellFix hang when attempting to write chapters because...
2007-08-21 Nathan CaldwellRemove the AC_FUNC_*ALLOC macros, can cause problems...
2007-08-18 Nathan CaldwellCorrect filename in header.
2007-08-17 Nathan CaldwellRename to autoconf preferred
2007-08-16 Nathan CaldwellFix merge conflict. Double free.0.6.1
2007-08-16 Nathan CaldwellMove autotools files to config/ subdir.
2007-08-16 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'vlc_compat'
2007-08-13 Nathan CaldwellClose the current Cluster after no more than 2 sec.vlc_compat
2007-08-03 Nathan CaldwellFix the length of the Void we write after Chapters.
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellTracks: Write TrackFlagEnabled only if it's not 1.
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellTracks: Write TrackFlagEnabled only if it's not 1.
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellWrite a Seek entry for each Cluster if vlc_compat is on.
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellImplement mk_writeSeek(), and switch mk_writeSeekHead...
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellMove mk_writeSeek -> mk_writeSeekHead.
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellCues can be at the end of the file, VLC doesn't care.
2007-07-27 Nathan CaldwellUndo 'VLC compatability fixes' as they're broken at...