descriptionAn alternitave to the official libmatroska/libebml libraries.
last changeSun, 18 Jul 2010 03:24:01 +0000
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Written in plain C, and intended to be very portable. It is based on the Matroska muxer written for the x264 project by Haali.
2010-07-18 Nathan CaldwellBump version to
2010-07-18 Nathan Caldwell10l: Fix off-by-one in MuxingApp element.
2009-05-18 Nathan CaldwellUpdate version to 0.6.4mob0.6.4
2009-05-18 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'subtitles' of git+ssh://saintdev@repo...
2009-05-11 John Stebbinsapply timescale to BlockDurationsubtitles
2009-05-11 John Stebbinsfix BlockGroup size
2009-02-03 Nathan CaldwellIncrease reserved space for chapters to 4096 bytes.
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellAs suggested by autoreconf, keep libool macros in m4...
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellBump version to
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellForgot to seed srandom()
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellRemove more printfs.
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellIf we're not given any data for the Attachment, bail.
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellFileDescription is optional, don't write it if we're...
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellRemove printfs in mk_createAttachment()
2009-01-13 Nathan CaldwellMerge branch 'mob'
2009-01-13 John Stebbinsadd attachment support
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