descriptionMoo2 data file handling library.
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liblbx is a library for dealing with the data files used in Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares. It is part of the 2ooM project, an effort to remake the game as free software for modern systems.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Correct EOF handling in lbx_file_read.master
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlertests: Add test for truncated archives.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Remove use of SEEK_CUR in the image reader.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Remove tell function from lbx_file_ops.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Remove declaration of lbx_mopen.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Add a hard check for image leadin versus frame...
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Kill lbx_img_getinfo
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Clean up embedded palette handling
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Kill the old LBX image API.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Render LBX directly to Cairo surfaces.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Use Cairo for drawing.
2014-01-28 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Fix uninitialized value warning in pipe_seek.
2014-01-28 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Always return a value in file_seek.
2014-01-28 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Improve error handling in lbx_file_seek.
2014-01-28 Nick Bowlertests: Enable shell traces early in all scripts.
2014-01-28 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Fix management of external palette file handles.
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