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2010-10-28 Ramsay Jonesmsvc: Fix an "conversion, possible loss of data" warningmaster
2010-10-28 Ramsay Jonesbswap.h: Add ntohs() and htons() functions
2010-10-28 Ramsay Jonesindex.c: Fix some memory leaks reported by valgrind
2010-10-28 Ramsay Jonesindex.c: Fix a sparse "symbol not declared" warning
2010-10-28 Ramsay JonesFix some "implicit declaration of function" warnings
2010-10-28 Ramsay Jonest0601-read.c: Fix an "signed/unsigned comparison" warning
2010-10-09 Ramsay Jonesmsvc: Fix a pointer arithmetic compilation error
2010-10-06 Andreas EricssonMerge remote branch 'ramsay/dev'
2010-09-07 Ramsay JonesAdd packed object ('.pack' file) reading
2010-07-25 Vicent MartiAdd unit tests for index manipulation
2010-07-25 Vicent MartiMove test resources to a common directory
2010-07-25 Vicent MartiAdd support for git index files
2010-07-23 Vicent MartiAdd support for atomic file locking
2010-07-15 Vicent MartiAdd parsing of tree file contents.
2010-07-15 Vicent MartiChanged test files to use tabs instead of spaces
2010-07-15 Vicent MartiAdd external API to access detailed commit attributes
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