descriptionLED testing application for the Android platform
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This is the source code of the LED tester for the Android platform. If you just want to use it, the easiest way is follow the following link with browser on Android device to install LED tester on your device.

2010-02-08 Rafał RzepeckiOnly show welcome message on fresh start.mastermobrelease-1.3
2010-02-08 Rafał RzepeckiCheck for number format exception.
2010-02-08 Rafał RzepeckiRemove value update checks. They break stuff and aren...
2010-02-08 Rafał RzepeckiBumped version.
2010-02-08 Rafał RzepeckiAdded Chinese translation.
2010-02-08 Rafał RzepeckiUpdated copyrights.
2010-02-08 Rafał RzepeckiChanging text updates the slider, too.
2010-02-08 Rafał RzepeckiPut edittexts in place of generic textviews.
2010-02-08 Rafał RzepeckiTODO file added.
2009-07-08 Rafał RzepeckiBump version to 1.2release-1.2
2009-07-08 Rafał RzepeckiBlinking.
2009-07-08 Rafał RzepeckiSlider labels, provide left margin to facilitate settin...
2009-07-08 RafRzepeckiVersion bump to 1.1.release-1.1
2009-07-08 Rafał RzepeckiUse dialog instead of toast for welcome text; fixed...
2009-07-08 Rafał RzepeckiLicence text.
2009-07-08 Rafał RzepeckiNice icon.
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