descriptionLADI is a long term project to improve desktop integration and user workflow of Linux audio system based on JACK
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To use this overlay:

You should probably also use the proaudio overlay for things to work properly.

once your all set check the changes with

# emerge -vpuND world

and then happily emerge all those changes with

# emerge -uND world
2012-12-27 lilrcmedia-sound/jack-rack: added new version, minor tidy upmaster
2012-12-25 lilrcmedia-sound/laditools: remove deprecation, fix pygobjec...
2012-12-25 lilrcdev-python/enum-0.4.4: fixed error in SRC_URI, now...
2012-12-13 lilrcmedia-sound/jack-rack: added live ebuild, tidied up...
2012-12-13 lilrcmedia-sound/jack-rack: initial ebuild (import from...
2012-12-13 lilrcmedia-sound/zynaddsubfx: initial ebuild (import from...
2012-12-13 lilrcmedia-libs/aubio: Initial ebuild (import from portage...
2012-12-13 lilrcmedia-sound/fluidsynth: initial (non-blocking) ebuild
2012-12-13 lilrcvirtaul/liblash: updated ebuild, added "python" USE...
2012-12-09 lilrcladitools: updated ebuildsmob
2012-12-09 Nedko Arnaudovladish: remove no-herd
2012-12-09 Nedko Arnaudovremove pre-version-1 ladish ebuild
2012-12-09 Nedko ArnaudovMark ladish-1 as stable on x86 and amd64
2012-12-09 lilrcdev-python/enum: updated EAPI and made ebuild use pytho...
2012-12-08 lilrcladish-1, ladish-9999:
2012-12-08 lilrcladish: updated ebuilds
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