descriptionA graphical interface to GDB
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KDbg is a graphical user interface to gdb, the GNU debugger. It provides an intuitive interface for setting breakpoints, inspecting variables, and stepping through code.
2015-09-27 Michael HansenAdd a check for the correct keyword order.mastermob
2015-09-27 Johannes SixtMerge branch 'maint'
2015-09-27 Michael HansenFix keyword order.
2015-09-27 Daniel BlackAdd a possibility to detach from the debugged process.
2015-09-03 Thierry MartinDrop directories from the file list.
2015-02-22 Johannes SixtMerge branch 'maint'
2015-02-22 Johannes SixtKDbg 2.5.5.kdbg-2.5.5
2015-02-22 Johannes SixtTerminate GDB by closing its input rather than by SIGTERM.
2015-02-22 Johannes SixtIgnore request to jump to a negative frame index.
2015-02-22 Johannes SixtDisable Python pretty-printer support.
2015-02-22 Johannes SixtFix call of a member function dependent on a template...
2015-02-22 Johannes SixtAdd add a 'make clean' target in the testprogs directory.
2015-01-16 Daniel BlackUpdate version number and build instructions in the...
2015-01-16 Johannes SixtExtend copyright to 2015.
2015-01-16 Johannes SixtRegenerate the pulse animation.
2014-02-22 Johannes SixtBe prepared that the animated button is destroyed behin...
19 months ago kdbg-2.5.5 KDbg 2.5.5.
2 years ago kdbg-2.5.4 KDbg 2.5.4.
3 years ago kdbg-2.5.3 KDbg 2.5.3.
4 years ago kdbg-2.5.2 KDbg 2.5.2.
4 years ago kdbg-2.5.1 KDbg 2.5.1.
5 years ago kdbg-2.5.0 KDbg 2.5.0.
6 years ago kdbg-2.2.2 KDbg 2.2.2.
6 years ago kdbg-2.2.1 KDbg 2.2.1.
7 years ago kdbg-2.2.0 KDbg 2.0.0.
7 years ago kdbg-2.1.1 KDbg 2.1.1.
8 years ago kdbg-2.1.0 KDbg 2.1.0.
9 years ago kdbg-2.1.0-rc1 KDbg 2.1.0-rc1.
9 years ago rel2_0_5 KDbg 2.0.5.
10 years ago rel2_0_4 KDbg 2.0.4.
unknown rel2_0_3
unknown rel2_0_2
9 months ago maint
11 months ago mob
11 months ago master