descriptionA graphical interface to GDB
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KDbg is a graphical user interface to gdb, the GNU debugger. It provides an intuitive interface for setting breakpoints, inspecting variables, and stepping through code.
7 days ago Johannes SixtMerge branch 'memory-dump-dynamic'master
7 days ago Johannes SixtMerge branch 'maint'
7 days ago Johannes SixtKDbg 2.9.1.maintkdbg-2.9.1
7 days ago Johannes SixtInclude the structure value in the value popup of the...
7 days ago Johannes SixtDisplay QStrings in programs based on Qt5.
2017-05-14 Johannes SixtAvoid redundant memory dump requests when the combobox...
2017-05-14 Marc Font FreixaGrow memory dump automatically when end of view is...
2017-05-07 Johannes SixtDetect end of memory dump.
2017-04-01 Johannes SixtMerge branch 'exec-cmd-templated'
2017-02-18 Johannes SixtMerge branch 'memory-dump-as-ascii'
2017-02-18 Marc Font FreixaHeed endianness when values are converted to ASCII...
2017-02-09 Marc Font FreixaAdd padding before and after memory dump.
2017-02-09 Marc Font FreixaAllow to view memory dump in hex/ascii view.
2017-01-31 Johannes SixtWarn that XSL debugging is no longer supported.
2017-01-30 Johannes SixtOverride only makeCmdString(), not queueCmd() and execu...
2017-01-30 Johannes SixtSplit queueCmd() into variants for each mode value.
7 days ago kdbg-2.9.1 KDbg 2.9.1.
7 months ago kdbg-2.9.0 KDbg 2.9.0.
10 months ago kdbg-2.5.6 KDbg 2.5.6.
2 years ago kdbg-2.5.5 KDbg 2.5.5.
3 years ago kdbg-2.5.4 KDbg 2.5.4.
4 years ago kdbg-2.5.3 KDbg 2.5.3.
5 years ago kdbg-2.5.2 KDbg 2.5.2.
5 years ago kdbg-2.5.1 KDbg 2.5.1.
6 years ago kdbg-2.5.0 KDbg 2.5.0.
7 years ago kdbg-2.2.2 KDbg 2.2.2.
7 years ago kdbg-2.2.1 KDbg 2.2.1.
7 years ago kdbg-2.2.0 KDbg 2.0.0.
8 years ago kdbg-2.1.1 KDbg 2.1.1.
9 years ago kdbg-2.1.0 KDbg 2.1.0.
10 years ago kdbg-2.1.0-rc1 KDbg 2.1.0-rc1.
10 years ago rel2_0_5 KDbg 2.0.5.
7 days ago master
7 days ago maint
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