descriptionJrugr: X11 keyboard layout switcher
last changeWed, 2 Sep 2015 13:50:29 +0000 (2 16:50 +0300)
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2015-09-02 Ketmar Darkmore mpv hacksmaster
2014-01-23 ketmarmore mpv hack fixes
2014-01-21 ketmar'mplayer hack' now works with mpv
2012-04-16 ketmarstoring layouts in window properties and restoring...
2012-04-16 ketmarcosmetix in ui
2012-04-16 ketmarfixed segfault on first run (run w/o config)
2012-04-16 ketmarfixed linker bug
2012-04-16 ketmarremoved .gitignore
2012-01-16 ketmarfixed crash on layout adding when jrugr is running
2012-01-16 ketmarimproved layout parser (it should work better now)
2012-01-08 ketmarmplayer hack now can be activated in preferences dialog
2012-01-08 ketmarsome ugly hacks for mplayer fix hack
2012-01-08 ketmar'mplayer' fix now knows about mplayer2
2011-12-27 ketmarwindow activation hack fix #2
2011-12-27 ketmarwindow activation hack fix
2011-12-24 ketmarfixed bug in mplayer hack; added wine hack
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6 years ago nofh