descriptionJPC-RR: Rerecording version of JPC X86 emulator
last changeTue, 16 Aug 2011 16:19:08 +0000 (16 19:19 +0300)
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Rerecording version of JPC X86 emulator (JPC-RR)

Cauntion: Still very pleliminary. Soundcard emulation is very experimental, FPU emulation is pretty bad, it is very slow, many games don't work at all, but some do (forget about running Linux due to incomplete CPU/FPU emulation).

Written mainly in Java, needs JDK 6 (some parts are in C). Bochs BIOS/VGABIOS works nicely as main BIOS and VGABIOS. FreeDOS(tm) can be used for OS.
2011-08-16 Ilari LiusvaaraNHMLFixup v10master
2011-07-20 Ilari LiusvaaraFix asking for events from Lua
2011-07-20 Ilari LiusvaaraDon't crash if Lua asks for an invalid event
2011-07-15 Ilari LiusvaaraCorrectly parse huge rerecord counts in streamtoolsJPC-RR-r11.5
2011-07-10 Ilari LiusvaaraStreamtools: Tool to dump frame resolutions
2011-07-10 Ilari LiusvaaraMake host memory reads and writes atomic
2011-07-08 Ilari LiusvaaraFix bug in handling linefeeds in VGAChargen
2011-06-28 Ilari LiusvaaraSome more VGA status display
2011-06-28 Ilari LiusvaaraGet gameinfo right in unattended dumpingJPC-RR-r11.5test1
2011-06-28 Ilari LiusvaaraAdd more status to status display
2011-06-28 Ilari LiusvaaraAdd test case to calculate hash of string to DiskIDAlgo...
2011-06-28 Ilari LiusvaaraSome fixups to Lua PC status function
2011-06-09 Ilari LiusvaaraAdd script for printing emulator status info
2011-06-09 Ilari LiusvaaraAdd jpcrr.state for getting various status variables
2011-06-08 Ilari LiusvaaraCorrectly autodetect FPU in CMOS equipment byte
2011-06-04 Ilari LiusvaaraExport counters related to IRQ0 to Lua
3 years ago JPC-RR-r11.8-rc2 JPC-RR Release 11.8-rc2
5 years ago JPC-RR-r11.8-rc1 JPC-RR Release 11.8-rc1
6 years ago JPC-RR-r11.7 JPC-RR Release 11.7
6 years ago JPC-RR-r11.6 JPC-RR Release 11.6
6 years ago JPC-RR-r11.6-prerelease1 JPC-RR r11.6-prerelease1
7 years ago JPC-RR-r11.5 JPC-RR release 11.5
7 years ago JPC-RR-r11.5test1
7 years ago JPC-RR-r11.4 JPC-RR release 11.4
7 years ago JPC-RR-r11.3a
7 years ago JPC-RR-r11.3 JPC-RR release 11.3
7 years ago JPC-RR-r11.2 JPC-RR release 11.2
7 years ago JPC-RR-r11.1 JPC-RR release 11.1
8 years ago JPC-RR-r11 JPC-RR release 11
8 years ago JPC-RR-r10.16 JPC-RR release 10.16
8 years ago JPC-RR-r10.15 JPC-RR release 10.15
8 years ago JPC-RR-r10.14 JPC-RR release 10.14
2 years ago r11-maint
6 years ago nhmlfixup2
6 years ago unstable/streamtools-debug
7 years ago master
7 years ago r12-wip
7 years ago unstable/refactor-pc-execution
7 years ago unstable/avidump
7 years ago vendor
7 years ago unstable/streamtools-lua
7 years ago unstable/streamtools-hud
8 years ago unstable/covox
8 years ago unstable/mouse
8 years ago TODO
8 years ago unstable/fastirq