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Jim is an opensource small footprint implementation of the Tcl programming language.
27 hours ago Steve Bennettlock.test: Improve check for aio.lock supportmaster
27 hours ago Danyil Bohdantests/exec.test: Add constraint "unix" for 12.1
27 hours ago Danyil Bohdanjim-exec.c: Seek with SetFilePointer for appending
34 hours ago Steve BennettUpdate version to 0.77
35 hours ago Steve BennettFix some minor compiler warnings.
35 hours ago Steve Bennettexpr: use fabs() for double abs if --math is specified
40 hours ago Steve Bennettexec: On win32, use FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL with CreateFile()
41 hours ago Steve Bennettjim-win32: compile fixes for mingw32
41 hours ago Danyil Bohdanjim-win32.c: Add command win32.MessageBox
41 hours ago Steve Bennettconfigure: Use pkg-config to find openssl/libssl
41 hours ago Danyil Bohdan.travis.yml: Build and test extension zlib
41 hours ago Danyil BohdanAdd AppVeyor CI
41 hours ago Steve Bennettzlib: Don't use PASTE for INTMAX error messages
2 days ago Steve Bennettzlib: Fix arg error checking
2 days ago Steve Bennettzlib: fix build of --with-mod=zlib
2 days ago Steve Bennettconfigure: Use pkg-config if possible
18 months ago 0.76 Release Jim 0.76
2 years ago 0.75 Release Jim 0.75
3 years ago 0.74 Release Jim 0.74
4 years ago 0.73 Release Jim 0.73
4 years ago 0.72 Release Jim 0.72
5 years ago 0.71 Release Jim 0.71
5 years ago 0.70 Release Jim 0.70
5 years ago 0.63 Release Jim 0.63
5 years ago 0.51 0.51
27 hours ago master
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