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Jim is an opensource small footprint implementation of the Tcl programming language.
4 days ago Steve Bennettaio tty: clear ICRNL for raw input modemaster
5 days ago Steve BennettAdd pkg-config support: jimtcl.pc
8 days ago Steve Bennettbuild: update autosetup for Tcl 8.5 compatibility
9 days ago Evan HunterFix distclean of jimsh0 when building not in source dir
10 days ago Steve Bennettsignal: restore default signal handling
10 days ago Evan HunterArray fixes and tests
11 days ago Evan HunterFix warnings when building win32 module and add module...
11 days ago Steve Bennettbuild: remove -Werror when running ./configure
11 days ago HummyPkgimprove example autocompletion function to complete...
11 days ago Evan HunterSeparate out Jim specific tests
13 days ago Steve Bennettdocs: Only try to build Tcl.html if asciidoc is found
13 days ago Evan HunterAdd more tests for zlib
13 days ago Evan HunterFix C++ compatibility
13 days ago Steve Bennettexec: Fix windows exec with empty or unset env
13 days ago Steve Bennettjim.c: Fix Object leak in zlib support
13 days ago Evan HunterAvoid re-defining _GNU_SOURCE
6 weeks ago 0.77 Release Jim 0.77
20 months ago 0.76 Release Jim 0.76
2 years ago 0.75 Release Jim 0.75
3 years ago 0.74 Release Jim 0.74
4 years ago 0.73 Release Jim 0.73
5 years ago 0.72 Release Jim 0.72
5 years ago 0.71 Release Jim 0.71
5 years ago 0.70 Release Jim 0.70
5 years ago 0.63 Release Jim 0.63
6 years ago 0.51 0.51
4 days ago master
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jimtcl/workware.git workware fork of Jim Tcl steveb@workware... 6 years ago
jimtcl/wkoszek.git Jim on POSIX systems wkoszek@freebsd... 6 years ago
jimtcl/taffs-tcl.git port of jim to smaller, embedded processor No commits