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Jim is an opensource small footprint implementation of the Tcl programming language.
5 days ago Steve Bennettexamples/tip.tcl: Use 'writable' when sending outputmaster
5 days ago Steve Bennettconfigure: Remove reference to ensemble extension
5 days ago Steve Bennettconfigure: --with-mod and --with-ext allow commas
5 days ago Steve Bennettconfigure: Improve module selection
5 days ago Steve Bennettauto.def: tclprefix should not be enabled by default
5 days ago Steve Bennettprefix.test: Use the correct package name
5 days ago Steve Bennetttcltest: Support 'needs package xxx'
5 days ago Steve Bennetttcl::prefix: respect -message when no valid options
5 days ago Steve Bennettjim.c: minor code cleanups in [switch]
10 days ago Steve Bennettperf: cache the result of successful subcmd lookup
10 days ago Steve Bennettremove special regexpValue internal rep
10 days ago Steve BennettSimplify error reporting in jim-subcmd
10 days ago Steve Bennettperf: cache successful Jim_GetEnum() results
10 days ago Steve Bennettdefer: fast lookup existence of $jim::defer
11 days ago Steve BennettImplement defer, $jim::defer
11 days ago Steve Bennettdocs: Update documentation for recent changes
12 months ago 0.77 Release Jim 0.77
2 years ago 0.76 Release Jim 0.76
3 years ago 0.75 Release Jim 0.75
4 years ago 0.74 Release Jim 0.74
5 years ago 0.73 Release Jim 0.73
5 years ago 0.72 Release Jim 0.72
6 years ago 0.71 Release Jim 0.71
6 years ago 0.70 Release Jim 0.70
6 years ago 0.63 Release Jim 0.63
6 years ago 0.51 0.51
5 days ago master
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