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Jim is an opensource small footprint implementation of the Tcl programming language.
3 hours ago Steve BennettAdd support for "-commands" to many commandsmaster
3 hours ago Steve Bennettjimsh: add support for "jimsh -"
3 hours ago Steve Bennettconfigure: allow "--full" options to be explicitly...
3 hours ago Steve BennettUpdate autosetup to v0.6.6
24 hours ago Steve Bennetttcltest: print test description on SKIP if verbose
24 hours ago Steve Bennettjim.c: Replace 'dict with' with a C version
24 hours ago Steve Bennettfile: update file stat to use Jim_DictMerge()
24 hours ago Steve Bennettjim.c: replace 'dict merge' with a C version
24 hours ago Steve Bennetttests/runall: don't abort if signal.test exits
24 hours ago Steve Bennetttcltest: do a better job of cleanup up after tests
25 hours ago Evan Huntersqlite3: Ensure all allocation goes through Jim_Alloc...
2016-09-09 Steve Bennettutf8: Extract wide char data from EastAsianWidth.txt
2016-09-09 Steve Bennettutf8: Update UnicodeData.txt to 9.0.0
2016-09-09 Steve BennettAdd examples/tip.tcl
2016-09-09 Steve Bennettaio: Document aio tty
2016-09-09 Steve Bennettaio: add tty settings support (via termios)
3 weeks ago 0.77 Release Jim 0.77
19 months ago 0.76 Release Jim 0.76
2 years ago 0.75 Release Jim 0.75
3 years ago 0.74 Release Jim 0.74
4 years ago 0.73 Release Jim 0.73
4 years ago 0.72 Release Jim 0.72
5 years ago 0.71 Release Jim 0.71
5 years ago 0.70 Release Jim 0.70
5 years ago 0.63 Release Jim 0.63
5 years ago 0.51 0.51
3 hours ago master
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jimtcl/workware.git workware fork of Jim Tcl steveb@workware... 5 years ago
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