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2011-02-13 Paul GoinsAdded kanji frequency selector and linked it into Kanji... master
2011-02-13 Paul GoinsFixed JLPT dialog. Linked in dialog to the KanjiListEd...
2011-02-13 Paul GoinsRemoved one unneeded import. Added a new dialog for...
2011-02-13 Paul GoinsCleaned up code in KanjiListEditor by refactoring AddKa...
2011-02-13 Paul GoinsAdded add-from-file dialog. Retrieved data from dialog...
2011-02-12 Paul GoinsPolished a bit. Added extra labels.
2011-02-03 Paul GoinsSmall revision to
2011-01-31 Paul GoinsAdded mnemonics to buttons in main kanji list editor...
2011-01-29 Paul GoinsAdded skeleton for 'Add Kanji By Jouyou Grade' dialog.
2011-01-29 Paul GoinsPushed signal handling down to the buttons themselves.
2011-01-29 Paul GoinsAdded event stubs for buttons in kanji list editor.
2011-01-29 Paul GoinsConnected the direct edit checkbox.
2011-01-29 Paul GoinsMore cleanups in the kanji list editor dialog. Also...
2011-01-29 Paul GoinsFixed File->Quit menu.
2011-01-29 Paul GoinsRefactored kanji list editor somewhat.
2011-01-24 Paul GoinsVersion up.1.9.7
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