2009-02-03 Alex Montgomeryrenamed CHANGELOG to NEWSv3
2009-02-03 Alex MontgomeryImproved verbose messages to help prevent users from...
2009-02-03 Alex Montgomeryfixed parameter passing in main, added CHANGELOG
2009-02-03 Alex Montgomery- added device ID parameter
2009-01-20 Alex Montgomeryfixed parameter passing to Lash
2009-01-20 Alex Montgomeryfixed segfault from bad JACK cleanup ordering
2009-01-19 Nedko ArnaudovRemove qmake-generated Makefiles (now really)
2009-01-19 Nedko ArnaudovRemove & gitignore generated files
2009-01-19 Nedko ArnaudovFix warning: unused parameter ‘pos’
2009-01-19 Nedko ArnaudovFix warning: no newline at end of file
2009-01-18 Alex Montgomeryadded QJackMMC to makefile, fixed overflow bug in common.cv2
2009-01-18 Alex Montgomeryadded initial version of QJackMMC
2009-01-15 Alex Montgomeryadded GPL headers for common
2009-01-15 Alex Montgomerymerged in GPL header
2009-01-15 Alex Montgomeryseparated out common functionality from command-line...
2008-11-24 Nedko ArnaudovAdd license
2008-11-24 Nedko ArnaudovAdd copyright header
2008-11-24 Nedko ArnaudovAdd AUTHORS file
2008-11-24 Alex Montgomerycode cleanup in preparation of separating out the core... v1
2008-11-20 Alex Montgomery- added MMC goto support
2008-09-20 Nedko ArnaudovIgnore generated files
2008-09-20 Nedko ArnaudovRequest compiling and linking aginst libjack.
2008-09-20 Nedko ArnaudovRemove extra whitespace at the end of the line
2008-09-20 Nedko ArnaudovImport jackctlmmc-0 (from released tarball)v0