descriptionMMC Control for JACK transport
last changeSun, 7 Aug 2011 08:54:02 +0000 (7 09:54 +0100)
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2011-08-07 Alex MontgomeryUpdated license to GPL 2+master
2011-05-28 Alex Montgomeryadded LDFLAGS to makefile
2011-05-14 Alex Montgomeryfixed QT dependencies and configure targetv4
2011-05-14 rootremoved stupid uninstall dependency
2011-05-14 Alex Montgomery- minor cleanups, removed kdevelop files.
2011-05-13 Alex Montgomeryfixed the permissions of the .desktop and icon
2011-05-13 Alex Montgomeryamended AUTHORS
2011-05-13 Alex Montgomeryadded new icon, updated NEWS and TODO for release
2011-05-10 Alex Montgomery- fixed XRun on exit, pass CFLAGS to QMAKE.
2011-05-10 Alex Montgomeryfixed CFLAG passing, renamed enable flags to standards.
2011-05-08 Alex Montgomeryredesigned QJackMMC to be always listening, threadsafe
2011-05-08 Alex Montgomerycleanup and refactor to prepare for "always on" listen...
2011-05-08 Alex Montgomeryfixed "about" box, updated TODO
2011-05-08 Alex Montgomeryremoved obsolete lash name event call
2011-05-08 Alex Montgomeryadded so users don't have to rerun autoconf
2011-05-07 Alex Montgomeryfixed odd ui issue
4 years ago v4 version 4 - jackctlmmc-4.tar.gz
6 years ago v3 version 3 - jackctlmmc-release...
6 years ago v2 version 2 - jackctlmmc-release2...
6 years ago v1 version 1 - jackctlmmc.tgz
6 years ago v0 jackctlmmc-0.tar.gz
4 years ago master