descriptionJACK FreeWheel mode trigger
last changeTue, 28 Dec 2010 23:05:40 +0000 (29 04:05 +0500)
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Free / unfree jack time wheel directly, without to use terminal or related features of DAW / sequencer.
2010-12-28 Nikita ZlobinUse own color only for backlighted button.mastermob
2010-12-28 Nikita ZlobinInstallation script and instruction
2010-12-28 Nikita ZlobinSet freewheel-on colors immediately, when button is...
2010-12-28 Nikita ZlobinFix blinking
2010-12-27 Nikita ZlobinUpdate TODO
2010-12-27 Nikita ZlobinImprovements: text markup, colors, blinking when time...
2010-12-27 Nikita ZlobinAdd copying information
2010-12-27 Nikita ZlobinFix executable name
2010-12-27 Nikita ZlobinAdd TODO
2010-12-27 Nikita ZlobinBlock button when freewheel mode is set by side applica...
2010-12-26 Nikita ZlobinDistribute pyjack with freewheel-related functionality
2010-12-26 Nikita ZlobinMove back to pyjack. Check for freewheel status periodi...
2010-12-26 Nikita ZlobinAdd freewheel callback
2010-12-26 Nikita ZlobinUse jacklib functionality
2010-12-26 Nikita ZlobinFix jacklib set_freewheel() function
2010-12-26 Nikita ZlobinReuse jacklib python module, made by falktx
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