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isl is a library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints. Supported operations on sets include intersection, union, set difference, emptiness check, convex hull, (integer) affine hull, integer projection, and computing the lexicographic minimum using parametric integer programming. It also includes an ILP solver based on generalized basis reduction. isl is released under the MIT license.
3 days ago Tobias GrosserAvoid uninitialized memory warning in valgrind when... master
3 days ago Sven Verdoolaegedrop isl_tab_extend in favor of isl_tab_extend_cons
3 days ago Sven VerdoolaegeMerge branch 'maint'
3 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_sample.c: tab_shift_cone: use isl_tab_extend_cons... maint
4 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeremove WARN_UNUSED from public header
4 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_printer_free: free indent_prefix
5 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_input.c: accept_extended_affine: plug memory leak...
7 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl 0.13isl-0.13
7 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_schedule.c: extract_edge: avoid NULL pointer derefe...
7 days ago Sven VerdoolaegeMerge branch 'maint'
7 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_map.c: greator: avoid double free on error path
7 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_union_*_alloc: avoid double free on error path
7 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_union_*_alloc: plug memory leak on error path
7 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_ctx_next_operation: handle NULL input
8 days ago Tobias GrosserMark the compute out feature experimental
8 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeupdate AUTHORS
7 days ago isl-0.13 isl 0.13
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8 months ago isl-0.12.1 isl 0.12.1
9 months ago isl-0.12 isl 0.12
12 months ago isl-0.11.2 isl 0.11.2
16 months ago isl-0.11.1 isl 0.11.1
16 months ago isl-0.11 isl 0.11
22 months ago isl-0.10 isl 0.10
2 years ago isl-0.09 isl 0.09
2 years ago isl-0.08 isl 0.08
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3 years ago isl-0.05 isl 0.05
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3 years ago isl-0.03 isl 0.03
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