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isl is a library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints. Supported operations on sets include intersection, union, set difference, emptiness check, convex hull, (integer) affine hull, integer projection, and computing the lexicographic minimum using parametric integer programming. It also includes an ILP solver based on generalized basis reduction. isl is released under the MIT license.
3 days ago Sven Verdoolaegetest inter-band handling of conditional validity constr... master
3 days ago Sven VerdoolaegeMerge branch 'maint'
3 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_schedule_constraints_compute_schedule: handle condi... maint
4 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_scheduler.c: is_condition_false: allow edge->tagged...
5 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_scheduler.c: move up some functions
5 days ago Sven Verdoolaegeisl_scheduler.c: update_edge: improve error handling
2015-03-16 Sven Verdoolaegeadd isl_schedule_node_order_after
2015-03-16 Sven Verdoolaegeadd isl_schedule_node_graft_after
2015-03-16 Sven Verdoolaegeadd isl_schedule_node_graft_before
2015-03-16 Sven Verdoolaegeadd isl_schedule_node_sequence_splice
2015-03-16 Sven Verdoolaegeadd isl_schedule_tree_sequence_pair
2015-03-16 Sven Verdoolaegeadd isl_schedule_node_extension
2015-03-16 Sven Verdoolaegeadd isl_schedule_insert_guard
2015-03-16 Sven Verdoolaegeadd isl_schedule_node_guard
2015-03-16 Sven Verdoolaegeadd isl_schedule_node_get_prefix_schedule_relation
2015-03-16 Sven Verdoolaegeisl_ast_build: add before_each_mark/after_each_mark...
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