2009-05-03 Guillaume ChazarainAdded --quietiotop-0.3
2009-05-03 Guillaume ChazarainAdded --time
2009-05-02 Guillaume ChazarainAdded the -k, --kilobytes option
2009-05-02 Guillaume ChazarainUpgrade setuptools from 0.6c6 to 0.6c9
2009-03-30 Guillaume ChazarainInclude a ChangeLog in the release
2009-03-30 Guillaume ChazarainPut kernel threads between square brackets
2009-03-30 Guillaume ChazarainProperly sanitize the value in the error report
2009-03-30 Guillaume Chazarain- Added the --accumulated option to show the accumulate...
2009-03-29 Guillaume ChazarainDocument some recent changes
2009-03-29 Guillaume Chazarain- Manage a two level tree of processes:
2009-03-29 Guillaume ChazarainAdded --profile
2009-03-29 Guillaume ChazarainDon't crash when a thread just disappeared
2009-03-29 Guillaume ChazarainBetter UID detection: read it from stat(/proc/PID)...
2009-01-31 Guillaume ChazarainFrom: Ryan Lovett <>
2008-12-29 Guillaume ChazarainAdd a meaningful __repr__()
2008-12-29 Guillaume ChazarainIf a new pinfo() is successfully created but we cannot...
2008-12-28 Guillaume ChazarainThe I/O priority can be dynamically changed, so we...
2008-12-28 Guillaume ChazarainAdded the 'p' key to dynamically toggle the --processes...
2008-12-25 Guillaume ChazarainThe interactive control 'O' is the same as 'o'.
2008-12-25 Guillaume ChazarainAdded support for showing the I/O priority
2008-12-23 Guillaume ChazarainMore verbose error handling for this exception:
2008-11-16 Guillaume ChazarainAlso keep only 2 decimal digits when printing bytes...
2008-09-07 Guillaume ChazarainVersion bump and mention that -P is now fully implemented
2008-09-06 Guillaume ChazarainClarify -p help text, and cosmetically add a terminatin...
2008-09-06 Guillaume Chazarainiotop is a mix of top(1) and vmstat(1)
2008-09-06 Guillaume ChazarainPrecisely document required kernel options
2008-09-06 Guillaume ChazarainReimplement -P without using the half implemented TASKS...
2008-09-06 Guillaume ChazarainCleanup: introduce a Stats class to aggregate the usefu...
2008-08-18 Guillaume ChazarainIt seems the Name: field can sometimes be empty.
2008-08-18 Guillaume ChazarainCosmetic
2008-07-07 Guillaume ChazarainThe new features list is not that longiotop-0.2.1
2008-06-24 Guillaume ChazarainAlso handle invalid UTF-8
2008-06-23 Guillaume ChazarainUnlike insstr, addstr is picky about lines wider than...
2008-06-23 Guillaume ChazarainTry harder at handling UTF-8
2008-06-18 Guillaume ChazarainUTF-8 strings are now correctly handled.
2008-06-18 Guillaume ChazarainBump version
2008-05-28 Guillaume ChazarainFix for
2008-05-22 Guillaume ChazarainPackage the man pageiotop-0.2
2008-05-22 Guillaume ChazarainReordered the option like in the man page, as it's...
2008-05-22 Guillaume ChazarainAdded a man page
2008-05-22 Guillaume ChazarainSafer color terminal handling
2008-05-22 Guillaume ChazarainStop flickering during refresh
2008-05-22 Guillaume ChazarainAdded workaround for missing ac_etime in TASKSTATS_CMD_...
2008-04-20 Guillaume ChazarainTypo
2008-04-20 Guillaume ChazarainDocument the 'o' key.
2008-04-20 Guillaume ChazarainConsistency in the grammar
2008-04-20 Guillaume ChazarainFilter processes to display before trimming them to...
2008-04-06 Guillaume ChazarainTyping 'p' dynamically toggle the --only option
2008-03-20 Guillaume ChazarainDetect unsuccessful attempts at running an uninstalled...
2008-03-14 Guillaume ChazarainLet's use the obvious filename
2008-03-10 Guillaume ChazarainRemove blank line
2008-03-10 Guillaume ChazarainAdded release script
2008-03-09 Guillaume ChazarainAdded packaging information
2008-03-09 Guillaume ChazarainExtracted out version number
2008-03-09 Guillaume ChazarainAdded GPLv2 COPYING file
2008-03-09 Guillaume ChazarainAdded THANKS file
2008-03-09 Guillaume ChazarainIgnore byte compiled files
2008-03-09 Guillaume ChazarainAdded NEWS file
2008-03-09 Guillaume ChazarainCode reorganization
2008-03-05 Guillaume ChazarainInstead of copy/pasting pynl80211 in, keep...
2008-03-05 Guillaume ChazarainUpdate e-mail and copyright information
2008-03-05 Guillaume ChazarainReading the cmdline of a dead process raises an excepti...
2008-03-02 Guillaume ChazarainSkip the dirname only when the cmdline starts with...
2008-01-20 Guillaume ChazarainFix the typo with the right correction this time
2008-01-20 Guillaume ChazarainSimplify help generation
2008-01-18 Guillaume ChazarainBump version
2008-01-18 Guillaume ChazarainRemoved embedded history comments as it is now in git.
2008-01-18 Guillaume ChazarainAdded --only as suggested by Iain Lea <>
2008-01-18 Guillaume ChazarainFix typo, reported by Iain Lea <>
2007-12-20 Guillaume ChazarainTolerate misconfigured terminals
2007-12-20 Guillaume ChazarainFixed -b
2007-12-20 Guillaume ChazarainDocument taskstats bug:
2007-12-20 Guillaume ChazarainHandle terminal resizing
2007-12-20 Guillaume ChazarainMore accurate cutting of the command line
2007-12-20 Guillaume Chazarainhandle empty process list
2007-12-20 Guillaume ChazarainFix "-P -p NOT_A_TGID", optimize -p
2007-12-20 Guillaume ChazarainHandle short replies, and fix bandwidth calculation...
2007-12-20 Guillaume ChazarainAdded support for taskstats version > 4 in
2007-12-20 Guillaume ChazarainInitial import of iotopiotop-0.1