2014-10-18 Christophe... Fix build error with Python 3 caused by itervalues... master
2014-05-14 Paul WiseFix two typos
2014-04-20 Paul WiseFix terminology, replace 'actual' by 'current'.
2013-06-07 Paul WiseBe specific about which exceptions are being caught.
2013-05-26 Guillaume ChazarainMake pep8 happy.
2013-05-26 Guillaume ChazarainDocument signatureiotop-0.6
2013-05-26 Guillaume ChazarainGPG sign all released files
2013-05-26 Guillaume ChazarainVersion bump.
2013-05-26 Guillaume ChazarainClean exit also on SIGTERM otherwise the terminal is...
2013-05-26 Guillaume ChazarainPython3 can print UTF-8 to curses, python2 can't so...
2013-05-26 Guillaume ChazarainCleanly exit on SIGINT otherwise python3 will leave...
2013-05-26 Guillaume ChazarainNo need to make the RPM install script move bin/ to...
2013-05-26 Guillaume ChazarainMake install the iotop script in sbin/ instead...
2013-05-26 Guillaume ChazarainIn some setup closing the xterm window only has the...
2013-05-13 Paul WiseFix the FSF address embedded in a few files
2013-05-13 Paul WiseFix python3 compatibility for iotop when installed
2013-02-03 Guillaume ChazarainUpdate python requirementsiotop-0.5
2013-02-03 Guillaume ChazarainAlso advertise the move to sbin/ as it's significant
2013-02-03 Guillaume ChazarainThe RPM should also install to sbin.
2013-02-03 Guillaume ChazarainMoved to sbin.
2013-02-03 Guillaume ChazarainFinish man page renaming
2013-02-03 Guillaume ChazarainVersion bump
2013-02-03 Guillaume ChazarainAdvertise the newly introduced differentiation between...
2013-02-03 Guillaume Chazarain80 cols
2013-02-03 Igor BazhitovAdd 'Actual' bandwidth stats to summary header
2012-12-16 Igor BazhitovUpdate manpage name in README
2012-12-16 Paul WiseFix crash when running under python3.
2012-09-03 Paul WiseMove iotop out of the path for users
2012-09-03 Guillaume ChazarainFix the setting of the I/O priority and advertise it...
2012-09-03 Guillaume ChazarainHere we print a string, not bytes.
2012-09-03 Guillaume ChazarainRemove stray print added during the python3 conversion.
2012-09-03 Guillaume ChazarainRestore compatibility with python2
2012-09-03 Guillaume ChazarainPut back code deleted in the python3 conversion
2012-09-03 Guillaume ChazarainSome missed python3 conversions
2012-09-03 Guillaume ChazarainCosmetic fixes
2012-09-03 Paul WisePort to Python 3
2012-09-03 Guillaume ChazarainShow custom thread names.
2012-05-13 Paul WiseImprove the message that is printed when Linux denies...
2012-03-08 Guillaume ChazarainConsistent option names
2012-01-22 Guillaume ChazarainRestore the default SIGPIPE handler
2012-01-22 Guillaume ChazarainAdapt the display to the maximum pid width
2012-01-18 Guillaume ChazarainIgnore the build directory.
2011-10-30 Guillaume ChazarainActually is still needed.iotop-0.4.4
2011-10-30 Guillaume ChazarainVersion bump
2011-10-15 Guillaume ChazarainExplain that iotop now requires root.
2011-09-17 Thomas GuettlerRight-justify the header so that numbers stop "bouncing".
2011-08-04 Guillaume ChazarainWhen printing the time, print it also in the summary
2011-04-10 Guillaume ChazarainAddress some pyflakes and pychecker warnings
2011-03-28 Guillaume ChazarainVersion bumpiotop-0.4.3
2011-03-14 Guillaume ChazarainShow stats since iotop started, not since 'a' was pressed.
2011-03-13 Guillaume ChazarainForce UTF-8 output even if the locale is not set to...
2011-01-15 Guillaume ChazarainFix netlink message parsing to accept alignement padding.
2010-12-14 Guillaume ChazarainRemoving dead code
2010-12-14 Guillaume ChazarainGrammariotop-0.4.2
2010-12-14 Guillaume ChazarainVersion bump
2010-12-14 Guillaume ChazarainTry to do without
2010-12-13 Guillaume ChazarainWith addstr instead of insstr we get a harmless excepti...
2010-12-13 Guillaume ChazarainBack to addstr because of:
2010-09-06 Guillaume ChazarainRevert "Some distributions have a default distutils...
2010-09-06 Guillaume ChazarainSome distributions have a default distutils prefix...
2010-09-04 Guillaume ChazarainSupport for getting and setting IO priority on armel...
2010-09-04 Guillaume ChazarainInstead of assuming the pid field is 4 bytes long,...
2010-08-22 Paul WiseFix traceback with an invalid locale.
2010-06-27 Guillaume ChazarainBump versioniotop-0.4.1
2010-06-26 Guillaume ChazarainWe no longer use setuptools.
2010-06-26 Guillaume ChazarainDocument the competition
2010-06-26 Guillaume ChazarainWhitespace fixes
2010-06-26 Paul WiseDocument the requirement for CONFIG_VM_EVENT_COUNTERS...
2010-06-26 Paul WiseDo not report requirements that are available.
2010-06-26 Guillaume ChazarainBuild the source distribution using ./ sdist
2010-06-26 Guillaume ChazarainMake sure to bundle all files in the source distribution
2010-06-26 Guillaume ChazarainAdded GPLv2+ headers
2010-04-27 Guillaume ChazarainJohannes relicensed pynl80211 to GPL version 2 or later.
2010-04-26 Jiri OlsaThis broke on ppc64. Let's make U32Attr consistent...
2010-01-11 Guillaume ChazarainBump the version numberiotop-0.4
2010-01-11 Guillaume ChazarainBring back the building of RPMs and integration of...
2010-01-11 Guillaume ChazarainStopped using setuptools in favor of straight distutils
2010-01-02 Guillaume ChazarainNegative sizes shouldn't ever happen, but let's handle...
2009-12-13 Guillaume ChazarainMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-12-13 Guillaume ChazarainAdded missing "flags" param to libc.send.
2009-12-13 Guillaume ChazarainDocument the new python requirements
2009-12-13 Jiri OlsaCompatibility with python2.4 using the ctypes module
2009-12-13 Guillaume Chazarain80 columns
2009-12-13 Guillaume ChazarainUntabify
2009-12-13 Guillaume ChazarainDon't use all() as it was introduced in python-2.5
2009-11-05 Guillaume ChazarainFix a crash were iotop could open /proc/PID/status...
2009-09-26 Guillaume ChazarainDefault to 0 instead of None
2009-09-22 Guillaume Chazaraincommit d4cab23b1c8c2f91ae7b353087bc60e7659620ef broke... iotop-0.3.2
2009-09-06 Guillaume ChazarainMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-09-06 Paul WiseImplement ionice functionality (Closes: bugs.debian...
2009-09-06 Guillaume Chazarainioprio.sort_key() expects keys starting with '?' to...
2009-09-06 Guillaume ChazarainMake it even more obvious that something is wrong when...
2009-09-06 Guillaume ChazarainDetect python-2.5 before importing incompatible stuff
2009-08-30 Guillaume ChazarainTurns out returning a list is faster than iterating.
2009-08-30 Guillaume ChazarainSome more minor optimizations
2009-08-30 Guillaume ChazarainOptimize Stats.__init__ so that Stats.accumulate can...
2009-08-29 Guillaume ChazarainGracefully handle disappearing PIDs
2009-08-29 Guillaume ChazarainFaster ui.human_size()
2009-08-29 Guillaume ChazarainFaster ProcessList.list_dir()
2009-08-29 Guillaume ChazarainOptimization: call getpriority() instead of reading...