2009-01-28 Stelian IonescuVersion 0.6.0v0.6.0
2009-01-28 Stelian IonescuSmall fix to %%INIT-INTERNET-DATAGRAM-ACTIVE-SOCKET...
2009-01-28 Stelian IonescuEnsure that MAKE-SOCKET will not bind to connect socket...
2009-01-26 Stelian IonescuFix slot types of struct kevent on NetBSD.
2009-01-26 Stelian IonescuDocumentation update.
2009-01-25 Stelian IonescuAdd %SYS-EXECV, %SYS-EXECVP and %SYS-WAITPID.
2009-01-25 Stelian IonescuAdd PTY syscalls.
2009-01-25 Stelian IonescuAdd %SYS-SIGACTION.
2009-01-25 Stelian IonescuAdd *stream-instance-flags stuff from cmucl's simple...
2009-01-25 Stelian IonescuFix for OSX.
2009-01-25 Stelian IonescuEliminate MIPS special case for struct stat.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuRemove unused variables.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuAdd largefile version of mkstemp() too.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuImprove error hierarchy.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuBetter SIGNAL-SOCKET-ERROR.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuBetter syscall error hierarchy.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuBetter %SYS-GETTID.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuAdd %SYS-GETTID for Linux.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuAdd %SYS-KILL.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuSwitch NET.SOCKETS to syscalls package.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuSwitch IO.STREAMS to syscalls package.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuAdd %SYS-FCNTL, %SYS-IOCTL.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuUse the 64bit versions of OPEN and CREAT.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuRemove dep on osicat.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuMove multiplexer foreign bindings to syscalls package.
2009-01-24 Stelian IonescuFix test SIMPLE-LOCAL-SOCKET.
2009-01-23 Stelian IonescuAdd a few INLINE declamations.
2009-01-23 Stelian IonescuFix for FreeBSD.
2009-01-23 Stelian IonescuBetter DEFSYSCALL.
2009-01-23 Stelian IonescuAdd or fix docstrings of syscalls.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuChange printing of POSIX-ERRORs.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuNote that %SYS-GETPWUID and %SYS-GETPWNAM are reentrant.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuManually grovel largefile versions of some Linux syscal...
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuStyle change.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuAdd modified version of CFFI::FOREIGN-NAME.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuBetter loading of on Linux.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuRemove useless file.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuMove CMSG readers to syscalls package.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuFix syscalls wrappers on Linux.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuAdd %SYS-UNAME.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuGrovel RLIMIT_SBSIZE on FreeBSD.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuExport %SYS-OPENDIR & co.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuRemove old IGNORE declaration.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuSome fixes for FreeBSD.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuStyle changes.
2009-01-22 Stelian IonescuAdd wrappers for directory walking syscalls: opendir...
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuHandle POSIX-ERRORs in resolving FILE-PATHs.
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuUse %SYS-GET{NAM,UID} in %EXPAND-USER-DIRECTORY.
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuAdd wrappers for getpw{nam,uid} and getgr{nam,uid}.
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuUse %SYS-GETUID in %EXPAND-USER-DIRECTORY.
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuAdd various process syscalls: fork(), getpid(), etc ...
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuFix AS-DIRECTORY logic of CONCATENATE-PATHS.
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuFix CONCATENATE-PATHS.
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuAdd function EXPAND-USER-DIRECTORY.
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuAdd function CONCATENATE-PATHS.
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuFix previous commit.
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuAdd function FILE-PATH.
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuAdd parameters START and END to PARSE-FILE-PATH and...
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuAdd dependency on IOLIB.PATHNAMES to IO.ZETA-STREAMS .
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuAdd pathname implementation.
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuStyle change.
2009-01-21 Stelian IonescuMove JOIN to base package.
2009-01-20 Stelian IonescuMove JOIN to base package.
2009-01-20 Stelian IonescuAdd parameter EXTERNAL-FORMAT to MAKE-MEMORY-ZSTREAM.
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuFix DEVICE-LENGTH for FILE-DEVICEs.
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuDEVICE-OPEN: now with fixed arity.
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuMore ZSTREAM buffer cleanup.
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuAdd ZSTREAM-ELEMENT-TYPE reader.
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuRemove a few buffer classes, misc cleanup.
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuMerge buffer.lisp into stream.lisp
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuUse the shadowed DEFCONSTANT.
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuShadow DEFCONSTANT in base package.
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuDeclare thunks created by WITH-SYNCHRONIZED-BUFFER...
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuUse a single GF to get stream position: ZSTREAM-POSITION
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuFix superclass list of OCTET-MEMORY-ZSTREAM and CHARACT...
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuAdd class CHARACTER-MEMORY-ZSTREAM.
2009-01-19 Stelian IonescuMore work on memory streams.
2009-01-18 Stelian IonescuAdd UB32* and UB64* vector types.
2009-01-18 Stelian IonescuAdd OCTET type.
2009-01-18 Stelian IonescuAdd condition SUBTYPE-ERROR to base package.
2009-01-18 Stelian IonescuRename condition BUG to IOLIB-BUG.
2009-01-15 Stelian IonescuAdd memory streams.
2009-01-15 Stelian IonescuSmll change to CHECK-BOUNDS.
2009-01-12 Stelian IonescuFix INITIALIZE-INSTANCE for FILE-MONITOR.
2009-01-12 Stelian IonescuSet file monitor lock name.
2009-01-12 Stelian IonescuAdd default initarg to :LOCK of FILE-MONITOR class.
2009-01-07 Stelian IonescuMake OPEN-FILE a method.
2009-01-07 Stelian Ionescu%WRITE-OCTETS/{NON-BLOCKING,TIMEOUT} must return :HANGU...
2009-01-07 Stelian IonescuOPEN-FILE: create instances of FILE-ZETA-STREAM.
2009-01-07 Stelian IonescuMake OPEN-FILE a regular function.
2009-01-07 Stelian IonescuAdd FILE-ZETA-STREAM class.
2009-01-07 Stelian IonescuAdd ZSTREAM-{READ,WRITE}-VECTOR.
2009-01-07 Stelian IonescuUse SHARED-INITIALIZE instead of INITIALIZE-INSTANCE...
2009-01-07 Stelian Ionescu%BUFFER-FLUSH: signal HANGUP when DEVICE-WRITE returns...
2009-01-07 Stelian Ionescu%BUFFER-FILL: signal END-OF-FILE when DEVICE-READ retur...
2009-01-07 Stelian Ionescu%BUFFER-POSITION: guard against null return values...
2009-01-07 Stelian IonescuAdd condition HANGUP.
2009-01-07 Stelian IonescuAdd IOBUF-AVAILABLE-SPACE.
2009-01-07 Stelian IonescuUse SHARED-INITIALIZE instead of INITIALIZE-INSTANCE...