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2014-03-24 Arnout EngelenMain class for running with an embedded jettymaster
2014-03-24 Arnout EngelenAdd copy-dependencies and Procfile for heroku
2014-03-24 Arnout EngelenUse a released version of wicketstuff-annotation
2010-05-14 Arnouta bit more robustness against weird input
2010-05-14 Arnout'inspired by' footer
2010-03-02 Arnout Engelenwarn about suspicious utf-characters
2010-02-10 Arnout Engelenreporting encoding issues, warn about empty lines
2010-02-10 Arnout Engelencorrect links to rfc's
2010-02-03 Arnout EngelenRefer to non-deprecated RFC's
2010-02-03 Arnout Engelenparameters my contain String or String[]
2010-02-02 Arnout Engelenmove logic to 'service', check charset
2010-02-02 Arnout Engeleninclude doctype
2010-02-02 Arnout Engelenshow charset
2010-02-02 Arnout Engelencheck the charset for urls, take 'utf-8' as default
2010-01-31 Arnout EngelenMarcel's styles geintegreerd
2010-01-31 Arnout EngelenFix NPE
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