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HTML Purifier is an HTML filtering solution that uses a unique combination of robust whitelists and agressive parsing to ensure that not only are XSS attacks thwarted, but the resulting HTML is standards compliant.

HTML Purifier is oriented towards richly formatted documents from untrusted sources that require CSS and a full tag-set. This library can be configured to accept a more restrictive set of tags, but it won't be as efficient as more bare-bones parsers. It will, however, do the job right, which may be more important.

Places to go:

HTML Purifier can be found on the web at:


Package available on Composer.

If you're using Composer to manage dependencies, you can use

$ composer require "ezyang/htmlpurifier": "dev-master"
2017-01-19 Edward Z. Yangexport-ignore .travis.ymlmaster
2017-01-04 Edward Z. YangRemove $a = array($a) which is miscompiled by Zend...
2016-10-29 Edward Z. YangHandle semicolons in strings in CSS correctly.
2016-10-28 Edward Z. YangAdd missing changelog entries.
2016-10-28 Edward Z. YangAllow %URI.DefaultScheme to be null.
2016-10-27 Edward Z. Yang[ci skip] Add a Travis build badge.
2016-10-27 Edward Z. YangTravis support.
2016-10-27 Edward Z. YangUpdate usage.xml.
2016-10-27 Edward Z. YangHandle case when IDNAs are supported.
2016-10-27 Edward Z. YangPHP 7.0 warnings fix: don't pass rvalue by reference.
2016-10-27 Edward Z. YangDon't assume that idn_to_ascii does validation.
2016-10-16 Edward Z. YangMerge pull request #101 from yankos/hotfix/directory_no...
2016-10-15 yan_kosFIX directory not closing
2016-10-02 Edward Z. YangDelete asserts, fixes #97.
2016-09-05 Edward Z. YangProposed fix to Serializer code.
2016-09-05 Edward Z. YangMerge pull request #94 from zobzn/css-min-max-width
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