2015-08-05 Edward Z. YangRelease 4.7.0master
2015-05-02 Edward Z. YangAdd Composer instructions.
2014-08-05 Edward Z. YangUpdate Tiki Wiki
2014-07-24 Edward Z. YangAdd XOOPS
2014-05-16 Edward Z. YangSilverStripe
2014-03-04 Edward Z. YangGarden the users some more.
2014-03-04 Edward Z. YangAdd a simple Makefile.
2014-03-04 Edward Z. YangFix clear behavior.
2014-03-04 Edward Z. YangObjective C port.
2014-02-11 Edward Z. YangReason CMS is updated.
2014-02-09 Edward Z. YangAll of this stuff is quite out of date.
2014-02-02 Edward Z. YangDon't add nonsense files
2013-11-30 Edward Z. YangRelease 4.6.0
2013-10-13 Edward Z. YangUpdate Yii.
2013-08-28 Edward Z. YangLion Framework -> Phal
2013-07-17 Edward Z. YangUpdate csrf-magic.
2013-05-02 Edward Z. YangUpdate TikiWiki
2013-02-21 Edward Z. YangMinor fix
2013-02-18 Edward Z. YangRelease 4.5.0
2013-02-07 Edward Z. YangFix LOCALHOST link.
2012-12-20 Edward Z. has been broken for a while.
2012-11-26 Edward Z. YangRemove 444 from link.
2012-11-03 Edward Z. YangTiki Wiki updated.
2012-10-27 Edward Z. YangAdd Reason CMS.
2012-09-16 Edward Z. YangUpdate xhtml-compiler.
2012-09-16 Edward Z. YangMonkeypatch to avoid meta serialization bug.
2012-09-16 Edward Z. YangAllow RSS feeds (Scripts patch)
2012-07-31 Edward Z. YangQCubed updated.
2012-07-27 Edward Z. YangUpdate Yii.
2012-07-19 Edward Z. YangRemove major hardware failure.
2012-06-29 Edward Z. YangUpdate ImpressCMS
2012-06-13 Edward Z. YangUpdate to Mailman.
2012-06-10 Edward Z. YangHopefully make the documentation page work a little...
2012-04-08 Edward Z. YangEnable indexes for all subdirs.
2012-04-08 Edward Z. YangActually, use AFS permissions to get access.
2012-04-08 Edward Z. YangScripts extensions to make xhtml-compiler run.
2012-04-08 Edward Z. YangTurn on indexes, and turn off handlers to allow downloads.
2012-04-08 Edward Z. YangMinor adjustment to demo.css width.
2012-04-08 Edward Z. YangUpdate patches to latest Phorum version.
2012-04-06 Edward Z. YangMajor problems yo.
2012-02-23 Edward Z. YangAdd QCubed.
2012-02-10 Edward Z. YangNewer CodeIgniter plugin
2012-02-10 Edward Z. Yangrelease.txt updates
2012-01-19 Edward Z. YangRelease 4.4.0
2011-06-10 Edward Z. YangAdd Elgg plugin.
2011-04-10 Edward Z. YangSuppress errors on demo, since they don't validate.
2011-04-10 Edward Z. YangWe are actively maintaining SVN compatibility.
2011-03-27 Edward Z. YangRelease HTML Purifier 4.3.0
2011-03-26 Edward Z. YangDisable unsensible directives.
2011-03-26 Edward Z. YangNote about configuration directives.
2011-03-26 Edward Z. YangAdd note about poor interaction with JavaScript.
2011-03-26 Edward Z. YangAdd Lithium plugin.
2011-03-26 Edward Z. YangAdd URL shortening to demo, and some more options.
2011-01-01 Edward Z. YangAdd Lion Framework.
2010-11-12 Edward Z. YangAdd Joomla plugin.
2010-09-15 Edward Z. YangTwo -> Three.
2010-09-15 Edward Z. YangTypo fix.
2010-09-15 Edward Z. YangRelease 4.2.0.
2010-07-11 Edward Z. YangMove two apps out of hall of shame
2010-06-02 Edward Z. YangUpdate Users section.
2010-06-01 Edward Z. YangRelease 4.1.1.
2010-05-05 Edward Z. YangUpdate TikiWiki listing.
2010-04-26 Edward Z. YangRelease 4.1.0
2010-03-08 Edward Z. YangUpdate comparison and contact page.
2010-03-08 Edward Z. YangLink to mailing list.
2010-03-08 Edward Z. YangState of the Flash.
2010-02-15 Edward Z. YangAdd Jose Diaz-Gonzalez's CakePHP plugin to front page.
2009-12-23 Edward Z. YangYii upgraded to 4.0.0.
2009-10-07 Edward Z. YangTypofix: table -> tablet.
2009-07-15 Edward Z. YangRemebered my old key! Update signatures appropriately.
2009-07-10 Edward Z. YangRelease Phorum 4.0.0 module.
2009-07-09 Edward Z. YangLilina is at 4.0.0.
2009-07-09 Edward Z. YangMore errarta for the release process.
2009-07-08 Edward Z. YangRelease 4.0.0.
2009-06-11 Edward Z. YangAdd PDF Newspaper.
2009-06-07 Edward Z. YangFix CodeIgniter link, thanks Daz!
2009-06-06 Edward Z. YangUpdate by removing cruft (including PHP4) stuff.
2009-05-31 Edward Z. YangUpdate links to not have .html in them.
2009-05-06 Edward Z. YangFix broken .htaccess DocumentIndex; xhtml-compiler...
2009-05-06 Edward Z. YangUpdate xhtml-compiler; fix canonicalization bug.
2009-05-06 Edward Z. YangUpdate docs on index, also fix xhtml-compiler boo-boo.
2009-05-06 Edward Z. YangCanonicalize URLs (updated xhtml-compiler), move news...
2009-04-25 Edward Z. YangImprove styling of website.
2009-02-25 Edward Z. YangForward-proof the demo.
2009-02-25 Edward Z. YangUpdate release docs, and fix broken INSTALL link.
2009-02-17 Edward Z. YangAdd news email.
2009-02-17 Edward Z. YangRelease 3.3.0.
2008-11-22 Edward Z. YangMore monkeying around with bash scripts.
2008-11-22 Edward Z. YangChange PHP alias to modern path.
2008-11-22 Edward Z. YangModify release script to add $HOME/usr path.
2008-11-07 Edward Z. YangFix TikiWiki link.
2008-11-07 Edward Z. YangFix margin issues in Ubuntu.
2008-11-05 Edward Z. YangSlight modification to CSRF error message to make timeo...
2008-11-05 Edward Z. YangAdd Yii and ImpressCMS to apps using HTML Purifier.
2008-11-05 Edward Z. YangFix configuration directive typo.
2008-11-03 Edward Z. YangFix build script with appropriate alias.
2008-11-03 Edward Z. YangFix typos, and update external libraries.
2008-11-02 Edward Z. YangUse bashrc instead, and do not define an alias.
2008-11-01 Edward Z. YangAdd manual alias for PHP.
2008-11-01 Edward Z. YangRemove security warning notice, and fix CSS.