description(H)gct - A graphical commit tool for Git and Mercurial
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Commit Tool - (H)GCT


Commit Tool or (h)gct is a GUI enabled commit tool for git and
Mercurial (hg). It allows the user to view diffs, select which files
to committed (or ignored / reverted) write commit messages and perform
the commit itself.

The latest version of (h)gct can always be downloaded from the Git
repository at git:// (use for gitweb access)

Any comments, suggestions and/or bug reports regarding gct are greatly

    Fredrik Kuivinen, <>
    Mark Williamson, <>


* Python,
* Qt version 3.*,
* PyQt,
* Git a fairly recent snapshot, and
* Mercurial support (if desired) requires hg version 0.6c or newer,

(h)gct has been developed with Python 2.3, Qt 3.3.4 and PyQt
2.13. Other fairly recent versions of those programs do probably also


The commands

    make install

should be enough to install the executable 'gct' (and the symlink
'hgct') in ~/bin.  To install under another prefix, use

    make PREFIX=/path/to/install install

For instance, set PREFIX=/usr/local/ for a system-wide install.

If (h)gct is started with 'gct' then Git will be used as the
underlying SCM, if it is started with 'hgct' Hg will be used as the
2007-01-24 Fredrik KuivinenUpdate email adress and git respository adress.master
2006-06-24 Fredrik Kuivinen(H)gct v0.4
2005-12-16 Fredrik KuivinenDisplay the current branch name in the status bar.
2005-12-16 Fredrik KuivinenClean-up string constant in about box
2005-12-04 Fredrik KuivinenMake committing in large repositories in git mode faste...
2005-12-04 Fredrik KuivinenDon't replace the file.text attribute carefully constru...
2005-12-04 Fredrik KuivinenBe more careful in what files are considered to be...
2005-12-04 Fredrik KuivinenMake the patch generation lazy.
2005-12-01 Fredrik KuivinenUse the new git command names, take 2
2005-11-25 Fredrik KuivinenMake gct text encoding aware.
2005-10-25 Fredrik KuivinenUpdate version string to reflect post v0.3 status.
2005-10-25 Fredrik Kuivinenhct has been renamed to
2005-10-23 Fredrik KuivinenAdd instructions for installing in the python...
2005-10-20 Fredrik KuivinenFix typo in interpreter path
2005-10-19 Fredrik KuivinenRename RELEASE to ChangeLog.
2005-10-18 Fredrik KuivinenUpdate changelog for the 0.3 release.
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