description(H)gct - A graphical commit tool for Git and Mercurial
last changeWed, 24 Jan 2007 22:38:25 +0000 (24 23:38 +0100)
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2007-01-24 Fredrik KuivinenUpdate email adress and git respository adress.master
2006-06-24 Fredrik Kuivinen(H)gct v0.4
2005-12-16 Fredrik KuivinenDisplay the current branch name in the status bar.
2005-12-16 Fredrik KuivinenClean-up string constant in about box
2005-12-04 Fredrik KuivinenMake committing in large repositories in git mode faste...
2005-12-04 Fredrik KuivinenDon't replace the file.text attribute carefully constru...
2005-12-04 Fredrik KuivinenBe more careful in what files are considered to be...
2005-12-04 Fredrik KuivinenMake the patch generation lazy.
2005-12-01 Fredrik KuivinenUse the new git command names, take 2
2005-11-25 Fredrik KuivinenMake gct text encoding aware.
2005-10-25 Fredrik KuivinenUpdate version string to reflect post v0.3 status.
2005-10-25 Fredrik Kuivinenhct has been renamed to
2005-10-23 Fredrik KuivinenAdd instructions for installing in the python...
2005-10-20 Fredrik KuivinenFix typo in interpreter path
2005-10-19 Fredrik KuivinenRename RELEASE to ChangeLog.
2005-10-18 Fredrik KuivinenUpdate changelog for the 0.3 release.
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