2011-06-14 Love Hörnquist... 1.5pre2heimdal-1.5pre2
2011-05-23 Love Hornquist... more limits
2011-05-23 Love Hornquist... fix preferences
2011-05-23 Love Hornquist... Switch to krb5_enomem
2011-05-23 Love Hörnquist... add LIB_heimbase
2011-05-23 Love Hörnquist... Maybe include <sys/types.h> and <sys/select.h>
2011-05-22 Love Hörnquist... handle leaks excluded
2011-05-22 Love Hörnquist... change prefix ETYPE_ to KRB5_ENCTYPE_ and provide compa...
2011-05-22 Love Hornquist... support NT_USER_NAME for real
2011-05-22 Love Hornquist... cred is no longer a name, handle that
2011-05-22 Love Hornquist... pass in client name
2011-05-21 Love Hornquist... remove debug and don't check targetname since it doesn...
2011-05-21 Love Hornquist... use client-amel
2011-05-21 Love Hornquist... allocate enough memory
2011-05-21 Love Hornquist... allow GSS_C_NT_USER_NAME too
2011-05-21 Love Hornquist... add more people that have contributed
2011-05-21 Love Hornquist... fix error message
2011-05-21 Love Hornquist... remove trailing whitespace
2011-05-21 Love Hornquist... check for execinfo.h and backtrace()
2011-05-21 Thomas KlausnerPut Nd argument after Nd macro.
2011-05-21 Thomas KlausnerConvert to UTF-8.
2011-05-21 Thomas KlausnerUse "Fl Fl" for long options.
2011-05-20 Love Hornquist... let try to exclude __CFInitialize
2011-05-20 Luke Howardmake gss_acquire_cred_ext private
2011-05-19 Love Hornquist... add mech/compat.h for distribution
2011-05-19 Love Hornquist... fix enum vs int warning
2011-05-19 Love Hornquist... fix const warning
2011-05-19 Love Hornquist... clean slc-lex.c
2011-05-19 Love Hornquist... add glue for krb5_einval
2011-05-19 Love Hornquist... quite const warning
2011-05-19 Love Hornquist... provide _krb5_einval and _krb5_debug_backtrace that...
2011-05-19 Love Hornquist... use new function krb5_einval instead of returning EINVA...
2011-05-19 Love Hornquist... Final fixes from Christos Zoulas
2011-05-19 Love Hornquist... sort, add Roland and Christos.
2011-05-19 Jeffrey Altmanwindows: update README
2011-05-19 Jeffrey Altmanwindows: merge module directory selection
2011-05-19 Jeffrey Altmanlink gssapi to heimbase.dll on windows
2011-05-19 Love Hornquist... introduce heim_builtin_expect
2011-05-18 Jeffrey Altmanfcache: prevent null pointer dereference
2011-05-18 Love Hornquist... Rename subsystem_DEPRECATED to subsystem_DEPRECATED_FUN...
2011-05-18 Love Hornquist... fix compile warning
2011-05-18 Love Hornquist... actually return datum with real content
2011-05-18 Love Hornquist... remove label no longer used
2011-05-18 Love Hornquist... Only include myflags if we use HAVE_DB3
2011-05-18 Love Hornquist... move tsearch.c to autodetection for libroken.la
2011-05-18 Love Hornquist... Default to false(?), at least default to something.
2011-05-18 Love Hornquist... Add define for ret
2011-05-18 Love Hornquist... Include <heimbase.h>.
2011-05-18 Love Hornquist... Use right variable with comparing lengths. Patch origna...
2011-05-17 Jeffrey AltmanApply missing function modifiers
2011-05-17 Jeffrey AltmanAdd NO_LOCALNAME
2011-05-17 Jeffrey AltmanAdd Luke's new gss functionality to Windows
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanuse const consistently for acquire_cred
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanremove extra initializers to krb5_mech
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanconditionally export kcm functions on windows
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanno C99 named struct initializers on Windows
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanavoid uninit variable and unreachable code warnings
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanuse %p printf format spec for pointers
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanavoid calling hx509_free_cert() twice
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanfix uninitialized vars in pkinit.c find_cert()
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanexport krb5_kt_have_content() on windows
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanadd KRB5_LIB_FUNCTION/KRB5_LIB_CALL to kcm.c
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmaninstall kcm.h on windows
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanupdate libhx509-exports.def for renamed functions
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanupdate gssapi/ntlm for windows build
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanavoid C99 %z printf format spec in asn1 gen_decode
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanwindows: do not build lib/editline
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanroken: declare IN_LOOPBACKNET if necessary
2011-05-17 Jeffrey Altmanextend windows build system for additional subdirs
2011-05-17 Jeffrey AltmanFix get_windows_size() on Windows
2011-05-17 Love Hornquist... run over tree with find only once
2011-05-17 Love Hornquist... Fix logic for adding digestAlgorithm, original patch...
2011-05-16 Luke Howardexport gss_userok
2011-05-16 Luke Howardgss_accept_sec_context disappeared from exports
2011-05-16 Luke Howardfix link regression, use EVP_DigestFinal_ex
2011-05-16 Luke Howardremove /usr/local/bin path from autogen.sh that escaped
2011-05-16 Luke HowardSet MN_mech if mechanism doesn't set it
2011-05-16 Luke Howardadd GSS_C_INQ_SSPI_SESSION_KEY for Kerberos
2011-05-15 Luke Howardcheck correct status code in attr_authorize_localname
2011-05-15 Luke Howardfix uninitialised variable check in attr_pname_to_uid()
2011-05-15 Luke Howardremove incorrect NULLity check for gm_pname_to_uid
2011-05-15 Luke Howardfix off-by-one in GSS_C_ATTR_LOCAL_LOGIN_USER attribute
2011-05-14 Luke Howardremove unused variable from gss_add_cred_with_password
2011-05-14 Luke Howardremove extraneous whitespace
2011-05-14 Luke Howardremove extraneous gss_acquire_cred_with_password declar...
2011-05-14 Luke Howardcleanup
2011-05-14 Luke Howardfix pointer error
2011-05-14 Luke Howardimplement gss_add_cred_with_password over gss_acquire_c...
2011-05-14 Luke Howarduse gss_const_OID for gss_acquire_cred_ext
2011-05-14 Luke Howarduse gss_acquire_cred_ext in test app
2011-05-14 Luke Howardacquire_cred_with_password is a SPI symbol
2011-05-14 Luke Howardshim acquire_cred_with_password SPI into acquire_cred_ext
2011-05-14 Luke HowardMerge branch 'master' into lukeh/acquire-cred-ex-moonsh...
2011-05-14 Luke Howardadd gss_acquire_cred_with_password test to test_context
2011-05-14 Luke Howardremove MN check in gss_authorize_localname because...
2011-05-14 Luke Howardrestore aclocal.m4 from master, for now.
2011-05-14 Luke HowardMerge branch 'master' into lukeh/acquire-cred-ex
2011-05-14 Luke HowardMerge branch 'lukeh/acquire-cred-ex' of github.com...
2011-05-14 Luke HowardMerge branch 'master' into lukeh/moonshot
2011-05-14 Luke Howardremove trailing whitespace