2011-03-16 Love Hörnquist... clean ccache_plugin.hheimdal-1.4.1rc2
2011-03-15 Love Hörnquist... 1.4.1rc2
2011-03-12 Love Hornquist... check return values
2011-03-12 Love Hörnquist... no heim_assert in 1.4 branch
2011-03-12 Love Hornquist... no support for semaphores w/o pthreads
2010-11-28 Love Hörnquist... add sha512
2010-11-28 Love Hornquist... provide symbol renameing for sha512 and sha384
2010-11-28 Love Hornquist... export more
2010-11-26 Love Hornquist... remove dup prototype, fix the ok_as_delegate protocol
2010-11-26 Asanka C. HerathAdd forward declaration of get_cred_kdc_capth()
2010-11-26 Love Hornquist... compare the value of the client realm now that it might...
2010-11-26 Love Hornquist... Now pac from christian passes since we make hmac checks...
2010-11-08 Andrew Bartlettheimdal: fixed the use of error_message() in heimdal
2010-11-08 Love Hornquist... always check for error token in case of a failure
2010-11-08 Andrew Bartlettheimdal Add clock-skew handling to DCE-style GSSAPI
2010-11-06 Love Hörnquist... plug memory leak
2010-11-06 Love Hörnquist... prefix symbol
2010-11-06 Andrew Bartlettheimdal Add handling for PAC signatures over all encryp...
2010-11-05 Love Hornquist... better help for --no-forward
2010-11-04 Love Hornquist... make -f mean forwardable
2010-10-31 Love Hornquist... add missing
2010-10-31 Asanka C. Herathget_cred_kdc_capath() always try direct cross-realm...
2010-10-31 Joerg Pulzadd missing checks for utmpx struct fields
2010-10-31 Joerg Pulzadd some more #ifdefs to compile on utmpx only systems
2010-10-31 Joerg Pulzrename PTHREADS_LIBADD to PTHREAD_LIBADD
2010-10-31 Joerg Pulzfix FreeBSD PTHREAD_LIBADD
2010-10-31 Love Hornquist... wait for dead children, and then abandon the live ones
2010-10-28 Love Hornquist... add Patrik Lundin
2010-10-28 Love Hornquist... reap all zombie children, promted by bug report from...
2010-10-24 Chas Williams... hcrypto: struct x64 doesn't need bitfields
2010-10-18 Jan Rękorajskikrb5_cc_last_change_time is missing
2010-10-18 Joerg PulzMake build w/o PKINIT
2010-10-18 Joerg PulzAdd libintl for i18n support
2010-10-12 Love Hornquist... Switch to ULL
2010-10-12 Simon Wilkinsonhcrypto: Flag 64bit bit constants as long long
2010-10-12 Love Hornquist... SHA384
2010-10-12 Simon WilkinsonAssign a value for HX509_CMS_EV_ID_NAME
2010-10-12 Love Hornquist... more glue
2010-10-12 Love Hornquist... make code match comment
2010-10-12 Love Hornquist... Use version 0 for issuer name serial number and version...
2010-10-10 Love Hornquist... Document KCM
2010-10-07 Love Hornquist... moving on top of ourself is simple
2010-10-07 Love Hornquist... stop if there is not enough data
2010-10-07 Love Hornquist... handle unix credentials
2010-10-07 Love Hornquist... if db_create() returns non zero, fail
2010-10-02 Love Hornquist... Handle picky windows RODC servers
2010-10-02 Buck HuppmannCheck if we should enable weak crypto before parsing...
2010-10-01 Patrik LundinFix order of arguments given to memchr().
2010-09-30 Love Hornquist... Add SHA512
2010-09-30 Love Hornquist... SHA512 support
2010-09-19 Love Hornquist... remove prefix zeros
2010-09-19 Love Hornquist... remove unused header file
2010-09-19 Love Hornquist... add PTHREAD_LIBADD
2010-09-19 Asanka C. HerathGeneralize MSLSA ccache type to a plug-in based ccache...
2010-09-19 Asanka C. HerathWindows: Add missing export for libhcrypto-exports.def
2010-09-18 Love Hornquist... less brokenness
2010-09-18 Love Hornquist... make address a full adress
2010-09-17 Anton LundinFix to build on aix.
2010-09-17 Anton LundinFix testing when compiled with --disable-afs-support
2010-09-17 Love Hornquist... make addresses not use compression in the middle since...
2010-09-17 Anton LundinRename struct to not clash with aix header sys/proc.h
2010-09-17 Anton Lundinifdef away code to be able to build with --disable...
2010-09-17 Love Hornquist... use krb5_unparse_name instead of krb5_unparse_name_shor...
2010-09-16 Love Hornquist... typecase to avoid warning
2010-09-16 Love Hornquist... make test passheimdal-1.4.1rc1
2010-09-16 Guillaume Rousseadd version-script.map to distributed files
2010-09-15 Love Hornquist... 1.4.1rc1
2010-09-15 Love Hornquist... add header files for libtommath
2010-09-14 Simon WilkinsonUses unsigned ints for lengths
2010-09-14 Love Hornquist... add validate.obj
2010-09-14 Love Hornquist... spelling
2010-09-14 Love Hornquist... Merge Simon Wikinson and Asanka changes into 1-4 branch
2010-09-14 Simon WilkinsonDon't typedef u8, u16, u32 in rijndael-alg-fast.c
2010-09-14 Simon WilkinsonRename current to SHA1current
2010-09-14 Love Hornquist... add arguments to rk_rename to move it into the macro...
2010-09-14 Love Hornquist... New drop with windows code from Secure Endpoints/Asanka
2010-09-14 Love Hornquist... clean better
2010-09-14 Love Hornquist... clean better
2010-09-14 Love Hornquist... clean better
2010-09-14 Asanka C. HerathWindows: Build the SDK1/head
2010-09-14 Asanka C. HerathWindows: packages/windows/sdk
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathAdd krb5_c_random_make_octets() to mit_glue.c
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathDefine KRB5_TC_OPENCLOSE and KRB5_TC_NOTICKET in krb5.h
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathAdd krb5_free_default_realm() to MIT glue
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathDon't return a freed pointer in allocate_ccache()
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathHandle Windows pathnames properly in krb5_cc_resolve()
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathWindows: Enable weak crypto by default
2010-09-14 Asanka Herathklist: If we aren't being verbose, we don't need the...
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathDefine KRB5_TC_NOTICKET
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathFix comment
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathAdditional MIT glue
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathDeal with NULL or empty input for expand_path_tokens()
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathDon't rely on non-CCAPI v3 exports
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathWindows: Don't ignore failure in test_addr from now on
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathWindows: Add support for MSLSA: cache type using a...
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathWindows: Build thirdparty packages if there are any
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathFix line endings
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathWindows: Annotate symbols for libkadm5srv
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathWindows: Build test binaries for kadm5
2010-09-14 Asanka HerathWindows: Remove test_hdbkeys from test-run