6 days ago Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #136 from HenryJacques/pkinit_improv... master
10 days ago HenryJacquesFix typo136/head
10 days ago HenryJacquesAllow to use more than one token
10 days ago HenryJacquesadd error codes related to User PIN
10 days ago HenryJacquesFix typo
10 days ago HenryJacquesAdd new error codes related to PIN
2015-06-17 Stefan Metzmacherheimdal:krb5.asn1: remove KRB5_PADATA_CLIENT_CANONICALI...
2015-06-17 Andrew Bartlettlib/krb5: Remove KRB5_PADATA_CLIENT_CANONICALIZED from...
2015-06-17 Stefan Metzmacherkdc: remove KRB5_PADATA_CLIENT_CANONICALIZED handling
2015-06-17 Stefan Metzmacherheimdal:lib/krb5: let build_logon_name() use KRB5_PRINC...
2015-06-17 Stefan Metzmacherheimdal:lib/krb5: allow enterprise principals in verify...
2015-06-17 Volker Lendeckeheimdal: Fix the developer O3 build
2015-06-17 Andrew Bartlettheimdal: Ensure that HDB_ERR_NOT_FOUND_HERE, critical...
2015-06-17 Günther Deschners4-heimdal: fix krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_process_las...
2015-06-17 Santosh Kumar... heimdal: Use krb5_free_default_realm() for free()
2015-06-17 Andrew Bartlettheimdal: remove checking of KDC PAC signature, delegate...
2015-06-17 Andrew BartlettFix shell syntax in COVERITY_SCAN_BRANCH test
2015-06-17 Andrew Bartlettkdc: Preserve error code from Pre Authentication .valid...
2015-06-17 Andrew BartlettAdd test for incorrect password
2015-05-26 Sergio Gelato(patch) man page syntax errors
2015-05-20 Nicolas Williamsiprop slave: try incremental after complete xfer
2015-05-20 Nicolas WilliamsFix HDB rename/close order in iprop slave
2015-05-20 Nicolas WilliamsTolerate some time-travel by slaves
2015-05-20 Nicolas Williamsiprop master: Don't ignore flock() result
2015-05-20 Nicolas Williamsstart-realm: don't write NUL
2015-05-20 Jeffrey Altmanroken: fix 0acef7729f664cfe591ff86964651bb0bbf5d6b0
2015-05-20 Jeffrey Altmanroken: fix append_string "%.s" non-nul termination
2015-04-30 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #128 from kiransj/patch-1
2015-04-30 Kiran S JFix compilation error when in dlfcn.h128/head
2015-04-28 Love Hörnquist... call hdb_auth_status when password is wrong in the...
2015-04-28 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #124 from Sp1l/master
2015-04-28 Love Hörnquist... remove always true condition
2015-04-25 vdukhovniMerge pull request #127 from jelmer/typo-fixes
2015-04-25 Jelmer VernooijTypo: enviroment -> environment.127/head
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11034
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11631
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11745
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11475
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11738
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11694
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11525
2015-04-21 Bernard SpilRefactor EGD conditional support124/head
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 1164162
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 1164093
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamsfixup coverity 1164099
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 1164091
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 1164092
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 1164099
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 745495
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 745505
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 1164086
2015-04-19 Love Hörnquist... less make
2015-04-19 Love Hörnquist... (keychain_init): free ctx on error
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... spelling
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... go back to apt-get install
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... spelling
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... use apt addon
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... skip installing
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... restructure
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... coverity_scan
2015-04-17 Nicolas WilliamsUndo workaround for NTLM and mechglue bugs
2015-04-17 Nicolas WilliamsDon't use mech default cred when input cred isn't
2015-04-17 Nicolas WilliamsCan't use deleg creds with SPNEGO (test_context)
2015-04-17 Nicolas WilliamsUse default NTLM domain cc config
2015-04-17 Nicolas WilliamsStore default NTLM domain cc config
2015-04-17 Nicolas WilliamsBetter test workaround for NTLM bug
2015-04-17 Jeffrey Altmankrb5: Introduce KRB5_TKT_LIFETIME_DEFAULT
2015-04-16 Nicolas WilliamsWorkaround bugs exposed by test_context changes
2015-04-15 Nicolas WilliamsFix memory leak in init_creds_pw.c
2015-04-15 Nicolas WilliamsFix memory leak in _gss_acquire_mech_cred
2015-04-15 Nicolas WilliamsTest gss_acquire_cred_with_password()
2015-04-15 Nicolas WilliamsImprove test_context, add mech oid set
2015-04-15 Nicolas WilliamsMake gss_acquire_cred_with_password() like Solaris
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniAvoid unused assignment
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniEscape literal backslash
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniUndo ntohs htons nesting to avoid variable shadowing
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsAdd missing #include in aname_to_localname.c
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsFix typo in Add start_realm cc config (629eeb8)
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsRename context handle lifetime to endtime
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniRename cred handle lifetime to endtime
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniFix cred handle lifetime/expiration confusion
2015-04-14 Nicolas Williamsgss_add_cred() doesn't always output lifetime
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsDon't require NUL term. in gss_add_cred_with_pw
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsTry capaths first, then referrals
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniOnly use KDC offset when we have it
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsFix trailing whitespace in cache.c
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniFetch forwardable TGT without GC_CACHED
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsFix off-by-one in daemon detach
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsFix ENOENT msg clobbering in fcache.c
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsUpdate _krb5_homedir_access() docs
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsUse krb5_timeofday in krb5_cc_get_lifetime()
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniUse start_realm in cc lifetime
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniUse start_realm cc config in export cred
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsAdd start_realm cc config
2015-04-13 Nicolas Williamskrb5_cc_get_lifetime() misses the TGT
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsSimplify __gsskrb5_ccache_lifetime
2015-04-13 Nicolas Williamskgetcred.1 better describe referrals
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsAdd kgetcred --no-store and --cached-only options
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsAdd --hostbased and --canonical kgetcred options
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsAdd --debug option to kgetcred