2015-06-17 Stefan Metzmacherheimdal:krb5.asn1: remove KRB5_PADATA_CLIENT_CANONICALI... master
2015-06-17 Andrew Bartlettlib/krb5: Remove KRB5_PADATA_CLIENT_CANONICALIZED from...
2015-06-17 Stefan Metzmacherkdc: remove KRB5_PADATA_CLIENT_CANONICALIZED handling
2015-06-17 Stefan Metzmacherheimdal:lib/krb5: let build_logon_name() use KRB5_PRINC...
2015-06-17 Stefan Metzmacherheimdal:lib/krb5: allow enterprise principals in verify...
2015-06-17 Volker Lendeckeheimdal: Fix the developer O3 build
2015-06-17 Andrew Bartlettheimdal: Ensure that HDB_ERR_NOT_FOUND_HERE, critical...
2015-06-17 Günther Deschners4-heimdal: fix krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_process_las...
2015-06-17 Santosh Kumar... heimdal: Use krb5_free_default_realm() for free()
2015-06-17 Andrew Bartlettheimdal: remove checking of KDC PAC signature, delegate...
2015-06-17 Andrew BartlettFix shell syntax in COVERITY_SCAN_BRANCH test
2015-06-17 Andrew Bartlettkdc: Preserve error code from Pre Authentication .valid...
2015-06-17 Andrew BartlettAdd test for incorrect password
2015-05-26 Sergio Gelato(patch) man page syntax errors
2015-05-20 Nicolas Williamsiprop slave: try incremental after complete xfer
2015-05-20 Nicolas WilliamsFix HDB rename/close order in iprop slave
2015-05-20 Nicolas WilliamsTolerate some time-travel by slaves
2015-05-20 Nicolas Williamsiprop master: Don't ignore flock() result
2015-05-20 Nicolas Williamsstart-realm: don't write NUL
2015-05-20 Jeffrey Altmanroken: fix 0acef7729f664cfe591ff86964651bb0bbf5d6b0
2015-05-20 Jeffrey Altmanroken: fix append_string "%.s" non-nul termination
2015-04-30 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #128 from kiransj/patch-1
2015-04-30 Kiran S JFix compilation error when in dlfcn.h128/head
2015-04-28 Love Hörnquist... call hdb_auth_status when password is wrong in the...
2015-04-28 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #124 from Sp1l/master
2015-04-28 Love Hörnquist... remove always true condition
2015-04-25 vdukhovniMerge pull request #127 from jelmer/typo-fixes
2015-04-25 Jelmer VernooijTypo: enviroment -> environment.127/head
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11034
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11631
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11745
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11475
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11738
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11694
2015-04-22 Jeffrey AltmanYFS Coverity 11525
2015-04-21 Bernard SpilRefactor EGD conditional support124/head
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 1164162
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 1164093
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamsfixup coverity 1164099
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 1164091
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 1164092
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 1164099
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 745495
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 745505
2015-04-19 Nicolas Williamscoverity 1164086
2015-04-19 Love rnquist... less make
2015-04-19 Love Hörnquist... (keychain_init): free ctx on error
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... spelling
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... go back to apt-get install
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... spelling
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... use apt addon
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... skip installing
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... restructure
2015-04-18 Love Hörnquist... coverity_scan
2015-04-17 Nicolas WilliamsUndo workaround for NTLM and mechglue bugs
2015-04-17 Nicolas WilliamsDon't use mech default cred when input cred isn't
2015-04-17 Nicolas WilliamsCan't use deleg creds with SPNEGO (test_context)
2015-04-17 Nicolas WilliamsUse default NTLM domain cc config
2015-04-17 Nicolas WilliamsStore default NTLM domain cc config
2015-04-17 Nicolas WilliamsBetter test workaround for NTLM bug
2015-04-17 Jeffrey Altmankrb5: Introduce KRB5_TKT_LIFETIME_DEFAULT
2015-04-16 Nicolas WilliamsWorkaround bugs exposed by test_context changes
2015-04-15 Nicolas WilliamsFix memory leak in init_creds_pw.c
2015-04-15 Nicolas WilliamsFix memory leak in _gss_acquire_mech_cred
2015-04-15 Nicolas WilliamsTest gss_acquire_cred_with_password()
2015-04-15 Nicolas WilliamsImprove test_context, add mech oid set
2015-04-15 Nicolas WilliamsMake gss_acquire_cred_with_password() like Solaris
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniAvoid unused assignment
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniEscape literal backslash
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniUndo ntohs htons nesting to avoid variable shadowing
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsAdd missing #include in aname_to_localname.c
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsFix typo in Add start_realm cc config (629eeb8)
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsRename context handle lifetime to endtime
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniRename cred handle lifetime to endtime
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniFix cred handle lifetime/expiration confusion
2015-04-14 Nicolas Williamsgss_add_cred() doesn't always output lifetime
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsDon't require NUL term. in gss_add_cred_with_pw
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsTry capaths first, then referrals
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniOnly use KDC offset when we have it
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsFix trailing whitespace in cache.c
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniFetch forwardable TGT without GC_CACHED
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsFix off-by-one in daemon detach
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsFix ENOENT msg clobbering in fcache.c
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsUpdate _krb5_homedir_access() docs
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsUse krb5_timeofday in krb5_cc_get_lifetime()
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniUse start_realm in cc lifetime
2015-04-14 Viktor DukhovniUse start_realm cc config in export cred
2015-04-14 Nicolas WilliamsAdd start_realm cc config
2015-04-13 Nicolas Williamskrb5_cc_get_lifetime() misses the TGT
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsSimplify __gsskrb5_ccache_lifetime
2015-04-13 Nicolas Williamskgetcred.1 better describe referrals
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsAdd kgetcred --no-store and --cached-only options
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsAdd --hostbased and --canonical kgetcred options
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsAdd --debug option to kgetcred
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsFix leak in kimpersonate
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsFix leak in kgetcred
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsImprove and export krb5_principal_set_comp_string
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsAdd debug messages to krb5_get_creds
2015-04-13 Nicolas WilliamsImprove gss_store_cred() for cred sets
2015-04-13 Simon Wilkinsonroken: rand.c needs to include config.h