2014-01-31 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #58 from pettai/heimdal-1-5-branchheimdal-1-5-branch
2014-01-23 Fredrik PettaiNetBSD build fixes58/head
2013-11-27 Nicolas WilliamsFix never valid error condition in KDC
2013-10-30 Nicolas WilliamsFix krb5's gss_pseudo_random() (n is big-endian)
2013-10-23 Love Hornquist... encode result code with right length, pointed out by...
2013-10-23 Love Hornquist... dont entrust sprintf to encode binary packets
2013-10-23 Harald BarthBetter character classes and wording
2013-10-01 Love Hornquist... Increment array when comparing, from Harald Barth
2013-09-04 Love Hornquist... /sess-/session-/g since a few extra letter makes it...
2013-09-04 Harald Barthkimpersonate sessionkeyoption and afsdes
2013-09-03 Jeffrey AltmanMerge pull request #39 from abokth/backport-c2ea171a...
2013-09-03 Roland C. DowdeswellFix a typo: ai should have been a.39/head
2013-08-15 Love Hornquist... get the prototype right for yyparse, it returns an int
2013-08-13 Love Hörnquist... Merge pull request #36 from ktdreyer/heimdal-1-5-branch...
2013-08-13 Ken Dreyermore texinfo 5.1 hacks36/head
2013-08-13 Daniel Scheplerfix for texinfo 5.1
2013-08-13 Eray Aslan@end should only appear at a line beginning
2013-08-13 Love Hornquist... make @iftex case work in texinfo-5.1
2013-08-12 Nicolas WilliamsBackwards interop for older iprop peers
2013-07-30 Ragnar Sundbladtgs_make_reply: fix temp weak enctype exception
2013-07-30 Jeffrey Altman_kdc_find_etype: prefer default salt for preauth
2013-07-29 Jeffrey Altmanapply weak key exceptions to _kdc_get_preferred_key
2013-07-29 Jeffrey Altman_kdc_find_etype: do not return success if ret_key ...
2013-07-29 Jeffrey Altman_kdc_find_etype consolidation
2013-07-29 Nicolas WilliamsWhen asking for the strongest key, get it right
2013-07-29 Nicolas WilliamsCheck all three DES types
2013-07-29 Nicolas WilliamsFix bug with use strongest session key feature
2013-07-29 Love Hornquist... match code, pointed out by Sergio Gelato <Sergio.Gelato...
2013-07-29 Nicolas WilliamsRename and fix as/tgs-use-strongest-key config parameters
2013-07-29 Nicolas WilliamsFix check-des
2013-07-29 Nicolas WilliamsFix TGS ticket enc-part key selection
2013-07-18 Love Hornquist... fix condition for db >= 4.1
2013-07-18 Love Hornquist... include db6/db.h
2013-07-18 Love Hornquist... check for db6/db.h
2013-05-08 Ben KadukUpdate URL for Kerberos FAQ
2013-04-30 Love Hörnqust... update to new versions from master
2013-04-30 Love Hornquist... don't bother seeing q if not sent
2013-04-30 Love Hornquist... allow optional q in DH DomainParameters
2013-04-30 Love Hornquist... use the exteral delete sec context that will locked...
2013-04-25 Love Hörnquist... wrap __weak_alias with _LIBC
2013-04-25 Love Hörnquist... wrap __weak_alias with _LIBC
2013-04-25 Love Hörnquist... wrap SOL_SOCKET, SO_PEERCRED in ifdef __linux__
2012-12-09 Love Hörnquist... newsheimdal-1.5.3
2012-12-08 Kumar Thangaveluunning "kinit --fast-armor-cache=xxx" against a Win2K3...
2012-12-08 Love Hörnquist... 1.5.3
2012-12-08 Love Hornquist... use productbuild
2012-12-08 Love Hornquist... do chdir("/") after chroot()
2012-12-08 Magnus AhltorpCapture return value from __sync_add_and_fetch in the...
2012-12-08 Love Hornquist... make sure we propagate an error code in case of wrong...
2012-11-23 Dana KochFix typo with return values in realloc_descrs.
2012-11-18 Dana KochIf multiple accept's happen during a select, make sure...
2012-08-14 Roland C. DowdeswellWindows doesn't support poll(2) or fcntl(2) so #ifdef...
2012-03-15 Nicolas WilliamsTest that we copy forwardable/renewable flags from...
2012-03-15 Nicolas WilliamsFix earlier fix for not passing forwardable and friends...
2012-03-12 Roland C. DowdeswellSwitch from select(2) to poll(2) in send_to_kdc.c.
2012-03-08 Nicolas WilliamsFix TGS client to request renewable/forwardable/proxiab...
2012-02-14 Roland C. DowdeswellWhen making async connexions, we must check for errors.
2012-01-20 Roland C. DowdeswellEnsure that timeouts apply to TCP socket connexions.
2012-01-15 Patrik LundinAdd missing "Debugging Kerberos problems" to menu.
2012-01-10 Roland C. DowdeswellChange #elseif to #elif.heimdal-1.5.2
2012-01-10 Love Hornquist... make compile
2012-01-10 Love Hornquist... news
2012-01-10 Love Hornquist... new vers
2012-01-10 Love Hornquist... bump version
2012-01-10 Love Hornquist... 1.5.2
2012-01-10 Love Hornquist... link with heimbase
2012-01-10 Nicolas WilliamsFix CVE-2011-4862 Buffer overflow in libtelnet/encrypt...
2012-01-10 Andrew BartlettRevert "make paranoia check less paranoid" - check...
2012-01-10 Andrew Bartlettmake hmac-md5 the keyed checksum type for arcfour-hmac-md5
2012-01-10 Andrew Bartlettuse ETYPE_DES3_CBC_SHA1 for the verify step in verify_m...
2012-01-10 Love Hornquist... Apply old patch from me that handles client's behind NAT
2012-01-10 Jeffrey AltmanCorrect d68aee90ed7b7dced6c680833ac253ff526041b4
2012-01-08 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: translate WSANO_DATA to HEIM_EAI_NODAT
2011-11-27 Nicolas WilliamsRename and fix as/tgs-use-strongest-key config parameters
2011-11-21 Love Hornquist... do m-r on more then one prime
2011-11-17 Stefan Metzmacherlib/krb5: add utf8 support to build_logon_name() for...
2011-11-17 Stefan Metzmacherlib/wind: export wind_ucs2write()
2011-11-17 Stefan Metzmacherlib/winbd: fix wind_ucs2write with WIND_RW_LE
2011-11-17 Stefan Metzmacherlib/wind: fix wind_ucs4utf8() and wind_ucs2utf8()
2011-10-19 Love Hornquist... use ` instead of $( to please legacy solaris /bin/sh
2011-10-19 Love Hornquist... Only set msg in case we have one, from Rangar Sundblad
2011-10-12 Love Hornquist... remove kaserver ref
2011-10-12 Love Hornquist... remove kaserver ref
2011-10-12 Love Hornquist... remove refernces to kerberos 4 and kaserver
2011-10-02 Love Hornquist... remove classic input
2011-10-02 Love Hornquist... lets try classic input() too
2011-10-02 Love Hörnquist... 1.5.2pre
2011-10-02 Love Hornquist... Heimdal 1.5.1
2011-09-30 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Version 1.5.1 ==
2011-09-30 Love Hörnquist... 1.5.1
2011-09-30 Love Hornquist... dont use bool since its c99
2011-09-29 Love Hornquist... add more people
2011-09-29 Love Hornquist... solaris want's _XOPEN_SOURCE set to 600, From Ragnar...
2011-09-29 Love Hornquist... Simplify base/section rules, patch from David R Boldt
2011-09-27 Nicolas WilliamsMake getpwnam_r() check work on Ubuntu
2011-09-27 Nicolas WilliamsBetter fix for the Solaris getpwnam_r() build issue
2011-09-27 Jeffrey AltmanPermit NULL context to krb5_get_error_message()
2011-09-26 Love Hornquist... document KRB5_CONFIG
2011-09-26 Love Hornquist... quote to make solaris sh apply, patch from Tom Payeire
2011-09-26 Love Hornquist... Don't export tests from library, reported in bug from...