2008-10-06 Stefan de KoninkSIGTERM againmaster
2008-10-06 Stefan de KoninkUpdates with respect to migration
2008-10-06 roottiny fix of {
2008-10-06 rootIf something goes bad with loading, but the file actual...
2008-10-06 rootUpdate so after migration we will still try to publish...
2008-10-06 rootmore updates
2008-10-06 rootConfigs are good too be saved,
2008-10-05 rootMigration support
2008-10-03 rootPrettify
2008-10-03 rootfprintf -> TRACE
2008-10-03 rootAnd the files that actually handler the tender phase...
2008-10-03 rootUpdates for restoring/save.
2008-10-03 rootMore fun with snapshots.
2008-09-30 rootSecond problem;
2008-09-30 rootChanged the node code so it also works on systems that...
2008-09-29 root*Very Exprimental*
2008-09-26 Stefan de KoninkNice update
2008-09-25 rootUpdate for all file support
2008-09-09 rootdeleter update
2008-09-09 rootInstead of delete move, and later clean up
2008-09-09 rootDeleter code
2008-09-09 Stefan de Koninkupdate
2008-09-08 Stefan de KoninkThink this could be handly
2008-09-08 rootUpdate
2008-09-08 Stefan de Koninkmore patches
2008-09-08 Stefan de KoninkAvahi robustness updates
2008-09-08 Stefan de Koninkmany fixes!
2008-09-07 Stefan de KoninkSome updates
2008-09-04 Stefan de KoninkClusterstats probably won't need locking too.
2008-09-04 Stefan de KoninkMinor memory fix
2008-09-04 Stefan de KoninkIf handel_avahi is race free, then we don't need this...
2008-09-04 Stefan de KoninkAttempt to make it race-proof
2008-09-04 rootIntermediate update... consider this version completely...
2008-08-31 Stefan de KoninkMajor clusterstats clean ups, fixed _step, and some...
2008-08-31 Stefan de KoninkUpdate before major change
2008-08-23 Stefan de Koninkload_xml
2008-08-23 rootupdate
2008-08-16 Stefan de KoninkBug fix
2008-08-16 rootMore updates
2008-08-16 rootSomething new to show cluster statistics in XML
2008-08-14 rootWe want VIR_DOMAIN_XML_INACTIVE
2008-08-13 rootKernelcmdline, end for rrd
2008-08-12 Stefan de KoninkUpdates
2008-08-12 Stefan de Koninkprobably trivial bug fix
2008-08-11 Stefan de Koninksome updates for rrd pictures
2008-08-11 Stefan de Koninknice program to store context from the cloud
2008-08-11 Stefan de KoninkMore updates
2008-08-11 Stefan de KoninkInteresting information inside
2008-08-10 rootCode refactoring
2008-08-10 Stefan de KoninkFirst functions for Save/Restore
2008-08-10 Stefan de KoninkPasswordchanger
2008-08-09 Stefan de Koninkthe same
2008-08-09 Stefan de KoninkRemoving mac adresses by DetachDevice
2008-08-09 Stefan de KoninkStill locking to do
2008-08-09 Stefan de KoninkSomething that should look as if it did locking...
2008-08-09 Stefan de KoninkUpdates
2008-08-09 Stefan de KoninkBuggy \0 needed
2008-08-09 Stefan de KoninkVolDelete is implemented
2008-08-09 Stefan de KoninkRemoving mac addies is now supported
2008-08-08 roottype param gone from clone
2008-08-07 Stefan de Koninkasserts before use
2008-08-07 Stefan de KoninkInitial combination of announce and domudns
2008-08-07 Stefan de KoninkExtra error check for configuration option
2008-08-04 Stefan de KoninkKleine update
2008-08-04 Stefan de KoninkFixed the final path
2008-08-04 Stefan de KoninkComments!
2008-08-03 Stefan de KoninkMerge branch 'master' of git://repo.or.cz/handlervirt
2008-08-03 Stefan de KoninkCreator
2008-08-03 rootblabla
2008-08-02 Stefan de KoninkSave to file checks
2008-08-02 Stefan de KoninkRemoved forking code, we'll use an external daemon
2008-07-25 Stefan de KoninkCreator
2008-07-24 Stefan de KoninkQcow size = 0
2008-07-23 Stefan de KoninkTussenstap
2008-07-23 Stefan de KoninkCompilation fixes
2008-07-23 Stefan de KoninkFirst clone attempt
2008-07-23 Stefan de KoninkFixes a break
2008-07-23 Stefan de KoninkMake domumdns more robust.
2008-07-23 Stefan de KoninkFixes to get it compiled
2008-07-23 Stefan de KoninkInitial support for storageCreateVolume
2008-07-22 Stefan de KoninkUpdates
2008-07-22 Stefan de KoninkSome demo stuff
2008-07-21 Stefan de KoninkWorking prototype
2008-07-21 rootFirst offer engine.
2008-07-19 Stefan de KoninkSome updates
2008-06-24 Stefan de KoninkFor people that want to show their devices to the public.
2008-06-24 rootA nice readme! Plus an example XSL stylesheet.
2008-06-23 rootVerbose messages are now in a TRACE
2008-06-23 rootAdded installation of ModuleVirt.py, added an option...
2008-06-23 Stefan de KoninkRemove annoying update message
2008-06-23 rootThat is one stupid memory leak
2008-06-21 rootCherokee module for HandlerVirt
2008-06-21 rootMany changes... nice idea.
2008-06-18 rootLijkt beter te werken.
2008-06-18 rootJoepie!