descriptionHandler for libvirt using avahiclient
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This code implements a webserver interface for the libvirt project, a helper daemon joins a complete network of physical hardware running libvirtd to one point of access. For this project we followed the libvirt API in their function naming.
2008-10-06 Stefan de KoninkSIGTERM againmaster
2008-10-06 Stefan de KoninkUpdates with respect to migration
2008-10-06 roottiny fix of {
2008-10-06 rootIf something goes bad with loading, but the file actual...
2008-10-06 rootUpdate so after migration we will still try to publish...
2008-10-06 rootmore updates
2008-10-06 rootConfigs are good too be saved,
2008-10-05 rootMigration support
2008-10-03 rootPrettify
2008-10-03 rootfprintf -> TRACE
2008-10-03 rootAnd the files that actually handler the tender phase...
2008-10-03 rootUpdates for restoring/save.
2008-10-03 rootMore fun with snapshots.
2008-09-30 rootSecond problem;
2008-09-30 rootChanged the node code so it also works on systems that...
2008-09-29 root*Very Exprimental*
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