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2016-02-15 Eric Sandeen[PATCH] fix guilt tests for new dd outputmaster
2015-11-09 Josef 'Jeff... import-commit: limit the generated patch name to 80...
2015-08-24 Josef 'Jeff... Guilt v0.36v0.36
2015-08-24 Josef 'Jeff... doc: install-html target should create the html directory
2015-08-24 Josef 'Jeff... doc: committing the generated html & troff files was...
2015-01-23 Per CederqvistTeach "guilt graph" the "-x exclude-pattern" option.
2015-01-23 Per Cederqvistguilt graph: Simplify getfiles.
2015-01-23 Per Cederqvistdoc: git doesn't use git-foo invocations.
2015-01-23 Per Cederqvistdoc: don't use guilt-foo invocations in usage messages.
2015-01-23 Per Cederqvistdoc: don't use guilt-foo invocations in examples.
2015-01-23 Per Cederqvistdoc: guilt.xml depends on cmds.txt.
2015-01-23 Per CederqvistFix generation of Documentation/usage-%.txt.
2015-01-22 Josef 'Jeff... doc: we no longer support guilt-foo invocation
2015-01-22 Josef 'Jeff... Guilt v0.36-rc1v0.36-rc1
2015-01-22 Josef 'Jeff... regress: cmd and shouldfail shouldn't print escapes
2015-01-22 Per CederqvistDocument the exit status of guilt push and guilt pop.
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