descriptionSoftware for Particle Image Velocimetry
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Gnu licenced software for (Digital) Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). A technique to measure fluid flows by means of image analyzing / interrogation. Two images are captured while filming a fluid flow that has been seeded with tracer particles. Actually, this technique measures quantitatively the deformation of the texture between two successive images. So it can also be applied for other features, like solid surface deformation, sediment and mud transport etc.

This is the GUI program. It depends on Libgpiv. There is also the Gpivtools package containing > 40 command line programs with similar functionality as Gpiv.

2010-05-04 Gerber van... bugrepair VFS, update autotools filesmaster
2010-05-03 Gerber van... bugrepair: drag and drop
2009-05-20 Gerber van... bugfix to load image, cleanup building system.
2009-04-08 Gerber van... bug repair: loading .png image, from Adrian Daerr
2009-03-17 Gerber van... bug repairs and update for libgpiv3 interface
2008-11-18 Gerber van... updated copyright statement
2008-10-09 gerberRelease 0.6.0 using parallelized code
2008-10-09 gerberparalellized with OMP and MPI
2008-09-25 gerberAdapted for use on cluster (using MPI/OMP) parallelised...
2008-09-16 gerberadded gpiv_logo.xpm
2008-09-16 gerberadded utils_par
2008-09-16 gerberadded preferences_interface
2008-09-16 gerberadded io
2008-09-16 gerberadded dialog
2008-09-16 gerberUpdated because of cvs conflict
2008-09-16 gerberadded imgproc routines
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