descriptionThe gpclib R package
last changeMon, 16 Feb 2009 19:30:46 +0000
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2009-02-16 Roger D. Peng... Bump version/datemasterv1.4-3
2009-02-16 Roger D. Peng... Move LICENSE file to top-level
2008-05-05 Roger D. Peng... Normalize license description
2008-04-30 Roger D. Peng... Increase date
2008-04-07 Roger D. Peng... Update and prepare for release with R 2.7.0
2007-02-26 rpengbump date
2007-02-26 rpengDuncan's patch to correct orientation of triangles
2007-02-22 rpengswitch to use R's memory management and remove MALLOC...
2007-02-15 rpengREVERT to 1.3-3; apply Duncan Murdoch's patches; create...
2007-02-13 rpengput graphics in Depends, not Imports
2007-02-13 rpengupdate URL
2006-07-11 rpengtweak error messages
2006-03-09 rpengcoerce op to integer
2006-03-09 rpengbump date/version
2006-03-08 rpeng(no commit message)
2006-03-08 rpengmore conversion to R's memory management; use Rinternal...
5 years ago v1.4-3
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