2007-07-13 Kevin ClarkWrap handlers in modules properly, update manifestevents
2007-07-13 Kevin ClarkReorg for packaging
2007-07-13 Kevin ClarkInitial netlink support
2007-07-11 Kevin ClarkSupport multiple events on a pid
2007-07-11 Kevin ClarkAdd :proc_fork support
2007-07-11 Tom Wernermore thoughts on the new config filegod/events
2007-07-10 Tom Preston... files I forgot to add for last commit
2007-07-10 Tom Preston... first stab at event integration and some new ideas...
2007-07-10 Tom Preston... add kqueue_handler path to test helper
2007-07-10 Kevin ClarkAdd extension to gem package
2007-07-10 Kevin ClarkMove rb_intern calls to extension init
2007-07-10 Kevin ClarkInitial implementation of kqueue based event registration
2007-07-09 Tom Wernerfix sample configs, add announce templategod/master
2007-07-09 Tom Preston... updated install and run docs
2007-07-07 Tom Preston... prepared for initial release
2007-07-07 Tom Preston... daemonized god binary
2007-07-06 Tom Wernerupdated manifest
2007-07-06 Tom Wernerdocumentation updates
2007-07-06 Tom Wernermoved to timer based poll mechanism
2007-07-05 Tom Wernerimplemented timer
2007-07-05 Tom Wernerremove cwd option, clean up some warnings
2007-07-05 Tom Wernerchange exit to abort throughout
2007-06-24 Tom Preston... convert ProcessNotRunning to use System::Process
2007-06-24 Tom Preston... Merge branch 'site'
2007-06-24 Tom Preston... added behavior section to site indexsitegod/site
2007-06-23 Tom Preston... brought examples/local.god up to date
2007-06-20 Chris Wanstrathstop double loading, dont start drb server in testsdefunktgod/defunkt
2007-06-20 Chris WanstrathReporter and Server DRb-ready classes
2007-06-20 Chris Wanstrathuse absolute paths so we can run tests individually...
2007-06-20 Tom Preston... moved condition before/after hooks to action method
2007-06-19 Tom Preston... updated manifest, added behavior tests
2007-06-19 Tom Preston... added before/after execution for behaviors
2007-06-19 Tom Preston... extracted behavior code
2007-06-18 Tom Preston... added 'extend' section to site index
2007-06-17 Tom Preston... added site uploading task to rakefile, updated site...
2007-06-17 Tom Preston... brought manifest up to dateno_responsegod/no_response
2007-06-17 Tom Preston... added 'always' condition and session cleanup to 'real...
2007-06-17 Tom Preston... added more to site docs
2007-06-17 Tom Preston... started on documentation site
2007-06-17 Tom Preston... added cpu_usage condition and local.god example
2007-06-17 Tom Preston... added MemoryUsage and factored out ProcessCondition
2007-06-17 Tom Preston... reorganized tests, added files to manifest:
2007-06-17 Tom Preston... started implementation of System::Process
2007-06-17 Tom Preston... fixed meddle threading, added gravatar.god example...
2007-06-16 Tom Preston... added grace period to watch
2007-06-16 Tom Preston... added tests, organized lib
2007-06-15 Tom Preston... updated readme, deleted pkg dir
2007-06-15 Tom Preston... Initial commit