2007-10-29 Kevin ClarkSend extra data from events on netlink connectordebug_netlink
2007-10-27 Tom Wernerstart work on complex condition
2007-10-26 Tom Werneradd disk_usage conditon
2007-10-26 Tom Wernerbetter handling of DRb unix domain socket
2007-10-26 Tom Wernerremove gods pid file on user requested termination
2007-10-26 Tom Preston... timer tests, log output cleanup, rakefile, gitignore
2007-10-26 Tom Preston... clean up logger calls
2007-10-11 Tom Wernerup version to 0.5.2
2007-10-11 Tom Wernerallow ARGV to pass through to config file on startup
2007-10-09 Tom Wernerup version to 0.5.1
2007-10-09 Tom Wernerrescue connection refused in http response code condition
2007-10-05 Tom Wernerupdate announcement and create god-check to run a diagn...
2007-10-04 Tom Wernerset binding for god load
2007-10-04 Tom Preston... update site docs for 0.5
2007-10-04 Tom Preston... convert drb to use unix socket
2007-10-04 Tom Wernerfix log file permission check
2007-10-04 Tom Wernerinitialize safe class variables
2007-10-04 Tom Werneradd host to notifications; check dir permissions on...
2007-10-03 Tom Werneradd condition clearing on entry, report contact match...
2007-10-02 Tom Wernerfix trigger broadcast to send to correct task
2007-10-02 Tom Wernerput watch back into previous state after a god load
2007-10-01 Tom Wernerfork/exec string command for self-daemonizing process...
2007-09-29 Tom Preston... remove redundant rescues in cli
2007-09-29 Tom Preston... little log message additions
2007-09-29 Tom Preston... deprecate God.init in favor of directly setting options
2007-09-29 Tom Preston... make cli commands run only if necessary
2007-09-29 Tom Preston... fix tests to work with reasonable at_exit, restrict...
2007-09-29 Tom Wernerfix exit! issues once and for all, robustify god load
2007-09-26 Tom Wernerrescue *all* exceptions from god commands, check for...
2007-09-26 Tom Preston... minor test fixes
2007-09-23 Tom Preston... change task mutex to monitor and synchronize move method
2007-09-23 Tom Preston... finish smtp email functionality (auth), human readable...
2007-09-22 Tom Preston... add info to degrading lambda, tested before and after...
2007-09-22 Tom Preston... clarify @tracking_pid flag in process and fix failing...
2007-09-22 Tom Preston... make self-daemonizing command synchronous
2007-09-22 Tom Preston... more tests for task, real valid? method for task
2007-09-21 Tom Werneradd asterisks to out of bounds cpu/memory history
2007-09-21 Tom Wernertest http_response_code condition, add human readable...
2007-09-19 Tom Werneradd http_response_code condition
2007-09-18 Tom Wernerenhanced docs and usage
2007-09-17 Tom Preston... update history and manifest
2007-09-17 Tom Preston... finish task system
2007-09-14 Tom Preston... capture and report config file exceptions
2007-09-14 Tom WernerMerge commit '3c60a40b796843e62ba2b56f4878a569c86a9d6e'
2007-09-14 Tom Wernerfix broken -p option
2007-09-11 Tom Preston... even more test coverage
2007-09-11 Tom Werneradd some more contacts tests
2007-09-11 Tom Wernerfix Process#alive? raise on no such file
2007-09-11 Tom Wernerfix god command output formatting
2007-09-11 Kevin ClarkClear flags, set _all_ of data, not just the first...
2007-09-10 Tom Wernerforward port stringio fix from 0.4.1origin/HEADorigin/master
2007-09-10 Tom Wernerupdate history and announce for 0.4.0
2007-09-10 Tom Preston... add notification system
2007-09-09 Tom Preston... fix flapping for simple mode configs, more test coverage
2007-09-08 Tom Preston... finish lifecycle conditions handling and add flapper...
2007-09-08 Tom Preston... add lifecycle level metrics to watch
2007-09-08 Tom Werneradd ideas dir with future conf and execve test
2007-09-06 Tom Wernerwarn about running tests on linux without root (netlink)
2007-09-06 Tom Wernerhide kqueue tests from linux
2007-09-06 Tom Werneradd threading to remote commands
2007-09-06 Tom Wernerfix terminate's premature death and add threading
2007-09-06 Tom Wernerchange status interface to return hash instead of string
2007-09-06 Tom Wernerfix potential problem with event registration failures
2007-09-05 Tom Werneroptimize timeline since logs rely on it heavily
2007-09-04 Tom Werneruse for DRb to avoid IPv6 problems
2007-09-04 Tom Werneradd better error output for failed drb connection in...
2007-09-04 Tom Wernerupdate manifest, up version constants to 0.4.0, add...
2007-09-04 Tom Preston... add acl to drb server
2007-09-03 Tom Preston... god binary status, log, terminate, logging system impro...
2007-09-01 Tom Preston... default stop for auto-daemonized; bug fixes
2007-08-30 Tom Wernerupdate history/manifest/rakefile for 0.3.1 release
2007-08-28 Kevin ClarkMerge branch 'master' of git://repo.or.cz/god
2007-08-28 Kevin ClarkAdd degrading_lambda condition.
2007-08-28 Tom Preston... start dependency graph
2007-08-27 Kevin ClarkAllow the notifier to be a regular object (non-class)
2007-08-27 Kevin ClarkAdd notify_when_flapping behavior, doc enhancements
2007-08-25 Tom Preston... updated site docs with dynamic load info
2007-08-25 Tom Preston... update history, manifest, and god binary usage output
2007-08-25 Tom Preston... finish running load functionality
2007-08-24 Tom Wernerstart hot-load of watches functionality
2007-08-24 Tom Wernerrescue event register and implement transition state...
2007-08-20 Tom Wernerfixed god binary exiting with -1; fixed god binary...
2007-08-17 Tom Wernerupdated docs, remove daemons dependency; update manifest
2007-08-17 Tom Werneradditional test configs
2007-08-17 Tom Preston... add double fork to disown child process
2007-08-15 Tom Wernerfix problem where triggered events could call the hub...
2007-08-14 Tom Wernerfix byte-centric sugar (kb is canonical not bytes)...
2007-08-14 Tom Werneradd -V to god binary to get detailed version/build...
2007-08-14 Tom Wernerupdate manifest
2007-08-13 Tom Preston... enhance test coverage
2007-08-11 Tom Preston... fix god binary daemonization, create some sample setups
2007-08-11 Tom Werneruse exit! for fun and profit
2007-08-11 Tom Wernerupdate manifest
2007-08-11 Tom Werneradd lambda condition, sugar, and docs
2007-08-09 Tom Wernerchange File.open {}.read to File.read
2007-08-09 Tom Wernerfix broken daemon code in god binary (sort of)
2007-08-09 Tom Wernerfix sync bug in Timer
2007-08-08 Tom WernerSimplified config file (removing meddle construct)
2007-08-08 Tom WernerRemove necessity to specify pid_file for process centri...
2007-08-08 Tom WernerFix simple mode lifecycle gap