2007-09-11 Tom Wernerfix process#alive? to not raise on no such file0_4_maint
2007-09-11 Tom Wernerbackport abort fix
2007-09-11 Kevin ClarkClear flags, set _all_ of data, not just the first...
2007-09-10 Tom Wernerfix stringio load problem
2007-09-08 Tom Werneradd ideas dir with future conf and execve test
2007-09-06 Tom Wernerwarn about running tests on linux without root (netlink)
2007-09-06 Tom Wernerhide kqueue tests from linux
2007-09-06 Tom Werneradd threading to remote commands
2007-09-06 Tom Wernerfix terminate's premature death and add threading
2007-09-06 Tom Wernerchange status interface to return hash instead of string
2007-09-06 Tom Wernerfix potential problem with event registration failures
2007-09-05 Tom Werneroptimize timeline since logs rely on it heavily
2007-09-04 Tom Werneruse for DRb to avoid IPv6 problems
2007-09-04 Tom Werneradd better error output for failed drb connection in...
2007-09-04 Tom Wernerupdate manifest, up version constants to 0.4.0, add...
2007-09-04 Tom Preston... add acl to drb server
2007-09-03 Tom Preston... god binary status, log, terminate, logging system impro...
2007-09-01 Tom Preston... default stop for auto-daemonized; bug fixes
2007-08-30 Tom Wernerupdate history/manifest/rakefile for 0.3.1 release
2007-08-28 Kevin ClarkMerge branch 'master' of git://repo.or.cz/god
2007-08-28 Kevin ClarkAdd degrading_lambda condition.
2007-08-28 Tom Preston... start dependency graph
2007-08-27 Kevin ClarkAllow the notifier to be a regular object (non-class)
2007-08-27 Kevin ClarkAdd notify_when_flapping behavior, doc enhancements
2007-08-25 Tom Preston... updated site docs with dynamic load info
2007-08-25 Tom Preston... update history, manifest, and god binary usage output
2007-08-25 Tom Preston... finish running load functionality
2007-08-24 Tom Wernerstart hot-load of watches functionality
2007-08-24 Tom Wernerrescue event register and implement transition state...
2007-08-20 Tom Wernerfixed god binary exiting with -1; fixed god binary...
2007-08-17 Tom Wernerupdated docs, remove daemons dependency; update manifest
2007-08-17 Tom Werneradditional test configs
2007-08-17 Tom Preston... add double fork to disown child process
2007-08-15 Tom Wernerfix problem where triggered events could call the hub...
2007-08-14 Tom Wernerfix byte-centric sugar (kb is canonical not bytes)...
2007-08-14 Tom Werneradd -V to god binary to get detailed version/build...
2007-08-14 Tom Wernerupdate manifest
2007-08-13 Tom Preston... enhance test coverage
2007-08-11 Tom Preston... fix god binary daemonization, create some sample setups
2007-08-11 Tom Werneruse exit! for fun and profit
2007-08-11 Tom Wernerupdate manifest
2007-08-11 Tom Werneradd lambda condition, sugar, and docs
2007-08-09 Tom Wernerchange File.open {}.read to File.read
2007-08-09 Tom Wernerfix broken daemon code in god binary (sort of)
2007-08-09 Tom Wernerfix sync bug in Timer
2007-08-08 Tom WernerSimplified config file (removing meddle construct)
2007-08-08 Tom WernerRemove necessity to specify pid_file for process centri...
2007-08-08 Tom WernerFix simple mode lifecycle gap
2007-08-08 Tom WernerUse instance variable to set pid so it does't switch...
2007-08-08 Tom WernerMerge branch 'fork_exec' of git://
2007-08-07 Kevin ClarkCatch unhandled exceptions in handle_poll
2007-08-07 Tom WernerMerge branch 'fork_exec' of git://
2007-08-07 Kevin Clarkmkdir -p when we need the pid file directory
2007-08-07 Tom WernerMerge commit '4dd2d52d98325b216cf6da787178d431663d88aa'
2007-08-07 Tom Wernerupdated docs; close pid files after reading
2007-08-07 Kevin ClarkAdd default pid_directory as /var/run/god
2007-08-06 Kevin ClarkUse call_action rather than helpers in tests
2007-08-06 Kevin ClarkRegister the watch's process at the end of meddle.
2007-08-06 Kevin ClarkAdd initial registry impl
2007-08-06 Kevin ClarkMerge branch 'master' of git://repo.or.cz/god
2007-08-06 Tom Wernerfix syslog and event loader for centos
2007-08-06 Tom Preston... fix header test and add notice for event unavailability...
2007-08-06 Tom Preston... Implement groups; robustify extension compilation
2007-08-03 Tom Wernerimplemented cli control
2007-08-02 Kevin ClarkMerge branch 'master' of git://repo.or.cz/god
2007-08-02 Kevin ClarkFix failing test
2007-07-31 Tom WernerMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-07-31 Tom Wernerdoc updates
2007-07-26 Kevin ClarkMerge branch 'syslog'
2007-07-26 Kevin ClarkMerge branch 'add_testing_for_events'
2007-07-26 Kevin ClarkSend all puts'd messages to syslog
2007-07-25 Kevin ClarkAdd autostart attribute to prevent processses from...
2007-07-25 Kevin ClarkSet -bash in forked process
2007-07-25 Kevin ClarkFork/exec to setuid/setgid. Closes PLATFORM-73
2007-07-25 Kevin ClarkAdd event handler test that got left behind, open god...
2007-07-25 Kevin ClarkFix PLATFORM-75
2007-07-24 Kevin ClarkMove event handler detection into EventHandler
2007-07-23 Kevin ClarkError checking for socket() and bind()
2007-07-20 Tom Wernerup version to 0.2.1 and fix example configs
2007-07-20 Tom Wernerfix netlink header problem on ubuntu edgy
2007-07-20 Tom Wernerupdated announce email and history for 0.2.0 release
2007-07-18 Tom Preston... silence kill -0, update version to 0.2.0
2007-07-18 Tom Wernerfixed bzero call in netlink handler
2007-07-18 Tom Wernerfinshed and tested event handling; site doc update...
2007-07-17 Tom Preston... simple mode workshub
2007-07-16 Kevin Clarkrb_thread_select on kqueue handler for kevent call
2007-07-16 Kevin ClarkSet timeout for kevent call
2007-07-16 Kevin Clarkfix deregistration
2007-07-16 Kevin ClarkAdd deregistration
2007-07-16 Tom Preston... added event handler start
2007-07-14 Tom Wernerrevamped some tests
2007-07-13 Tom WernerMerge branch 'events' into hub
2007-07-13 Kevin ClarkWrap handlers in modules properly, update manifestevents
2007-07-13 Kevin ClarkReorg for packaging
2007-07-13 Kevin ClarkInitial netlink support
2007-07-13 Tom Wernerstate based lifecycle works yay!
2007-07-13 Tom Wernerimplemented state based lifecycle
2007-07-11 Tom Preston... started hub implementation
2007-07-11 Kevin ClarkSupport multiple events on a pid
2007-07-11 Kevin ClarkAdd :proc_fork support