2008-12-30 Mark SeabornRemove files that were earlier moved out of the wayposted-patch
2008-12-30 Mark SeabornRevert unnecessary configure script changes
2008-12-30 Mark SeabornAdd -mno-tls-direct-seg-refs to CFLAGS
2008-12-30 Mark SeabornChange build directory to be "build"
2008-12-30 Mark SeabornAdd example hellow.c program and script for building it
2008-12-30 Mark SeabornRemove debugging code from brk()
2008-12-29 Mark SeabornFix _start: NaCl does not define %edx on entry
2008-12-29 Mark SeabornAdd NaCl write syscall
2008-12-29 Mark SeabornDon't depend on libnacl
2008-12-29 Mark SeabornSet up TLS for NaCl
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornFix brk()
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornAdd NaCl brk(); disable calling uname()
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornEnable debugging
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornRemove more assembler files
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornAdd config script
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornFix more prefix-skipping
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornDisable assembler versions
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornDon't use jumps to skip lock prefixes
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornFix padding of __libc_freeres_fn sections
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornFix code/rodata split
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornRemove TLS header, not needed
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornAdd linker script
2008-12-28 Mark SeabornDon't read _dl_phdr
2008-12-21 Mark Seabornchanges to help make it build
2008-12-20 Mark Seabornchanges so far
2008-12-19 Mark Seaborn2.9glibc-2.9