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descriptionPort of glibc to Google Native Client (NaCl)
last changeThu, 28 Jan 2010 22:08:46 +0000 (28 22:08 +0000)
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2010-01-28 Mark SeabornOverride elf_nacl.xr linker script so that libc_pic... master
2010-01-28 Mark Don't try to read own ELF headers on startup
2010-01-28 Mark SeabornMark __libc_resp with attribute_tls_model_ie for consis...
2010-01-28 Mark SeabornSupport binutils 2.20.
2010-01-21 Mark SeabornExecutable: Move most rodata sections into the main...
2010-01-20 Mark SeabornRemove non-standard PT_LOAD segment containing ELF...
2010-01-18 Mark SeabornFind nacl-gcc via PATH rather than hard-coding a relati...
2009-06-14 Mark Seabornfstat(): Fix to convert between the NaCl and glibc... nacl-dynlink-0.1
2009-06-10 Mark SeabornFix up disallowed instructions in pthread_once
2009-06-09 Mark SeabornFix some uses of ret in libpthread
2009-06-09 Mark SeabornAllocate a larger TLS segment, so that initialising...
2009-06-02 Mark SeabornImplement stat64() via NaCl RPC
2009-04-29 Mark SeabornAdd 4-byte header to messages so that we can have diffe...
2009-04-26 Mark SeabornUpdate glibc for NaCl's new executable load address
2009-04-23 Mark SeabornMove gcc-wrapper out of glibc into nacl-build
2009-04-22 Mark SeabornDon't use regparm(3) for functions in called...
6 years ago nacl-dynlink-0.1
6 years ago posted-patch
6 years ago glibc-2.9
5 years ago experimental
5 years ago master
5 years ago disable-pointer-mangling