5 hours ago Andreas SchwabDon't define __CORRECT_ISO_CPP_STRING_H_PROTO for non... master
25 hours ago Adhemerval... powerpc: Fix inline feraiseexcept, feclearexcept macros
27 hours ago Alan ModraFix localplt test breakage with new readelf
41 hours ago Roland McGrathDeglobalize internal variables in timer_routines.c.
41 hours ago Joseph MyersCorrect __ASSUME_PRLIMIT64 for hppa/microblaze/sh ...
43 hours ago Paul PluzhnikovFix BZ 18036 buffer overflow (read past end of buffer...
2 days ago Andreas SchwabFix parallel build error
2 days ago Florian Weimer_nss_nis_initgroups_dyn: Return status instead of NSS_S...
4 days ago Alexandre OlivaAvoid unsafe loc_name type casts with additional variable
4 days ago Roland McGrathConvert dlfcn/tststatic2 to use test-skeleton.
4 days ago H.J. LuCompile vismain with -fPIE and link with -pie
4 days ago Joseph MyersFix ldbl-96, ldbl-128ibm atanhl inaccuracy (bug 18046...
5 days ago Wilco DijkstraRather than using a C implementation of memmove, direct...
5 days ago Wilco DijkstraRather than using a C implementation of memset, directl...
5 days ago John David... hppa: fix __O_SYNC to match the kernel
5 days ago Joseph MyersAdd comment to CSTR macro in k_standard.c.
5 days ago Joseph MyersAvoid -Wno-write-strings for k_standard.c.
5 days ago Joseph MyersAvoid uninitialized warnings in Bessel functions.
5 days ago Joseph MyersFix ldbl-128/ldbl-128ibm acosl inaccuracy (bug 18038...
5 days ago Joseph MyersFix asin missing underflows (bug 16351).
6 days ago Joseph MyersFix ldbl-128ibm logbl near powers of 2 (bug 18030).
6 days ago Andreas SchwabFix read past end of pattern in fnmatch (bug 18032)
6 days ago Joseph MyersFix ldbl-128ibm ilogbl near powers of 2 (bug 18029).
6 days ago Alexandre OlivaFix constness error just introduced in findlocale.
6 days ago Alexandre OlivaBZ #15969: search locale archive again after alias...
6 days ago Roland McGrathConvert tst-iconv3 to use test-skeleton.
6 days ago Roland McGrathConvert tst-iconv5 to use test-skeleton.
6 days ago Roland McGrathDon't crash in iconv setup when getcwd fails.
6 days ago Paul PluzhnikovFix minor formatting violation.
6 days ago Adhemerval... powerpc: Fix memmove static build
7 days ago Joseph MyersFix ldbl-128ibm asinhl inaccuracy (bug 18020).
7 days ago Cong Wangin.h: Coordinate in6_pktinfo and ip6_mtuinfo for kernel...
7 days ago Benno Schulenbergsprof: Make an error message identical to two others...
7 days ago Kevin EastonReduce lock contention in __tz_convert() [BZ #16145...
7 days ago Miroslav LichvarUpdate timex.h for ADJ_SETOFFSET.
7 days ago Joseph MyersFix ldbl-128ibm acoshl inaccuracy (bug 18019).
7 days ago Mike Frysingeralloca: fix buf interaction
7 days ago Joseph MyersFix x86/x86_64 scalb (qNaN, -Inf) (bug 16783).
8 days ago Paul PluzhnikovFix BZ #17916 - fopen unbounded stack usage for ccs...
8 days ago Eric Rannaudlinux: open and openat ignore 'mode' with O_TMPFILE...
8 days ago Siddhesh PoyarekarSkip logging for DNSSEC responses [BZ 14841]
8 days ago Mike Frysingeradd changelog for previous commit
8 days ago Mike Frysingerhppa: fix build failure with RTLD_PRIVATE_ERRNO
9 days ago Alexandre OlivaAmendments to Unicode 7 update.
9 days ago H.J. LuCompile gcrt1.o with -fPIC
9 days ago Andreas SchwabFix failure of elf/tst-audit2 when compiled with GCC-5
9 days ago Paul PluzhnikovFix BZ #17269 -- _IO_wstr_overflow integer overflow
10 days ago Chung-Lin TangAdjust timeouts for some tests, to accommodate slow...
11 days ago Alexandre OlivaUnicode 7.0.0 update; added generator scripts.
11 days ago Joseph Myerssoft-fp: Adjust call to abort for kernel use.
12 days ago Stefan Lieblers390: Use generic lowlevellock-futex.h
12 days ago Joseph MyersFix scandir scandirat namespace (bug 17999).
13 days ago Joseph MyersFix atan / atan2 missing underflows (bug 15319).
13 days ago Steve Ellcey2015-02-18 Steve Ellcey <>
13 days ago Joseph MyersFix search.h namespace (bug 17996).
2015-02-18 Siddhesh PoyarekarConsolidate arena_lookup and arena_lock into a single...
2015-02-18 Carlos O'DonellUse alignment macros, pagesize and powerof2.
2015-02-18 Joseph MyersFix posix_spawn getrlimit64 namespace (bug 17991).
2015-02-18 Paul PluzhnikovCleanup: add missing #include's
2015-02-17 Joseph MyersRefine documentation of libm exceptions goals.
2015-02-17 Steve Ellcey2015-02-17 Steve Ellcey <>
2015-02-17 Steve Ellcey2015-02-17 Steve Ellcey <>
2015-02-17 Stefan LieblerS390: Build failure due to nptl/pt-longjmp.c changes.
2015-02-17 Torvald Riegelia64: Remove custom lowlevellock.h
2015-02-17 Mike Frysingeria64: drop custom getpagesize
2015-02-17 Joseph MyersFix sign of remquo zero remainder in round-downward...
2015-02-16 Paul Eggert* manual/time.texi (TZ Variable): glibc no longer comes...
2015-02-16 Joseph MyersFix remquo spurious overflows (bug 17978).
2015-02-16 Joseph MyersFix MIPS _ABIO64 -Werror=undef build.
2015-02-16 Joseph MyersFix MIPS _COMPILING_NEWLIB -Werror=undef build.
2015-02-16 Joseph MyersFix MIPS __mips_isa_rev -Werror=undef build.
2015-02-16 Torvald RiegelMake error checking effective in nptl/tst-cond25.c.
2015-02-15 Matthew Fortuneia64: remove fixed page size macros and others [BZ...
2015-02-14 Steve Ellcey2015-02-13 Steve Ellcey <>
2015-02-13 Roland McGrathAdd placeholder and *.abilist files.
2015-02-13 Joseph MyersFix dbl-64/wordsize-64 remquo (bug 17569).
2015-02-13 Roland McGrathNPTL: Initializer for .init_array-only configurations.
2015-02-13 Joseph MyersFix powerpc software sqrtf (bug 17967).
2015-02-13 J William Piggott[BZ #17969]
2015-02-12 Joseph MyersFix powerpc software sqrt (bug 17964).
2015-02-12 Roland McGrathUse -Werror=undef for assembly code.
2015-02-12 Roland McGrathSupport after-link variable to run a final step on...
2015-02-12 diger SonderfeldDocument tv_sec is of type time_t:
2015-02-12 Joseph MyersFix exp2 spurious underflows (bug 16560).
2015-02-12 Rajalakshmi... powerpc: POWER7 strncpy optimization for unaligned...
2015-02-12 Adhemerval... powerpc: Fix TABORT encoding for little endian
2015-02-12 Andreas SchwabFilter out PTHREAD_MUTEX_NO_ELISION_NP bit in pthread_m...
2015-02-11 Samuel ThibaultRevert "hurd: Fix abi-tag, following ba90e05"
2015-02-11 Joseph MyersFix sincos errno setting (bug 15467).
2015-02-11 Roland McGrathAnother pointless update in README.
2015-02-11 Roland McGrathPointless update in README.
2015-02-11 Leonhard HolzRemove unused definitions
2015-02-10 Joseph MyersRemove sysdeps/mips soft-fp subdirectories.
2015-02-10 Roland McGrathClean up math/test-snan.
2015-02-10 Evangelos FoutrasFix __memcpy_chk on non-SSE2 CPUs
2015-02-10 Adhemerval... powerpc: drop R_PPC_REL16 check
2015-02-10 Adhemerval... powerpc: sysdeps/powerpc configure cleanup
2015-02-09 Samuel ThibaultAdd fixed bug numbers to NEWS
2015-02-09 Adhemerval... powerpc: wordcopy/memmove cleanup for ppc32
2015-02-09 Adhemerval... powerpc: multiarch Makefile cleanup for powerpc32