11 hours ago Martin GalvanNPTL: Remove duplicate definition of PTHREAD_ADAPTIVE_M... master
12 hours ago Martin GalvanNPTL: swap comments for THREAD_SETMEM and THREAD_SETMEM...
21 hours ago Roland McGrathConvert dlfcn/tststatic to use test-skeleton.
2 days ago Alan ModraHarden powerpc64 elf_machine_fixup_plt
2 days ago Joseph MyersAdd more tests of acosh, asinh and atanh.
2 days ago Joseph MyersAdd another test of asin.
2 days ago Joseph MyersRemove unused macros from i386 lowlevellock.h.
2 days ago Joseph MyersAdd more tests of asin.
3 days ago Joseph MyersSupport six-argument syscalls from C for 32-bit x86...
3 days ago Alan Modrapowerpc __tls_get_addr call optimization
3 days ago Alan Modrapowerpc64 configure message
3 days ago Joseph MyersAdd more tests of acos.
3 days ago Joseph MyersAdd more tests of expm1.
3 days ago Joseph MyersAdd more tests of cosh, sinh.
3 days ago Joseph MyersRegenerate x86_64, x86 ulps from scratch.
3 days ago Joseph MyersAdd more tests of log2.
4 days ago Roland McGrathMinor cleanups in libio/iofdopen.c
5 days ago Florian Weimerpthread_setaffinity (Linux variant): Rewrite to use...
5 days ago Florian WeimerAvoid SIGFPE in wordexp [BZ #18100]
5 days ago Alan ModraRemove HAVE_ASM_PPC_REL16 references
5 days ago Samuel ThibaultAdd more exception to local headers list
6 days ago Samuel ThibaultFix visibility of EXTPROC macro
6 days ago Joseph MyersNote old commit as having resolved bug 11505.
7 days ago Samuel ThibaultFix warnings
7 days ago Samuel ThibaultAdd missing dependency
8 days ago Roland McGrathARM: Fix memcpy & memmove for [ARM_ALWAYS_BX]
9 days ago Chris Metcalflinux-generic: add a README
10 days ago Joseph MyersMake sem_timedwait use FUTEX_CLOCK_REALTIME (bug 18138).
10 days ago Siddhesh PoyarekarFix up NEWS merge goof-up
10 days ago Brad HubbardUse calloc to allocate xports (BZ #17542)
11 days ago Alexandre OlivaFix DTV race, assert, DTV_SURPLUS Static TLS limit...
11 days ago H.J. LuPreserve bound registers in _dl_runtime_resolve
12 days ago Paul Eggert* stdlib/setenv.c (__add_to_environ): Revert previous...
13 days ago Andreas Schwabm68k: fix 64-bit arithmetic in atomic operations (bug...
2015-03-13 Paul Eggert* stdlib/setenv.c (__add_to_environ):
2015-03-13 Roland McGrathARM: Rewrite sysdeps/arm/tls-macros.h
2015-03-13 Carlos O'DonellEnhance nscd's inotify support (Bug 14906).
2015-03-12 Joseph Myerssoft-fp: Define and use _FP_STATIC_ASSERT.
2015-03-12 Yaakov Selkowitzmanual: fix XPG basename prototype
2015-03-12 Stefan LieblerS/390: Fix setcontext/swapcontext which are not restori...
2015-03-12 Stefan LieblerS/390: Regenerate ULPs
2015-03-12 Aurelien JarnoFix ldconfig segmentation fault with corrupted cache...
2015-03-11 Paul PluzhnikovFix BZ #18043 comment # 19: don't call undefined setenv...
2015-03-11 Adhemerval... powerpc: Remove HAVE_ASM_GLOBAL_DOT_NAME define
2015-03-11 Mike Frysingerhppa: update __O_SYNC fix with [BZ #18068]
2015-03-11 Carlos O'Donellhppa: Fix feupdateenv and fesetexceptflag (Bug 18111).
2015-03-11 John David... hppa: Fix feholdexcpt and fesetenv (Bug 18110).
2015-03-11 Joseph Myerssoft-fp: Add _FP_UNREACHABLE.
2015-03-10 Roland McGrathLet tests result in UNSUPPORTED; use that for unbuildab...
2015-03-10 Roland McGrathHarmonize posix/regcomp.c with gnulib: comment formatting
2015-03-10 Carlos O'Donellhppa: Update libm-test-ulps.
2015-03-10 Joseph MyersAdd test for bug 18104.
2015-03-10 Adhemerval... powerpc: Fix incorrect results for pow when using FMA
2015-03-10 Joseph Myerssoft-fp: Use multiple-include guards.
2015-03-09 Paul PluzhnikovMinor refactoring:
2015-03-09 Adhemerval... Update powerpc-fpu ULPs.
2015-03-09 Paul PluzhnikovFix BZ #18043 (c4): buffer-overflow (read past the...
2015-03-09 Paul PluzhnikovMention BZ #18042 in NEWS.
2015-03-09 Paul PluzhnikovFix off-by-one which caused BZ #18042 and add a test...
2015-03-09 Paul PluzhnikovRefactor wordexp-test.c such that words always ends...
2015-03-08 Paul PluzhnikovCleanup: in preparation for fixing BZ #16734, fix memor...
2015-03-08 Samuel Thibaulthurd: Make libc able to call pthread stubs
2015-03-07 Joseph Myerssoft-fp: Support conditional zero-initialization in...
2015-03-07 H.J. LuReplace __attribute__((visibility("protected")))
2015-03-07 Joseph MyersFix /* in comment in previous commit.
2015-03-07 Joseph Myerssoft-fp: Condition sfp-machine.h include path on __KERN...
2015-03-06 Roland McGrathDocument test-wrapper-env-only in INSTALL.
2015-03-06 Roland McGrathChangeLog format
2015-03-06 Paul PluzhnikovFix BZ #18043: buffer-overflow (read past the end)...
2015-03-06 Vincent Bernattime: ensure failing strptime() tests are reported...
2015-03-06 Samuel ThibaultFix aio_error thread-safety.
2015-03-06 Florian Weimervfprintf: Define WORK_BUFFER_SIZE
2015-03-06 Florian Weimervfprintf: Introduce JUMP_TABLE_BASE_LABEL
2015-03-06 Florian Weimervfprintf: Introduce THOUSANDS_SEP_T
2015-03-06 Rical Jasanmanual: complete example in error message documentation
2015-03-06 Mike Frysingermanual: drop strerror C89 compatibility note
2015-03-05 Roland McGrathAvoid re-exec-self in bug-setlocale1.
2015-03-05 Roland McGrathDefine ETH_ALEN in generic <netinet/if_ether.h>.
2015-03-04 Roland McGrathSplit rpcent tests out of tst-netdb.
2015-03-04 Roland McGrathConditionalize some test code for SIGRTMIN, SA_SIGINFO.
2015-03-04 Roland McGrathAvoid more C++ tests.
2015-03-04 Roland McGrathAvoid C++ tests when the C++ cannot be linked.
2015-03-04 Andreas SchwabDon't define __CORRECT_ISO_CPP_STRING_H_PROTO for non...
2015-03-03 Adhemerval... powerpc: Fix inline feraiseexcept, feclearexcept macros
2015-03-03 Alan ModraFix localplt test breakage with new readelf
2015-03-02 Roland McGrathDeglobalize internal variables in timer_routines.c.
2015-03-02 Joseph MyersCorrect __ASSUME_PRLIMIT64 for hppa/microblaze/sh ...
2015-03-02 Paul PluzhnikovFix BZ 18036 buffer overflow (read past end of buffer...
2015-03-02 Andreas SchwabFix parallel build error
2015-03-02 Florian Weimer_nss_nis_initgroups_dyn: Return status instead of NSS_S...
2015-02-28 Alexandre OlivaAvoid unsafe loc_name type casts with additional variable
2015-02-27 Roland McGrathConvert dlfcn/tststatic2 to use test-skeleton.
2015-02-27 H.J. LuCompile vismain with -fPIE and link with -pie
2015-02-27 Joseph MyersFix ldbl-96, ldbl-128ibm atanhl inaccuracy (bug 18046...
2015-02-27 Wilco DijkstraRather than using a C implementation of memmove, direct...
2015-02-27 Wilco DijkstraRather than using a C implementation of memset, directl...
2015-02-27 John David... hppa: fix __O_SYNC to match the kernel
2015-02-27 Joseph MyersAdd comment to CSTR macro in k_standard.c.
2015-02-26 Joseph MyersAvoid -Wno-write-strings for k_standard.c.