3 hours ago H.J. LuExtend local PLT reference checkmaster
5 hours ago Andrew SenkevichAdded runtime check for AVX vector math tests.
36 hours ago Mike Frysingeria64: drop __tls_get_addr from expected plt usage
39 hours ago Mike Frysingeria64: atomic.h: fix atomic_exchange_and_add 64bit handling
39 hours ago Mike Frysingeria64: clean up old kernel headers cruft
42 hours ago Mike Frysingerpwd.h: revert __nonnull markings on putpwent [BZ #18641]
46 hours ago Joseph MyersMark bug 2981 (elf/tst-audit* fail on MIPS) as fixed.
2 days ago Andreas SchwabFix spurious conform test failures
3 days ago Chung-Lin TangFixes extern protected data handling testcases elf...
3 days ago Chung-Lin TangAdd #include <string.h> to nptl/tst-join7mod.c to silen...
4 days ago Chung-Lin TangUpdate Nios II ulps file.
4 days ago Chung-Lin TangFix order of arguments to rt_sigprocmask syscall when...
5 days ago Roland McGrathNaCl: Remove bogus O_SHLOCK, O_EXLOCK definitions.
5 days ago Siddhesh PoyarekarUse IE model for static variables in, libpthrea...
5 days ago Adhemerval... Update powerpc-fpu libm-test-ulps.
5 days ago Andrew SenkevichFixed several libmvec bugs found during testing on...
5 days ago Szabolcs Nagy[ARM][BZ #17711] Fix extern protected data handling
5 days ago Szabolcs Nagy[AArch64][BZ #17711] Fix extern protected data handling
5 days ago Siddhesh PoyarekarMention dl_load_lock by name in the comments
5 days ago Roland McGrathMake sysdeps/posix bring in login subdir.
5 days ago Roland McGrathAdd SIGWINCH to generic <bits/signum.h>.
5 days ago Roland McGrathNaCl: Fix missing getdtablesize symbol.
6 days ago Mike Frysingerconform/linknamespace: whitelist matherrf/matherrl
6 days ago Mike Frysingeria64: sigaction.h: fix sa_flags ordering
6 days ago Siddhesh PoyarekarAlso use l_tls_dtor_count to decide on object unload...
7 days ago Mike Frysingeria64: msg.h: fix msg_qnum/msg_qbytes types
7 days ago Mike Frysingeria64: stat.h: rename pad0 to __glibc_reserved0
7 days ago Mike Frysingeria64: sifaction.h: change sa_flags to an int
7 days ago Mike Frysingeria64: siginfo.h: delete siginfo name
7 days ago Roland McGrathNaCl: Use only nacl_irt_dev_filename, never nacl_irt_fi...
8 days ago Roland McGrathAdd abilist files and NEWS item for arm-nacl port.
8 days ago Chris Metcalftile: Fix BZ #18508 (makecontext yield infinite backtrace)
8 days ago Marko Myllynenlocale: Remove obsolete repertoire map references
8 days ago Khem Rajlocale: Do not define lang_ab for tcy_IN and bhb_IN
8 days ago Khem RajReflect renaming of bh_IN and tu_IN in SUPPORTED file...
8 days ago Mike Frysingersparc: fix sigaction for 32bit builds [BZ #18694]
8 days ago Siddhesh PoyarekarRemove Linuxism from tst-tls-atexit
8 days ago Andreas Schwabm68k: update libm test ULPs
9 days ago Chris Metcalftst-leaks: raise timeout to 5 seconds
9 days ago H.J. LuAdd si_addr_bnd to _sigfault in x86 struct siginfo
13 days ago David S. MillerRegenerate SPARC ULPs.
13 days ago Adhemerval... libio: Fix fmemopen 'w' mode with provided buffer
13 days ago Rajalakshmi... powerpc: strstr optimization
13 days ago Mike Frysingerhppa/ia64: _dl_unmap: make it hidden
13 days ago Mike Frysingerhppa/ia64: _dl_symbol_address: add PLT bypass for rtld
13 days ago Siddhesh PoyarekarAdd comment to clarify how the test can fail
13 days ago Siddhesh PoyarekarWhitespace fixup in cxa_thread_atexit_impl.c
13 days ago Siddhesh PoyarekarSet NODELETE flag when opening already open objects...
13 days ago David S. MillerFix sparc build.
2015-07-15 H.J. LuSort NEWS
2015-07-15 Pravin SatputeCorrecting language code for Bhili and Tulu locales...
2015-07-15 Arjun ShankarModify several tests to use test-skeleton.c
2015-07-15 Arjun ShankarModify elf/tst-audit9.c to use test-skeleton.c
2015-07-15 Mike Frysingertst-tzset: raise timeout to 5 seconds
2015-07-15 Stefan Liebleri686: Mark stdlib/tst-makecontext as XFAIL.
2015-07-15 Stefan LieblerS390: Regenerate ULPs
2015-07-14 Roland McGrathFactor file identity rules out of generic rtld code.
2015-07-14 Siddhesh PoyarekarFix up typo in tst-tls-atexit
2015-07-14 Adhemerval... Avoid C++ tests when the C++ cannot be linked
2015-07-14 Siddhesh PoyarekarFix up ChangeLog
2015-07-14 Siddhesh PoyarekarWhitespace fix in tst-tls-atexit.c
2015-07-13 Wilco DijkstraAdd AArch64 versions of math_opt_barrier and math_force...
2015-07-13 Wilco DijkstraOptimize the strlen implementation by using a page...
2015-07-11 H.J. LuReplace %ld with %jd and cast to intmax_t
2015-07-10 Roland McGrathNaCl: Make pthread_condattr_setclock reject CLOCK_MONOT...
2015-07-10 Chris Metcalftile: Regenerate ULPs.
2015-07-10 Chris Metcalfmath/test-fenvinline: avoid compiler warning
2015-07-10 Siddhesh PoyarekarRemove unnecessary mutex locks from tst-tls-atexit...
2015-07-10 Siddhesh PoyarekarAvoid boolean coercion in tst-tls-atexit test case
2015-07-10 Torvald RiegelClean up semaphore EINTR handling after Linux futex...
2015-07-10 Torvald RiegelAdd and use new glibc-internal futex API.
2015-07-09 Martin SeborThe patch committed to fix bug #18435 caused regression...
2015-07-09 Roland McGrathProvide __libc_fatal for rtld.
2015-07-09 Roland McGrathPLT avoidance for _exit in rtld.
2015-07-09 H.J. LuImprove bndmov encoding with zero displacement
2015-07-09 Igor ZamyatinPreserve bound registers for pointer pass/return
2015-07-09 Adhemerval... libio: Update powerpc64le libc.abilist
2015-07-09 Samuel Thibaulthurd: permit to use mlock from non-root process
2015-07-09 Szabolcs Nagy[AArch64][BZ 18648] change greg_t definition in ucontext.h
2015-07-09 Szabolcs Nagy[AArch64][BZ 18400] fix elf_prpsinfo in procfs.h
2015-07-08 Roland McGrathBZ#18383: Conditionalize test-xfail-tst-tlsalign{,...
2015-07-08 Roland McGrathFix some places to use $(LN_S) makefile variable.
2015-07-08 Roland McGrathInstall a dummy <rpc/netdb.h> when not building sunrpc/.
2015-07-08 Adhemerval... libio: Update tst-fmemopen2.c
2015-07-08 Adhemerval... libio: fmemopen rewrite to POSIX compliance
2015-07-08 Carlos O'DonellAdd missing Advanced API (RFC3542) (1) defines.
2015-07-08 Feng GaoUse "|" instead of "+" when combine the _IO_LINE_BUF...
2015-07-08 Mike Frysingernscd: drop selinux/flask.h include
2015-07-08 Mike Frysingerpwd.h: add __nonnull markings [BZ #18641]
2015-07-08 Carlos O'DonellFix ruserok scalability with large ~/.rhosts file.
2015-07-07 Pavel KopylAdd forced deletion support to _dl_close_worker
2015-07-07 Stefan LieblerS390: Fix "backtrace() returns infinitely deep stack...
2015-07-07 Stefan LieblerS390: Regenerate ULPs.
2015-07-07 Stefan LieblerS390: Fix sem.h conformance test failures.
2015-07-07 H.J. LuAdd la_symbind32 to x86-64 audit tests
2015-07-07 H.J. LuAdd and use sysdeps/i386/link-defines.sym
2015-07-07 H.J. LuAdd a testcase for i386 LD_AUDIT
2015-07-07 Torvald RiegelDo not create invalid pointers in C code of string...
2015-07-07 Andreas SchwabUpdate NEWS
2015-07-07 Cyril HrubisSet errno to ENOMEM on overflow in sbrk (bug 18592)