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This directory contains the sources of the GNU C Library.
See the file "version.h" for what release version you have.

The GNU C Library is the standard system C library for all GNU systems,
and is an important part of what makes up a GNU system.  It provides the
system API for all programs written in C and C-compatible languages such
as C++ and Objective C; the runtime facilities of other programming
languages use the C library to access the underlying operating system.

In GNU/Linux systems, the C library works with the Linux kernel to
implement the operating system behavior seen by user applications.
In GNU/Hurd systems, it works with a microkernel and Hurd servers.

The GNU C Library implements much of the POSIX.1 functionality in the
GNU/Hurd system, using configurations i[4567]86-*-gnu.  The current
GNU/Hurd support requires out-of-tree patches that will eventually be
incorporated into an official GNU C Library release.

When working with Linux kernels, this version of the GNU C Library
requires Linux kernel version 3.2 or later on all architectures except
i[4567]86 and x86_64, where Linux kernel version 2.6.32 or later

Also note that the shared version of the libgcc_s library must be
installed for the pthread library to work correctly.

The GNU C Library supports these configurations for using Linux kernels:

	hppa-*-linux-gnu	Not currently functional without patches.
	x86_64-*-linux-gnu	Can build either x86_64 or x32
	powerpc-*-linux-gnu	Hardware or software floating point, BE only.
	powerpc64*-*-linux-gnu	Big-endian and little-endian.

If you are interested in doing a port, please contact the glibc
maintainers; see for more

See the file INSTALL to find out how to configure, build, and install
the GNU C Library.  You might also consider reading the WWW pages for
the C library at

The GNU C Library is (almost) completely documented by the Texinfo manual
found in the `manual/' subdirectory.  The manual is still being updated
and contains some known errors and omissions; we regret that we do not
have the resources to work on the manual as much as we would like.  For
corrections to the manual, please file a bug in the `manual' component,
following the bug-reporting instructions below.  Please be sure to check
the manual in the current development sources to see if your problem has
already been corrected.

Please see for bug reporting
information.  We are now using the Bugzilla system to track all bug reports.
This web page gives detailed information on how to report bugs properly.

The GNU C Library is free software.  See the file COPYING.LIB for copying
conditions, and LICENSES for notices about a few contributions that require
these additional notices to be distributed.  License copyright years may be
listed using range notation, e.g., 1996-2015, indicating that every year in
the range, inclusive, is a copyrightable year that would otherwise be listed
5 hours ago Joseph MyersMake soft-float powerpc swapcontext restore the signal... master
6 hours ago Chris Metcalftile: Check for pointer add overflow in memchr
6 hours ago Chris Metcalftile: pass __IPC_64 as zero for SysV IPC calls
2 days ago Siddhesh PoyarekarFix typo in NEWS
3 days ago Torvald RiegelAdd compiler barriers around modifications of the robus...
3 days ago Torvald RiegelClear list of acquired robust mutexes in the child...
3 days ago Torvald Riegelrobust mutexes: Fix broken x86 assembly by removing it
3 days ago Tulio Magno... powerpc: Regenerate ULPs
4 days ago Siddhesh PoyarekarMerge translations from the Translation Project
5 days ago Joseph MyersFix MIPS o32 posix_fadvise.
5 days ago Joseph MyersMake fallback fegetexceptflag work with generic feteste...
5 days ago Joseph MyersMake endian-conversion macros always return correct...
5 days ago Siddhesh PoyarekarUpdate translations from the Translation Project
5 days ago Joseph MyersFix testsuite build for GCC 7 -Wformat-truncation.
5 days ago Joseph MyersFix ld-address format-truncation error.
5 days ago Joseph MyersFix elf/sotruss-lib format-truncation error.
5 months ago glibc-2.24 The GNU C Library ============...
10 months ago glibc-2.23 The GNU C Library ============...
17 months ago glibc-2.22 The GNU C Library ============...
23 months ago glibc-2.21 The GNU C Library ============...
2 years ago glibc-2.20 The GNU C Library ============...
2 years ago glibc-2.19 The GNU C Library ============...
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4 years ago glibc-2.17 The GNU C Library ============...
4 years ago glibc-2.16-ports-merge libc and ports repositories merged...
4 years ago glibc-2.16.0 The GNU C Library ============...
4 years ago glibc-2.16 The GNU C Library ============...
4 years ago glibc-2.16-tps Translation project snapshot for...
5 years ago glibc-2.15 glibc 2.15 release
5 years ago glibc-2.14.1 glibc 2.14.1 release
5 years ago glibc-2.14 Tag 2.14 release
6 years ago glibc-2.13 glibc 2.13 release.
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