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6 hours ago Roland McGrathRework some nscd code not to use variable-length struct... master
6 hours ago Roland McGrathARM: Use movw/movt more when available
13 hours ago Maciej W. RozyckiMIPS: Avoid a dangling `vfork@GLIBC_2.0' reference
28 hours ago Joseph MyersDon't use INTDEF with __ldexpf (bug 14132).
34 hours ago Roland McGrathAvoid local PLT reference in __nptl_main.
2 days ago Roland McGrathTiny refactoring in fts to eliminate a warning.
2 days ago Roland McGrathNPTL: Clean up gratuitous Linuxism in
2 days ago Roland McGrathNPTL: Add some missing #include's
2 days ago Roland McGrathMake internal lock-init macros return void.
2 days ago Torvald Riegelpthread_once: Add fast path and remove x86 variants.
2 days ago Torvald Riegelpthread_once: Clean up constants.
2 days ago Joseph MyersMove readv and writev definitions to syscalls.list...
5 days ago Roland McGrathRemove obsolete TLS_DEFINE_INIT_TP fallback.
5 days ago Roland McGrathNPTL: Clean up THREAD_SYSINFO macros.
5 days ago Roland McGrathNPTL: Conditionalize direct futex syscall uses.
5 days ago Roland McGrathNPTL: Conditionalize more uses of SIGCANCEL and SIGSETXID.
6 weeks ago glibc-2.20 The GNU C Library
8 months ago glibc-2.19 The GNU C Library
14 months ago glibc-2.18 The GNU C Library
21 months ago glibc-2.17 The GNU C Library
2 years ago glibc-2.16-ports-merge libc and ports repositories merged...
2 years ago glibc-2.16.0 The GNU C Library
2 years ago glibc-2.16 The GNU C Library
2 years ago glibc-2.16-tps Translation project snapshot for...
2 years ago glibc-2.15 glibc 2.15 release
3 years ago glibc-2.14.1 glibc 2.14.1 release
3 years ago glibc-2.14 Tag 2.14 release
3 years ago glibc-2.13 glibc 2.13 release.
3 years ago glibc-2.12.2 glibc 2.12.2 release
3 years ago glibc-2.11.3 glibc-2.11.3 release
4 years ago glibc-2.12.1 glibc 2.12.1 release
4 years ago fedora/glibc-2.12.90-6 glibc-2.12.90-6
5 hours ago roland/iconv
6 hours ago master
7 hours ago roland/nscd-vlais
13 hours ago release/2.20/master
2 days ago roland/arm
7 days ago roland/arm-soft-fp
9 days ago roland/sigvec
9 days ago roland/Wshadow
2 weeks ago azanella/bz12683
3 weeks ago siddhesh/is_in_module
3 weeks ago ibm/2.20/master
3 weeks ago siddhesh/benchmarks
4 weeks ago siddhesh/posix-wundef
6 weeks ago azanella/fmemopen
6 weeks ago gentoo/2.20
6 weeks ago release/2.19/master
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