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14 hours ago Chris Metcalftilegx: fix strstr to build and link bettermaster
19 hours ago Steve EllceyRemove trailing white space.
19 hours ago Steve Ellcey2014-12-19 Steve Ellcey <>
19 hours ago Steve Ellcey2014-12-19 Steve Ellcey <>
19 hours ago Ondřej Bílka Simplify strncat.
20 hours ago David S. MillerFix soft-fp build warning on sparc about strict aliasing.
20 hours ago David S. MillerFix array bounds warnings in elf_get_dyanmic_info(...
20 hours ago Chris Metcalficonvdata/tst-loading: bump up timeout to 10s
21 hours ago Chris Metcalfmath: increase timeout for math/atest-*.c
25 hours ago H.J. LuReplace -Wno-error with -fno-builtin-lround
27 hours ago Torvald Riegeli386: Move futex functions from lowlevellock.h to lowle...
27 hours ago Torvald RiegelUse generic lowlevellock-futex.h in x86_64 lowlevellock.h.
27 hours ago Torvald Riegelsh: Remove custom lowlevellock, barrier, condvar, and...
28 hours ago H.J. LuCompile s_llround.c with -Wno-error for x32 build
28 hours ago H.J. LuReplace 1L with (mp_limb_t) 1
2 days ago Allan McRaeLabel CVE-2014-9402 in NEWS
3 months ago glibc-2.20 The GNU C Library
10 months ago glibc-2.19 The GNU C Library
16 months ago glibc-2.18 The GNU C Library
23 months ago glibc-2.17 The GNU C Library
2 years ago glibc-2.16-ports-merge libc and ports repositories merged...
2 years ago glibc-2.16.0 The GNU C Library
2 years ago glibc-2.16 The GNU C Library
2 years ago glibc-2.16-tps Translation project snapshot for...
2 years ago glibc-2.15 glibc 2.15 release
3 years ago glibc-2.14.1 glibc 2.14.1 release
3 years ago glibc-2.14 Tag 2.14 release
3 years ago glibc-2.13 glibc 2.13 release.
4 years ago glibc-2.12.2 glibc 2.12.2 release
4 years ago glibc-2.11.3 glibc-2.11.3 release
4 years ago glibc-2.12.1 glibc 2.12.1 release
4 years ago fedora/glibc-2.12.90-6 glibc-2.12.90-6
14 hours ago master
19 hours ago hjl/pr17711
2 days ago release/2.20/master
2 days ago roland/arm
2 days ago roland/nacl-port/master
5 days ago siddhesh/posix-wundef
8 days ago roland/namedsem
3 weeks ago hjl/pr13862
3 weeks ago roland/tempname
4 weeks ago roland/nptl
5 weeks ago release/2.19/master
5 weeks ago azanella/lockelision-ppc
6 weeks ago lxoliva/getaddrinfo
6 weeks ago lxoliva/thread-safety-docs
6 weeks ago azanella/bz12683
6 weeks ago siddhesh/is_in_module
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