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git clone --reference /path/to/your/gitmagic.git/incarnation mirror_URL
to save bandwidth during cloning.
descriptionGit Magic Documentation Updates
last changeSat, 12 Apr 2008 16:10:53 +0000 (12 09:10 -0700)
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2008-04-12 Dustin SallingsModernized command invocations a bit.master
2008-04-07 Ben LynnMinor fixes
2008-03-23 Ben LynnAdded more git hosting sites.
2008-03-18 Ben LynnAliases, printing current branch
2008-03-18 Ben LynnUpdate Google Analytics Javascript
2007-12-05 Ben LynnAdded HEAD-hunting section
2007-10-03 Ben LynnMinor fixes
2007-09-24 Ben LynnMoved Google Analytics code to makeover script
2007-09-24 Ben LynnMinor Makefile bugfix
2007-09-23 Benjamin LynnAdded Google Analytics code
2007-09-23 Ben LynnMerge /home/ben/gitmagic
2007-09-23 Ben LynnConverted to AsciiDoc
2007-09-18 Ben LynnReworded new sections in Git Grandmastery
2007-09-18 Ben LynnAdded git-rebase sections
2007-09-11 Ben LynnAdded push target to Makefile
2007-09-08 Ben LynnReordered analogies in "Work How You Want"
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