[git/mjg.git] /
1 branch  --abbrev[=<n>]                 use <n> digits to display SHA-1s                                  
2 merge   --abort                        abort the current in-progress merge                               
3 fetch   --all                          fetch from all remotes                                            
4 push    --all                          push all refs                                                     
5 grep    --all-match                    show only matches from files that match all patterns              
6 commit  --allow-empty                  ok to record an empty change                                      
7 commit  --allow-empty-message          ok to record a change with an empty message                       
8 commit  --amend                        amend previous commit                                             
9 grep    --and                          combine patterns specified with -e                                
10 commit  --author <AUTHOR>              override author for commit                                        
11 clone   --bare                         create a bare repository                                          
12 init    --bare                         create a bare repository                                          
13 commit  --branch                       show branch information                                           
14 grep    --cached                       search in index instead of in the work tree                       
15 rm      --cached                       only remove from the index                                        
16 commit  --cleanup <default>            how to strip spaces and #comments from message                    
17 branch  --color[=<when>]               use colored output                                                
18 grep    --color[=<when>]               highlight matches                                                 
19 merge   --commit                       perform a commit if the merge succeeds (default)                  
20 checkout--conflict <style>             conflict style (merge or diff3)                                   
21 branch  --contains <commit>            print only branches that contain the commit                       
22 tag     --contains <commit>            print only tags that contain the commit                           
23 commit  --date <DATE>                  override date for commit                                          
24 push    --delete                       delete refs                                                       
25 clone   --depth <depth>                create a shallow clone of that depth                              
26 fetch   --depth <DEPTH>                deepen history of shallow clone                                   
27 commit  --dry-run                      show what would be committed                                      
28 fetch   --dry-run                      dry run                                                           
29 push    --exec <receive-pack>          receive pack program                                              
30 grep    --ext-grep                     allow calling of grep(1) (ignored by this build)                  
31 merge   --ff                           allow fast-forward (default)                                      
32 merge   --ff-only                      abort if fast-forward is not possible                             
33 commit  --fixup <COMMIT>               use autosquash formatted message to fixup specified commit        
34 grep    --full-name                    show filenames relative to top directory                          
35 checkout--guess                        second guess 'git checkout no-such-branch'                        
36 reset   --hard                         reset HEAD, index and working tree                                
37 add     --ignore-errors                just skip files which cannot be added because of errors           
38 add     --ignore-missing               check if - even missing - files are ignored in dry run            
39 status  --ignore-submodules[=<when>]   ignore changes to submodules, optional when: all, dirty, untracked
40 rm      --ignore-unmatch               exit with a zero status even if nothing matched                   
41 status  --ignored                      show ignored files                                                
42 grep    --index                        --no-index finds in contents not managed by git                   
43 commit  --interactive                  interactively add files                                           
44 reset   --keep                         reset HEAD but keep local changes                                 
45 merge   --log[=<n>]                    add (at most <n>) entries from shortlog to merge commit message   
46 grep    --max-depth <depth>            descend at most <depth> levels                                    
47 reset   --merge                        reset HEAD, index and working tree                                
48 branch  --merged <commit>              print only merged branches                                        
49 clone   --mirror                       create a mirror repository (implies bare)                         
50 push    --mirror                       mirror all refs                                                   
51 reset   --mixed                        reset HEAD and index                                              
52 clone   --naked                        create a bare repository                                          
53 grep    --name-only                    synonym for --files-with-matches                                  
54 clone   --no-hardlinks                 don't use local hardlinks, always copy                            
55 branch  --no-merged <commit>           print only not merged branches                                    
56 commit  --no-post-rewrite              bypass post-rewrite hook                                          
57 grep    --not                          
58 grep    --or                           
59 checkout--orphan <new branch>          new unparented branch                                             
60 commit  --porcelain                    show porcelain output format                                      
61 push    --porcelain                    machine-readable output                                           
62 status  --porcelain                    show porcelain output format                                      
63 clone   --progress                     force progress reporting                                          
64 fetch   --progress                     force progress reporting                                          
65 push    --progress                     force progress reporting                                          
66 push    --receive-pack <receive-pack>  receive pack program                                              
67 clone   --recurse-submodules           initialize submodules in the clone                                
68 fetch   --recurse-submodules           control recursive fetching of submodules                          
69 clone   --recursive                    initialize submodules in the clone                                
70 clone   --reference <repo>             reference repository                                              
71 add     --refresh                      don't add, only refresh the index                                 
72 push    --repo <repository>            repository                                                        
73 merge   --rerere-autoupdate            update the index with reused conflict resolution if possible      
74 commit  --reset-author                 the commit is authored by me now (used with -C-c/--amend)         
75 branch  --set-upstream                 change upstream info                                              
76 init    --shared[=<permissions>]       specify that the git repository is to be shared amongst several us
77 commit  --short                        show status concisely                                             
78 reset   --soft                         reset only HEAD                                                   
79 merge   --squash                       create a single commit instead of doing a merge                   
80 commit  --squash <COMMIT>              use autosquash formatted message to squash specified commit       
81 merge   --stat                         show a diffstat at the end of the merge                           
82 commit  --status                       include status in commit message template                         
83 fetch   --submodule-prefix <DIR>       prepend this to submodule path output                             
84 merge   --summary                      (synonym to --stat)                                               
85 push    --tags                         push tags (can't be used with --all or --mirror)                  
86 clone   --template <path>              path the template repository                                      
87 init    --template <template-directory>provide the directory from which templates will be used           
88 push    --thin                         use thin pack                                                     
89 fetch   --upload-pack <PATH>           path to upload pack on remote end                                 
90 branch  --with <commit>                print only branches that contain the commit                       
91 checkout-2, --ours                     checkout our version for unmerged files                           
92 checkout-3, --theirs                   checkout their version for unmerged files                         
93 branch  -a                             list both remote-tracking and local branches                      
94 tag     -a                             annotated tag, needs a message                                    
95 grep    -A <n>                         show <n> context lines after matches                              
96 add     -A, --all                      add all, noticing removal of tracked files                        
97 commit  -a, --all                      commit all changed files                                          
98 fetch   -a, --append                   append to .git/FETCH_HEAD instead of overwriting                  
99 grep    -a, --text                     process binary files as text                                      
100 checkout-b <branch>                    create and checkout a new branch                                  
101 checkout-B <branch>                    create/reset and checkout a branch                                
102 grep    -B <n>                         show <n> context lines before matches                             
103 status  -b, --branch                   show branch information                                           
104 clone   -b, --branch <branch>          checkout <branch> instead of the remote's HEAD                    
105 grep    -C <n>                         show <n> context lines before and after matches                   
106 grep    -c, --count                    show the number of matches instead of matching lines              
107 commit  -c, --reedit-message <COMMIT>  reuse and edit message from specified commit                      
108 commit  -C, --reuse-message <COMMIT>   reuse message from specified commit                               
109 branch  -D                             delete branch (even if not merged)                                
110 branch  -d                             delete fully merged branch                                        
111 tag     -d                             delete tags                                                       
112 grep    -e <pattern>                   match <pattern>                                                   
113 add     -e, --edit                     edit current diff and apply                                       
114 commit  -e, --edit                     force edit of commit                                              
115 grep    -E, --extended-regexp          use extended POSIX regular expressions                            
116 grep    -f <file>                      read patterns from file                                           
117 tag     -F <FILE>                      message in a file                                                 
118 commit  -F, --file <FILE>              read log from file                                                
119 grep    -F, --fixed-strings            interpret patterns as fixed strings                               
120 add     -f, --force                    allow adding otherwise ignored files                              
121 branch  -f, --force                    force creation (when already exists)                              
122 checkout-f, --force                    force checkout (throw away local modifications)                   
123 fetch   -f, --force                    force overwrite of local branch                                   
124 mv      -f, --force                    force move/rename even if target exists                           
125 push    -f, --force                    force updates                                                     
126 rm      -f, --force                    override the up-to-date check                                     
127 tag     -f, --force                    replace the tag if exists                                         
128 grep    -G, --basic-regexp             use basic POSIX regular expressions (default)                     
129 grep    -h                             don't show filenames                                              
130 grep    -H                             show filenames                                                    
131 grep    -I                             don't match patterns in binary files                              
132 grep    -i, --ignore-case              case insensitive matching                                         
133 commit  -i, --include                  add specified files to index for commit                           
134 add     -i, --interactive              interactive picking                                               
135 mv      -k                             skip move/rename errors                                           
136 fetch   -k, --keep                     keep downloaded pack                                              
137 branch  -l                             create the branch's reflog                                        
138 checkout-l                             create reflog for new branch                                      
139 tag     -l                             list tag names                                                    
140 grep    -l, --files-with-matches       show only filenames instead of matching lines                     
141 grep    -L, --files-without-match      show only the names of files without match                        
142 clone   -l, --local                    to clone from a local repository                                  
143 branch  -m                             move/rename a branch and its reflog                               
144 branch  -M                             move/rename a branch, even if target exists                       
145 tag     -m <msg>                       message for the tag                                               
146 checkout-m, --merge                    perform a 3-way merge with the new branch                         
147 commit  -m, --message <MESSAGE>        specify commit message                                            
148 merge   -m, --message <message>        message to be used for the merge commit (if any)                  
149 fetch   -m, --multiple                 fetch from multiple remotes                                       
150 fetch   -n                             do not fetch all tags (--no-tags)                                 
151 grep    -n                             show line numbers                                                 
152 merge   -n                             do not show a diffstat at the end of the merge                    
153 add     -n, --dry-run                  dry run                                                           
154 mv      -n, --dry-run                  dry run                                                           
155 push    -n, --dry-run                  dry run                                                           
156 rm      -n, --dry-run                  dry run                                                           
157 add     -N, --intent-to-add            record only the fact that the path will be added later            
158 clone   -n, --no-checkout              don't create a checkout                                           
159 commit  -n, --no-verify                bypass pre-commit hook                                            
160 tag     -n[<n>]                        print <n> lines of each tag message                               
161 grep    -NUM                           shortcut for -C NUM                                               
162 commit  -o, --only                     commit only specified files                                       
163 grep    -O, --open-files-in-pager[=<pagshow matching files in the pager                                  
164 clone   -o, --origin <branch>          use <branch> instead of 'origin' to track upstream                
165 add     -p, --patch                    interactive patching                                              
166 checkout-p, --patch                    select hunks interactively                                        
167 reset   -p, --patch                    select hunks interactively                                        
168 fetch   -p, --prune                    prune remote-tracking branches no longer on remote                
169 grep    -p, --show-function            show a line with the function name before matches                 
170 checkout-q, --quiet                    suppress progress reporting                                       
171 clone   -q, --quiet                    be more quiet                                                     
172 commit  -q, --quiet                    suppress summary after successful commit                          
173 fetch   -q, --quiet                    be more quiet                                                     
174 grep    -q, --quiet                    indicate hit with exit status without output                      
175 init    -q, --quiet                    be quiet                                                          
176 merge   -q, --quiet                    be more quiet                                                     
177 push    -q, --quiet                    be more quiet                                                     
178 reset   -q, --quiet                    be quiet, only report errors                                      
179 rm      -q, --quiet                    do not list removed files                                         
180 branch  -r                             act on remote-tracking branches                                   
181 rm      -r                             allow recursive removal                                           
182 tag     -s                             annotated and GPG-signed tag                                      
183 clone   -s, --shared                   setup as shared repository                                        
184 status  -s, --short                    show status concisely                                             
185 commit  -s, --signoff                  add Signed-off-by:                                                
186 merge   -s, --strategy <strategy>      merge strategy to use                                             
187 fetch   -t, --tags                     fetch all tags and associated objects                             
188 commit  -t, --template <FILE>          use specified template file                                       
189 branch  -t, --track                    set up tracking mode (see git-pull(1))                            
190 checkout-t, --track                    set upstream info for new branch                                  
191 tag     -u <key-id>                    use another key to sign the tag                                   
192 push    -u, --set-upstream             set upstream for git pull/status                                  
193 commit  -u, --untracked-files[=<mode>] show untracked files, optional modes: all, normal, no (Default: al
194 status  -u, --untracked-files[=<mode>] show untracked files, optional modes: all, normal, no. (Default: a
195 add     -u, --update                   update tracked files                                              
196 fetch   -u, --update-head-ok           allow updating of HEAD ref                                        
197 clone   -u, --upload-pack <path>       path to git-upload-pack on the remote                             
198 tag     -v                             verify tags                                                       
199 grep    -v, --invert-match             show non-matching lines                                           
200 add     -v, --verbose                  be verbose                                                        
201 branch  -v, --verbose                  show hash and subject, give twice for upstream branch             
202 clone   -v, --verbose                  be more verbose                                                   
203 commit  -v, --verbose                  show diff in commit message template                              
204 fetch   -v, --verbose                  be more verbose                                                   
205 merge   -v, --verbose                  be more verbose                                                   
206 push    -v, --verbose                  be more verbose                                                   
207 status  -v, --verbose                  be verbose                                                        
208 grep    -w, --word-regexp              match patterns only at word boundaries                            
209 merge   -X, --strategy-option <option=voption for selected merge strategy                                
210 commit  -z, --null                     terminate entries with NUL                                        
211 grep    -z, --null                     print NUL after filenames                                         
212 status  -z, --null                     terminate entries with NUL                                        
213 grep    (                              
214 grep    )