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descriptiongit with Jakub Narębski modifications
last changeFri, 12 Apr 2013 21:07:07 +0000
Content tags:
2013-04-12 Jakub NarebskiMerge branch 'master' of git://git./git/gitmaster
2013-04-12 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'maint'origin
2013-04-12 Junio C HamanoUpdate dtaft release notes to 1.8.3
2013-04-12 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'ap/combine-diff-coalesce-lost'
2013-04-12 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'sr/log-SG-no-textconv'
2013-04-12 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'js/rerere-forget-protect-against-NUL'
2013-04-12 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'po/help-guides'
2013-04-12 Benoit BourbieTypo fix: replacing it's -> itsmaint
2013-04-12 Adam Spierst: make PIPE a standard test prerequisite
2013-04-12 René Scharfearchive: clarify explanation of --worktree-attributes
2013-04-09 Simon Rudericht/README: --immediate skips cleanup commands for failed...
2013-04-08 Felipe Contrerasremote-bzr: improve tag handling
2013-04-08 Christophe... remote-bzr: fix utf-8 support for fetching
2013-04-08 Junio C HamanoRevert 4b7f53da7618 (simplify-merges: drop merge from...
2013-04-07 Junio C HamanoSync with
2013-04-07 Junio C HamanoGit
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19 months ago v1.8.2 Git 1.8.2
19 months ago v1.8.2-rc3 Git 1.8.2-rc3
19 months ago v1.8.2-rc2 Git 1.8.2-rc2
19 months ago v1.8.1.5 Git
19 months ago v1.8.2-rc1 Git 1.8.2-rc1
20 months ago v1.8.1.4 Git
20 months ago v1.8.2-rc0 Git 1.8.2-rc0
20 months ago v1.8.1.3 Git
20 months ago v1.8.1.2 Git
21 months ago v1.8.1.1 Git
21 months ago v1.8.1 Git 1.8.1
21 months ago v1.8.0.3 Git
21 months ago v1.8.1-rc3 Git 1.8.1-rc3
22 months ago v1.8.1-rc2 v1.8.1-rc2
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