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git clone --reference /path/to/your/git.git/incarnation mirror_URL
to save bandwidth during cloning.
last changeThu, 7 Apr 2005 22:13:13 +0000
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2005-04-07 Linus TorvaldsInitial revision of "git", the information manager... master
23 months ago fa/vcs-svn
2 years ago jc/grep-header-all-match-fix-debug
2 years ago ph/credential-refactor
2 years ago ms/contrib-thunderbird-updates
2 years ago jx/test-real-path
2 years ago tg/index-v5
2 years ago tx/relative-in-the-future
2 years ago jk/maint-commit-abandoned-message
2 years ago mz/rebase-range
2 years ago jc/merge-ignore-annotated-tag
2 years ago jc/merge-annotated-tag
2 years ago jc/wip-apply-3way
2 years ago nd/stream-pack-objects
2 years ago lt/octopus-simplify
2 years ago jc/mergesort
2 years ago jc/split-blob