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descriptionEric Wong's git-svn branch
repository URLgit://
last changeWed, 16 Mar 2016 20:16:23 +0000 (16 20:16 +0000)
last refreshWed, 29 Jun 2016 03:37:45 +0000 (29 05:37 +0200)
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This is Eric Wong's git-svn branch - it contains the version of git with the most up-to-date version of git-svn. This fork was established by Sam Vilain, who has nothing to do with Eric Wong (apart from occasionally bugging him with feature requests and badly written patches).
2016-03-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: fix URL canonicalization during init w/ SVN... master
2016-03-16 Adam Dinwoodiet9117: test specifying full url to git svn init -T
2016-03-15 Junio C HamanoRelNotes for 2.8.0: typofixorigin
2016-03-15 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'svn-glob' of git://
2016-03-15 Junio C HamanoMerge tag 'l10n-2.8.0-rnd2' of git://
2016-03-15 Jiang Xinl10n: zh_CN: for git v2.8.0 l10n round 3
2016-03-15 Jiang Xinl10n: git.pot: Add one new message for Git 2.8.0
2016-03-15 Jiang XinMerge branch 'master' of git://
2016-03-15 Jiang Xinl10n: zh_CN: for git v2.8.0 l10n round 2
2016-03-15 Eric Wonggit-svn: shorten glob error messagesvn-glob
2016-03-15 Victor Leschukgit-svn: loosen config globs limitations
2016-03-14 Jean-Noel Avilal10n: fr.po v2.8.0 round 2
2016-03-14 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'mg/wt-status-mismarked-i18n'
2016-03-14 Michael J Gruberwt-status: allow "ahead " to be picked up by l10n
2016-03-13 Jiang XinMerge branch 'russian-l10n' of
2016-03-13 Dimitriy Ryazantcevl10n: ru.po: update Russian translation
4 weeks ago v2.9.0-rc1 Git 2.9-rc1
5 weeks ago v2.9.0-rc0 Git 2.9-rc0
5 weeks ago v2.8.3 Git 2.8.3
8 weeks ago v2.8.2 Git 2.8.2
2 months ago v2.8.1 Git 2.8.1
3 months ago v2.8.0 Git 2.8
3 months ago v2.8.0-rc4 Git 2.8-rc4
3 months ago v2.7.4 Git 2.7.4
3 months ago v2.6.6 Git 2.6.6
3 months ago v2.5.5 Git 2.5.5
3 months ago v2.4.11 Git 2.4.11
3 months ago v2.8.0-rc3 Git 2.8-rc3
3 months ago v2.8.0-rc2 Git 2.8-rc2
3 months ago v2.7.3 Git 2.7.3
3 months ago v2.8.0-rc1 Git 2.8-rc1
4 months ago v2.8.0-rc0 Git 2.8-rc0
6 days ago svn-nfp-mergeinfo
13 days ago svn-propset-doc
3 weeks ago mboxrd-v2
5 weeks ago svn-travis
7 weeks ago svn/bad-ref
3 months ago master
3 months ago origin
3 months ago svn-glob
21 months ago mergeinfo-speedups
5 years ago instaweb